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Hello, my name is Betty Aron-Schneider and I am the County Coordinator (CC) for Leflore County.  I would like to thank all of the CC's of Leflore County who have volunteered before me.  They have done such a wonderful job of gathering information and links to post on these pages.  I hope I can measure up to their standards.

I do not live in Leflore County, nor in Mississippi.   I am in Temecula, California.  I am sorry but I am unable to do any local look-ups or research.  I do have strong family links to Leflore County, specifically Greenwood.  My father, two paternal and three maternal generations before him came from Leflore and Yalobusha Counties.  One of my Great Grandfather's (Albert Aron) was a cotton proctor in Greenwood and the other (Thomas Jefferson Carr) was  a physician in Greenwood.  I visit as often as I can but not as often as I would like.

I hope you will find the information you are looking for while you are visiting.  If you have comments about or problems with these pages, or if you have information to add, please contact



Map of Leflore County

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Brief History

     Leflore County was created in 1871 from Carroll, Sunflower and Tallahatchie counties and is the namesake of Greenwood Leflore. Leflore was a Choctaw chief and a signer of the
Treaty of 1830, in which the Choctaw Indians sold all their lands east of the Mississippi River. After the sale, many Choctaws migrated to present day Oklahoma, but Leflore stayed and became a politician and wealthy planter.

     The county is located within the state's delta region where cotton and catfish are plentiful. Mississippi is third behind California and Texas in cotton production, but 80% of all catfish produced in the United States come from the Mississippi delta.

     Greenwood, once called Williams Landing, is the county seat of Leflore.

More General Information about Leflore County 

History of Leflore County

Source: Lowry, Robert and McCardle, William H.
A History of Mississippi, from the Discovery of the Great River
by Hernando DeSoto, Including the Earliest Settlement Made by the French Under Iberville,
 to the Death of Jefferson Davis [1541-1889].
Jackson, Miss.: R. H. Henry & Co., 1891. Pages 480-482.

History of Mississippi 


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Leflore County Information

                Local Research Address Book - Addresses of the  Court House, Library, newspaper, Chancery                  Clerk, County Circuit Clerk and many more for local research.

Index to White Marriage Records 1874 to 1938 --
This is only a partial list of males from Porter Spencer to Jim Washington.

Census Information and look-ups - Leflore census information.  Do you have any?

Cemeteries -
*Continually Updated with your contributions*
Some with indexes of burials and some with tombstone photos.

Obituaries - Click the word - obit - beneath the name on the cemetery page.  These were contributed by researchers like you.  If you have any please send
them to me for posting.

Reference Material and Look-ups - A list of published Leflore County references and contacts who can do look-ups for you.  Do you own any of them?  Will you volunteer to do look-ups?

Reunions and other announcements - Is your family on the list?

Surnames & Queries - Starting March 1997!  Is yours there?

WWI 1917 Draft Registration -- from the USGenWeb Mississippi Archives Index
of WW1 Registrants

Honor Roll of WWII Casualties

Talea's Box - A must see for Leflore Researchers!

Variant Names of Leflore Locations - *Updated*

Greenwood Leflore Hospital formerly known as the
    Kings's Daughters Hospital

The Greenwood Commonwealth - The daily newspaper for Leflore County is now on-line.

NewDid You Know's, photos and more about Greenwood - This is a website with a collection of photos and information collected by a Greenwoodian about Greenwood.  Please stop by and check it out.

RootsWeb Resources Page

message boardMessage Boards
For your contributions.  Formerly called the GenConnect Forum.

There are many categories from which to chose with new ones being added frequently.  Those available at this time are Bible, Biography, Birth, Cemetery, Census, Death, Deed, Information, Lookup, Marriage, Military, Obituary, Pension, Queries and Wills.

Churches of Leflore County --
Current and historical

Schools of Leflore County --
Current and historical.

Populated place names --
Towns, villages and communities

Photos of Leflore County --
Photos of city streets, buildings, homes, schools, etc.  All contributed by you.

Columbus and Greenville Railway (CAGY) --
Formerly the Greenville Columbus and Birmingham Rail Road Company

Partial Index to White Marriage Records --
This is an index of the "S's" & "W's" only


Mississippi Links

Choctaw Connections --

         Chronology,  genealogy, Treaties, Conflicts & Wars

  •  Choctaw Nation History - "The Choctaw Indian Nation       traces its ancestry to Mississippi and some sections of Alabama. Legends tell that the Choctaw people originated from "Nanih Waya", a sacred hill near what is now known as Noxapter, Mississippi. "Nanih Waiya" means "Productive Mound" and is often referred to as "The Mother Mound". . .


        contains Chronological History of Slavery
                Slave Narrative Links
                Slavery Statistics
                Famous Peopl
                and much more.

                Links to various Mississippi military sites through
                out the Internet which cover just about every
                major military era.

        Only three entries but is one of them yours?

  • 1838 Map - From 1838, 25th Congress 3rd Session. Showing townships/areas surveyed, partially surveyed, not yet surveyed.  Shows CHOCTAW AND CHICKASAW CESSIONS, Natchez, Vicksburg, Grand Gulf, Jackson, Columbus, Granada!
  • Mississippi Unknown County Queries - This page was created for those of us who do know that our ancestors were from Mississippi, but can't seem to find the county/counties they belong to.
  • Mississippi Vital Records Information - This page contains information about where to obtain copies of Mississippi vital records, such as birth & death certificates, marriage licenses & divorce decrees.



General Genealogy Links

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  • RootsWeb - The oldest and largest genealogical site and host of the MSGenWeb Project and these pages.
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