Seville - Unknown of ?Australia or ?England, c1800
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Who were the parents of

James SEVILLE born c1808, place unknown

Chart revised 14 June 2003

James Seville (c1808 ?NSW ?UK) & Mary Ann Holmes (1811 Whitehaven) married 1834 Newcastle


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  • Possibility 1.

    Thomas SEVILLE & Ann LEWIS/LAWS of Launceston, Tasmania, 1811

    Revised 14 Jun 2003

    More about Thomas Saveall & Ann

    courtesy of Michelle & Christine

    born c1791
    West Indies
    parents: unknown

    William Lewis
    birth date unknown
    St Vincent, Jamaica
    parents: unknown
    LEWIS, William (b: St Vincent JAM -d: 1810 TAS AUS); 1809 NSW per Dromedary or Hindostan (Military) [B#15041126901]
    Ann & William Lewis
    marriage unknown

    William Lewis
    died 1810

    Thomas Saveall
    born ?1768
    ?West Hanningfield, Essex
    Ann (Lewis) & Thomas Saveall
    married 1811
    Port Dalrymple, Tasmania

    Thomas Saveall
    buried 15 Feb 1849
    Great Beddow St Mary, Essex
    age 81

    Ann Saveall
    Great Beddow, Essex

    Thomas Saveall
    73rd NSW
    Thomas Seville discharged Sydney 24 Apr 1810
    Thomas Saveall
    Statement of Service

    Thomas Saveall
    Statement of Service cover

    Thomas & Ann Saveall UK census addresses

    Thomas Saveall (1775-1849)
    1841Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 70 ag lab with wife Sarah (?) & 2 sons born Essex (corrected)

    Sarah (1841)/ Ann (1851) Saveall
    formerly Lewis, nee ?(1791-1854)
    1841Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 55 with husband Thomas & 2 sons foreign born
    1851Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 60head widow with son Richard & wife, & lodger born West Indies, unknownblind

    Thomas & Ann (?Sarah) Saveall
    1841 census - UK Great Beddow

    Ann Saveall
    1851 census - UK Great Beddow

    Thomas & Ann Saveall family

    The children of Thomas Saveall & Ann

    Richard Saveall
    (c1816 Ceylon - 1897 Chelmsford)

    Richard Saveall
    born c1816
    Colombo, Ceylon
    parents: Thomas Saveall & Ann
    Maria Miller
    ?Great Baddow, Essex
    parents: ?James Miller
    Richard Saveall & Maria Miller
    married 29 Dec 1844
    Great Baddow, Essex
    Maria Saveall
    died 1846
    Chelmsford, Essex
    Jesse Hymas
    baptism unknown
    Richard Saveall & Jesse Hymas
    married 1850 Chelmsford
    Jesse Saveall
    died 1862
    Chelmsford, Essex
    Sarah Underwood
    born c1827
    Great Baddow, Essex
    Richard Saveall & Sarah Underwood
    married 2 Sep 1865
    Great Baddow, Essex
    Sarah Saveall
    ? Essex
    Richard Saveall
    died 1897
    Chelmsford, Essex
    Richard Saveall (c1816-1897)
    1841Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 20 with parents & bro Rbt not born Essex
    1851Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 33son m with mother & wife Jesse born ?Allavelone, East Indies
    1861Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 45headwsawyer born Collumbia, East Indies
    1871Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 53headmag lab with wife Sarah, 4 chn born East Indies (Brit.Sub)
    1881Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 62headmag lab with wife Sarah, 2 sons born East Indies (Brit.Sub)
    1891Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 75headmag lab with wife Sarah, 2 sons born East Indies (Brit.Sub)

    Children of Richard Saveall

    ?James Hymas 1847 Chelmsford -
    Eliza Saveall 1856 Essex
    Margaret Emma Saveall 1858 Great Baddow - 1859 Chelmsford
    John Saveall 1860 Essex
    Richard Thomas Saveall 1866 Great Baddow -
    Elijah George Saveall 1869 Gallywood - 1940 Chelmsfordm 1893 Chelmsford to Annie Linge children:Flossie, Bertie, Annie

    Elijah George Saveall

  • Elijah George Saveall

  • from Christine

    Robert Saveall
    (1819 Chatham - 1872 Chelmsford)

    Robert Saveall
    born 25 Sep 1819
    Chatham, Kent
    parents: Thomas Saveall & Ann
    Lucy Card
    baptised 1 May 1830
    Great Baddow, Essex
    parents: William Card & Mary/Lucy
    Robert Saveall & Lucy Card
    married 1851 Chelmsford
    Robert Saveall
    died 1872
    Chelmsford, Essex
    Joseph Smith

