Thomas TOMSON & Jane BACHILOR married 1620, Thanet St Peter, Kent
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includes: Bachelor, Barke, Brett, Curling, Hare, Paulin, Sampson, Smith, Tomson

"Best guess" chart showing the parents, children & grandchildren of

Thomas TOMSON & Jane BARKE
married 1620, Thanet St Peter, Kent

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    First marriage of Jane Bark

    Jane Bark & Bartholomew Bacheler
    married 28 Nov 1612
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent

    from Pat
    Jane Bark
    ?Joanna Barkes
    baptised 23 May, 1586
    St Mildred, Canterbury
    father: John Barkes
    Bartholomew Bacheler

    ?baptised: 5 Mar 1586
    Minster in Thanet, St Mary
    father: Timothy Bacheler
    Bartholomew Bacheler
    death unknown

    will - Barcheler Bartholomew St. Lawrence in Thanet 1616 PRC/17/58/48a PRC/16/155 B/21 Place from PRC/17 1616
    Children of Jane Bark & Bartholomew Bacheler

    Eliza Bacheler 1614 Thanet St Lawrence - m 1635 Thanet St Peter to HenryBoycote children: Thomas, John, Henry, Jane
    Bartholomew Bacheler 1616 Thanet St Lawrence - m 1641 Thanet St Peter to Ann Grant children: Jane, Moses

    Second marriage of Jane Bark

    Jane Bacheler & Steven Hare
    married 3 Apr 1617
    Thanet St Peter, Kent

    from Pat
    Steven Hare
    baptism unknown

    Steven Hare
    death unknown

    Transcript of Inventory of Steven Hare

  • Inv Hare Stephen Dover St. Mary 1617 1617 PRC/28/9/264 Fisherman 1617
  • `

    many thanks to Pat - all help very welcome!


    A true Inventory of all of the goods and chattels of Stephen Hare late of ......... the town and port of Dover in the County of Kent Fisherman deceased ....................... and by him ............ left in the care and possession of Jane his wife ................ of any goods and equities ................................. stepson after the death of the said Jane claimed to be the goods ... late of Jane Bachelor before me .......................... 4th day of June 1617 ................................................................................ Lord James by the Grace of God ...................... France and Ireland ........ Defender of the Faith .................................................................................

    The goods ... now by said Bartholomew Bachelor ............................................ by the said Jane his widow

    Some of the goods claimed by the said Jane to be the goods of the said Bartholomew Bachelor and .................................

    Signed and Dated 20th August 1617

    1617 Inventory of Steven Hare, p1

    courtesy of Pat
    1617 Inventory of Steven Hare, p2

    1617 Inventory of Steven Hare, p3

    First marriage of Thomas Tomson

    Thomas Tomson & Jane Haire
    married 27 Nov 1620
    Thanet St Peter, Kent

    Thomas Tomson
    baptised: c1595 gap in records
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    parents: Lewis Tomson & Mildred Smith
    Jane Tomson
    buried 15 Nov 1648
    Thanet St Peter, Kent

    Second marriage of Thomas Tomson

    Thomas Tomson & Ann Brett
    married 4 Oct 1660
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    widower & widow, both of this parish
    by Banns

    ?Ann Brett
    details unknown

    Thomas Tomson, ?senior
    buried 6 Jan 1661
    Thanet St Peter, Kent

    Subsequent marriage of Ann Brett/Tomson

    Ann Tomson & Nicholas Curling,the older
    married 17 Jun 1661
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    widow & widower
    by Banns

    Ann Curling
    buried 25 Feb 1665
    Thanet St Laurence. Kent

    IGI I00978-6
    Nicholas Curling snr
    buried 22 Apr 1671
    Thanet St Peter, Kent

    IGI I05765-7

    The children of Thomas Tomson & Jane Bark/Bachilor/Hare

    John Tomson
    (1622 Thanet St Peter - )

    John Tomson
    baptised 28 Jul 1622
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    father: Thomas Tomson
    Mary Sampson
    ?baptised 6 Sep 1629
    ? Kent
    ?parents: Nicholas Sampson & Ann Fleet
    John Tomson & Mary Sampson
    married 31 Dec 1649
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    Mary Tomson
    buried 8 Aug 1651
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    Second marriage of John Tomson

    John Tomson & Elizabeth Paulin
    married 7 Nov 1652
    Thanet St Peter, Kent

    IGI M04772-1
    Elizabeth Paulin
    ?baptised 25 May 1634
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    ?parents: Michael Paulyn & Dorothy
    Elizabeth Tomson
    buried 15 Jan 1660
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    John Tomson
    buried ?19 Dec 1678 "a poor man"
    Margate St John, Kent
    Children of John Tomson & Mary Sampson

    Mary Tomson 1651 Thanet St Peter - 1651 Thanet St Peter
    Children of John Tomson & Elizabeth Paulin

    Mary Tomson 1655 Thanet St Peter -
    Sarah Tomson 1658 Thanet St Peter -

    Lewis Tomson
    (1624 Thanet St Peter - )

