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Leflore County, Mississippi
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Leflore County Populated Places

Major Areas

Colony Town
Itta Bena

Additional Areas

                   Additional Areas                                 part of Major Area

Berclair Itta Bena
Black Bayou Junction Glendora
Bright Corner Browning
Browning Browning
Craigside Greenwood
Crenfree Browning
Fort Loring Shellmound
Fort Loring Landing Sidon
Greenwood Greenwood
Grenada Junction Greenwood
Hatten Phillip
Highlandale Schlater
Itta Bena Itta Bena
Mathews Crossing Swiftown
Mayday Montgomery
McNutt Schlater
Minter City Glendora
Money Money
Morgan City Itta Bena
Murdock Crossing Itta Bena
Nichols Swiftown
Old Dominion Colony Town
Peteet Swiftown
Phillipstown Itta Bena
Purnell Colony Town
Quito Itta Bena
Rising Sun Sidon
Rixwood Shellmound
Roebuck Sidon
Ruby Money
Runnymede Itta Bena
Sandy Ridge Money
Schlater Schlater
Shellmound Shellmound
Sheppardtown Itta Bena
Sidon Sidon
Sisloff Junction Phillip
Somerville Glendora
Sunnyside Schlater
Swiftown Swiftown
Wakeland Greenwood
Wildwood Greenwood

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