    Lucy Card & Joseph Smith
    married 1875 Chelmsford
    Lucy Smith
    Chelmsford, Essex
    Joseph Smith
    Chelmsford, Essex

    UK census addresses

    Robert Saveall (c1820-1872)
    1841Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 20 with parents & bro Richard born Essex
    1851Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 30lodgeru with Hymis family born Kent Chatham
    1861Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 41headmag lab with wife Lucy & 5 chn born Essex Chatham
    1871Essex, Great BaddowLower Green 50headmag lab with wife Lucy, 7 chn born Kent Chatham

    Children of Robert Saveall

    William Saveall 1851 Great Baddow
    Richard Saveall 1853 Great Baddow
    Maria Saveall 1855 Great Baddow -
    Robert Saveall 1858 Great Baddow -
    Ann Saveall 1860 Great Baddow -
    Frederic Saveall 1863 Great Baddow -
    Mary Jane Saveall 1865 Great Baddow -
    Martha Ann Saveall 1867 Great Baddow -
    Harry Thomas Saveall 1868 Great Baddow -
    Alfred James Saveall 1871 Great Baddow -

    Margaret Saveall
    (1822 Great Baddow - 1883 Chelmsford)

    Margaret Saveall
    born 7 Mar 1822
    Great Baddow, Essex
    parents: Thomas Saveall & Ann
    Henry Bailey
    born 1815
    Margaretting, Essex
    Margaret Saveall & Henry Bailey
    married 6 May 1844
    Great Baddow, Essex
    Margaret Bailey
    died 1883
    Henry Bailey
    Margaret Saveall (1822 - 1883)
    1841Essex, WrittleMill House 15 servant with Burr family
    Margaret Bailey nee Saveall
    1851Essex, West Hanningfield26wifemag lab wife with husband Henry & 2 chn
    1861Essex, West Hanningfield 35wife mag lab wife with husband Henry & 2 chn
    1871Essex, West HanningfieldBake Office 45wifem with husband Henry & 2 sons
    1881Essex,West HanningfieldSouth Hanningfield Rd 55wifemag lab wife with husband Henry & gson

    Children of Margaret Saveall & Henry Bailey

    Isabella Bailey 1847 West Hanningfield - 1874 Chelmsfordm 1865 Chelmsford to James Turner children:Arthur, Esther
    Elijah Bailey 1851 West Hanningfield -
    Robert Bailey 1856 West Hanningfield -

    Harriett Saveall
    (1825 Great Baddow - 1827 Great Baddow)

    Harriett Saveall
    born 4 Apr 1825
    Great Baddow, Essex
    parents: Thomas Saveall & Ann
    Harriett Saveall
    buried 20 May 1827
    Great Beddow St Mary the Virgin, Essex
    age 2

    Thomas & John Saveall
    (1828 Great Baddow - d.infants 1829 Great Baddow)

    Thomas & John Saveall
    born 23 Jun 1828
    Great Baddow, Essex
    parents: Thomas Saveall & Ann
    Thomas Saveall
    buried 4 May, 1829
    Great Baddow St Mary the Virgin, Essex
    John Saveall
    buried 24 May, 1829
    Great Baddow St Mary the Virgin, Essex

    Possibility 2.

    SEVILLE families from Ashton-under-Lyne area, England

    Many Seville families lived in this area
    James Seville's grandson (born 1866 and after James Seville suffered 'paralysis') was named Ashton Sevil Conroy
    Perhaps these Sevilles below may be related to James Seville of Murrurundi?

    Possibility 3.

    Related to Terence SEVILLE

    Sydney Gazette
    Seville Terence - 1836 7 May, Williams River

    With James Sproil indicted for burglariously entering the house of Honora Davey.
    Sentence of death passed
    Stockman. Employed by Holmes

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  • Possibility 4.

    Relative of SEWELL families of Westmorland

    Many Sewell families lived in Cumbria area. Perhaps known to Earl or Mounsey families in England

    Possibility 5.

    Other SEVILLE families in NSW

    No link has been found between James Seville of Murrurundi and the following families:

    William Seville of Parramatta ("Pitt" 1792)
    Elizabeth Savill/Jones/Bradley of Wilberforce ("Indispensible" 1796)
    George Sewell of Sutton Forest ("Somersetshire" 1814)

    Not enough is known about:
    William Cavill of Windsor ("Glatton" 1803)