Nicholas SPENCER & Joan COPPIN married 1607, Canterbury, Kent
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Bockin, Coppin, Goodson, Goulding, Mockenes, Saunder, Shelbie, Spencer

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Nicholas SPENCER & Joan COPPIN married 1607, Canterbury, Kent

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Nicholas Spencer (1575 Thanet St Laurence) & Joan Coppin () married 1607 Thanet St Laurence, Kent children: William Spencer (1613 Thanet St Laurence) & Mary Goodson (1620 Thanet St Peter) married 1641 Canterbury


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    Joan Coppin
    ?baptised 8 Sep 1584
    Minster in Thanet, Kent
    father: John Coppin
    Adam Bockin
    baptised 10 May 1574
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    parents: Nicholas Bockin & Julian Saunder

    will - Bocking Nicholas St. Lawrence in Thanet 1552 1552 PRC/17/29/311c PRC/16/13 B/11 1552
    Joan Coppin & Adam Bockin
    married 11 Aug 1600
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    Adam Bockin
    buried 4 Apr 1607
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent

    *Will of Adam Bockin, Ramsgate, 1606 1607, PRC17/59/104 PRC16/130 B/11
  • Canterbury Probate Office Records
  • Children of Joan Coppin & Adam Bockin:
    Nicholas Bockin1601 St Laurence -
    John Bockin1603 St Laurence -
    Adam Bockin1607 St Laurence -

    Second marriage of Joan Coppin/Bockin

    "Nycholas Spenser & Jone Bokine"
    married 12 Jun 1607
    Canterbury St Mary Magdalene, Kent


  • Canterbury Marriage Licences,1568-1618
  • Nicholas Spencer
    baptised 1575
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    father: Sylvester Spencer
    Joan Spencer
    buried 11 Dec 1635
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    married, wife of Nicholas
    A Muster Roll, circa 7 March 1619, Ramsgate & Sarre

    Musketiers furnished by Nicholas Spencer & Zacharias Spencer
    Dry Pikes furnished by Nicholas Spencer
  • Kent Online Parish Clerks
  • Nicholas Spencer, witness to the will of Abdias Coppin, 1624, of St Laurence

    Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, PRC17/64/72b, 1624
  • Kent Will Transcripts, M Rawson
  • Ships, Barkes and Vessels, October 1626 - Ramsgate

    "Mary Fortune" 45 tonnes. Owners: Nicholas Spenser, Vincent Underdown

  • Kent Online Parish Clerks

  • Possible second marriage of Nicholas Spencer

    Nicholas Spencer & Ann Curling
    married 27 Oct 1648
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    Ann Curling
    baptism unknown
    Nicholas Spencer
    buried 31 Jul 1655
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    Ann Spencer
    buried 23 Feb 1656
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    "married, Nicholas Spencer"

    The children of Nicholas Spencer & Joan Coppin

    William Spencer
    (1613 Thanet St Laurence - )

    William Spencer
    baptised 25 Jul 1613
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    father: Nicho. Spencer
    Mary Goodson
    baptised 28 Jan 1620
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    father: Alexander Goodson
    William Spencer & Mary Goodson
    married 12 Jan 1641
    Thanet St Peter, Kent

  • Canterbury Marriage Licences 1619-1660
  • Mary Spencer
    buried 28 Mar 1701
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent

    ?Will of Mary Spencer, Ramsgate, 1700 1701, PRC17/79/462a PRC16/338 S/11
  • Canterbury Probate Office Records
  • William Spencer
    death unknown
    ?Thanet St Laurence, Kent

    Elizabeth Spencer
    (1613 Thanet St Laurence - 1635 Thanet St Laurence)

    Elizabeth Spencer
    baptised 30 Jul 1615
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    father: Nicho. Spencer
    Elizabeth Spencer
    buried 26 Nov 1635
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    father: Nicholas

    Agnes/Ann Spencer
    (1618 Thanet St Laurence - )

    Ann (Agnes) Spencer
    baptised 23 Aug 1618
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    parents: Nicholas Spencer & Joane Coppin/Bokin
    Stephen Goulding
    baptised 1 Jun 1617
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    parents: Stephen Goulding & Katherine Coppin
    Ann Spencer & Stephen Goulding
    married 1638
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent

  • Canterbury (England) (Diocese); Cowper, J. M
  • Ann Goulding
    burial not known
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    Children of Stephen Goulding & Ann Spencer
    Elizabeth Goulding1640 St Laurence -
    Joanna Goulding1641 St Laurence -
    Mary Goulding1643 St Laurence -
    Ann Goulding1646 St Laurence -
    Katherine Goulding1648 St Laurence -
    Stephen Goulding1651 St Laurence - 1653 St Laurence
    John Goulding1653 St Laurence -m 1671 St Laurenceto Ann Wastol (Mrs)children:John, Ann, Elizabeth, Robert, Katherine, Mary
    Ann Tickner
    baptised 23 Jul 1647
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    parents: Edward Tickner & Joane

    Stephen Goulding & Ann Tickner
    married 1666

    "Golding, Stephen of St Lawrence in Thanet. g widr and
    Ann Tickner s.p. spr. 20 d. of Edward Ticknor s.p. mariner who consents. At same.
    Allegation made and signed by Thomas Goulding s.p. mariner. Mar 28 1666."

    courtesy of Pat & Sheila

    Stephen Goulding
    buried 3 Jan 1667
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent

    *Will of Stephen Goulding St Lawrence in Thanet 1666 1666 PRC16/276 G/7

  • Canterbury Probate Office Records
  • Ann Tickner - second marriage:

    Ann Golding & George Curling
    married 6 May 1669

    "Curling, George of St Lawrence in Thanet, seaman, ba, 23 whose father consents, and Ann Golding, s.p. w. of Stephen Golding late s.p. At St Andrew's Canterbury. Adam Eyres of St Lawrence aforesaid husbandman bonds. May 6, 1669.

    courtesy of Pat & Sheila

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