    Lewes Tomson
    baptised 8 Jan 1624
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    father: Thomas Tomson
    ?Lewis - or grandfather Lewis.b.c1570

    buried 28 Sep 1624
    Thanet St Peter, Kent

    'brought from Margate to be buried'

    not the infant as Lewis Tomson d.1624 left a will

    Thomas Tomson
    (1635 Thanet St Peter - 1703 Thanet St Laurence)

    Thomas Tomson
    baptised 1635
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    father: Thomas Tomson
    Sarah Curling
    baptism unknown
    parents: George Curling & Martha Witherden
    Thomas Tomson & Sarah Curling
    married 1663
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent

    Thomas Tomson
    buried 1703
    Thanet St Laurence. Kent
    Sarah Tomson
    buried 25 Aug 1712
    Thanet St Laurence. Kent

    Transcript of Thomas Tomson's will


  • Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Will Index
    Tomson, Thomas, Ramsgate, 1700, 1703, PRC17/80/159a PRC16/342 T/4

    courtesy of Pat & Sheila


    I Thomas Tomson of Ramsgate in the parish of St Lawrence in the Isle of Thannett in the County of Kent Marriner being sick and weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory I praise my God considering the uncertainty of this life do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following. First, I give and bequeath my soul into the hand of God Almighty the Father Son and Holy Ghost three persons but one to an everlasting God who is my Creator Redeemer and Sanctifier trusting to be saved by that most precious Oblation ……. offered by Christ Jesus upon the Cross for the Sins of all true Believers and my Body I commit to the Earth from where it came in sure and certain hope of my Resurrection at the last Day to be decently and in Christianlike manner buried by my Executrix and executor hereinafter named. And as touching my worldly Estate which God hath blessed me with I dispose as followeth viz.
    First I give unto my granddaughter Sarah Tomson my messuage or tenement with Shop. Backside with the appurtences set lying and being in Ramsgate in the parish and county above said and now in the tenure and occupation of Stephen Matthews to her the said Sara at the Age of Twenty years and her heirs for ever;
    Item, I give £20 to be laid out on the aforesaid messuage when my granddaughter Sara cometh to the age aforesaid to be laid out by my Executors herinafter named for the better Repairation;
    Item, All my Sea ……. Fishing craft and ……. I give as followeth; To my loving wife Sara one third part, to my loving son Thomas Tomson one third part, the other third part I give equally to be divided amongst my Grandchildren that shall survive me;
    Item, I give Twentyfive shillings to the poor of St. Peter’s Parish; to be paid and distributed by my Executrix and Executor after mentioned;
    Item, I give to Sarah the wife of John Fowler Two Pounds to be paid by my Executrix and Executor two years after my decease;
    Item, I give to John Boykin the Elder of Broadstayers Twenty shillings and to Rebeccay widow of Henry Boykin Ten shillings;
    Item I give devise and bequeath to my loving wife Sara Tomson during the term of her natural life my household goods and plate and linen and half the rent of all my houses and hereditaments after good and sufficient repairs and taxes deducted and after her decease to my loving son Thomas Tomson and his heirs for ever with the other half rent to my son Thomas Tomson giving him all and Singular the messuages brewhouse, land, tenements with all the appurtenances and household goods and linens plate to him …. And his heirs forever after my decease; only half of the rents aforesaid to my loving wife during her life;
    Item, I give to my loving wife Twenty Pounds to be paid ten days after my decease;
    Item, I give to my loving son Thomas Tomson the Forty Pounds mortgage on the house belonging to the heirs of John Ralph; the interest excepted;
    Item, all the rest of my goods, chattels, credits, money and all my personal estate, my debts legacies and funeral expenses with the Probate of this my Will being paid and discharged, to be put into money and all paid out to … and repair my messuages and tenements in so far as it will go ….. my Executrix My will and meaning is that my wife shall have half the rent of all my messuages and tenements during her life, my son Thomas Tomson the other half; that is to say, the farm in the tenure or occupation of Robert Witherden with all the appurtenances; brewhouse.tenure Edward Austin with brewing vessels, messuages or tenements in the tenure or occupation of Matthew Gills, Anthony Curling, Widow Bartlett, myself being the handstall, all being in Ramsgate aforesaid, the messuages in the tenure of my son and William Morkett in Broadstairs and Battlegate in St Peters parish Isle and County aforesd unto my loving son Thomas Tomson and his heirs for ever, the messuage in the hands of Stephen Matthews excepted, My loving wife and son Thomas Tomson, I make and ordain sole and joint Executrix and Executor of this my Last Will and Testament, revoking all made before and do publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament;

    In Witness whereof I the said Thomas Tomson have hereunto set my hand and Seale Dated the Fourth day of December anno 1700 and in the twelfth year of our Sovereign Lord King William the Third that now is King of England Sg Tho: Tomson Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us Adam Abbitt and William Hills

    PROBATUM (in Latin) January 1703


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  • Tomson & Wotton brewery

    from Pat

  • Picasa - Old Ramsgate photos

  • Tomson & Wotton brewery

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  • Picasa - Old Ramsgate photos

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