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I could go back to when I first got the site and start from there, I'd rather just start it from now, for times sake.  I have a thing about "big brother" watching and don't feel I should have to account for every minute I spend on sites (its a lot) and have been lax on this particular page on all of my sites, I do always make sure to emphasize new pages however.

9/24 Ran link check
9/24 fixed images on index page.
9/24 into 9/25 I spent deleting excess files on the site
9/25 fixed template pages in main folder of site
9/25 Added New Online page
9/25 Ran Link check, went from 300 dead links to 183.
9/25 Added the disclaimer/copyright notice to the site.
9/26 fixed broken links on index of site.
9/28 Noticed that the surrounding counties wasn't on the index when I got the site and added them.

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