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Immanuel/Immanuels United Church of Christ
Holstein, Warren County, Missouri
Photos and data provided by Jane ( Lichte )Denny

Memorial Plaque
Memorial Site of the First German Lutheran Church of Charette
Chartered Feb. 27, 1839
Name was revised Feb. 1848 to German Evangelical Church on Charette
Log Church destroyed by fire Jan 1855, replaced by brick church in 1855
This memorial erected by Immanuels UCC
150th Anniversary April 1990.
This is the marker as seen from road that runs in front of church. Marker is facing east with stones behind it facing east.

"The 150th Anniversary Committee spent many hours during 1988 and 1989 preparing a history book and planning for the 150th Anniversary. In addition to the history book, they prepared and had printed Christmas greeting card with a picture of the  sanctuary, a birthday calendar, and made plans to erect a stone-marker ( see above ) where the first log church of 1839 was erected and the first brick church in 1855."

"Research of the old records provided the new name of " German Evangelical *Immanuels* Church of Holstein was voted on during the annual meeting on January 1, 1884. There were questions as to the "s" on Immanuels . A decision was made to not alter the name and the wishes of the forefathers. The name can be seen carved into the stone at the base of the steeple of the present church."

Source of information: Jane Denny and 150th anniversary book.


Tombstone Photos
Click on any tombstone image for much larger photo
These photos are from the First Cemetery which is now south of the Parsonage
Legend for location will be
** for First Cemetery next to name caption
Second Cemetery  and Third Cemetery

First Cemetery is south of the parsonage.
Second Cemetery is south of the church.
Third cemetery is north of the church.

Click on link for 2nd and 3rd Cemeteries
The entires below are in alphabetical order, not in the order of site. See below

  Huenefeld** 2  
Anna S. Huenefeld
born Knapheide born 5 Mar 1851
died 17 Apr 1920

Friederich W. Huenefeld
born 10, Aug 1847
died 5 Aug 1916
  Huenefeld** 1  
Mathilda Huenefeld
nee Dothage born Apr. 6, 1852
died Nov. 21, 1925

Henry Huenefeld
born Apr 6, 1845
died Aug 3, 1923
  Koenig** 9  
Anna Koenig, (nee Huenefeld), DOB April 25, 1850, DOD April 2, 1930

John Koenig,
DOB March 31, 1859,
DOD September 15, 1935
  Huenefeld** 4  
Here rests W. Huenefeld
Died 18. Nov. 1852.
at age of 46 years


1 Thessalonians 4:14 Denn wenn wir glauben, dass Jesus gestorben ist, so wird Gott auch die, die entschlafen sind, durch Jesus mit ihm einherfuhren. "For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him."
  Oberhelmann** 6  
born 10 Dec. 1831
died 13 Sept 1851
nee Niemann

  Schoppenhorst** 3  
nee Huenefeld
Born 28 JUNE 1842
Died 18 DEC 1867

Here Rests in Peace (top)
They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. Psalm 126: v 5 .
  Schnieder** 8  
Anna M SCHNIEDER nee Steinkamp
died 24 July 1850
32 years old

  Stienecker ** 5  
died June 8, 1852
66 years & 2 days

Stienecker tombstones are not together in cemetery:
re: Jane Denney
  ** 7  
Anna Christina

died March 1, 1851
64 years


From the left on photo below

1.  Mathilda & Henry Huenefeld
2.  Anna & Frederich Huenefeld
3.  Schoppenhorst, Friedericka
4.  Huenefeld, W.
5.  Stienecker, Hermann
6.  Oberhelmann
7.  Stienecker, Anna Christina
8.  Schnieder.....last one on right in row
9.  Koenig stone is to front of all others.

see relationships below

Friederich and Henry Huenefeld, Anna Koenig, and Friedericka Schoppenhorst are children of Wilhelm Huenefeld (1806-1852).   Hermann and Anna Christina Stienecker are his father-in-law and mother-in-law, parents of his wife, Christine Elisabeth (Stienecker) Huenefeld Brueggenjohann (second cemetery).  His oldest son, Wilhelm Heinrich Huenefeld (1838-1907), was buried in  St James  Evangelical Church Cemetery, Big Spring, Montgomery County,  MO. this is an off site link use "back" to return here



Photo taken 2006 by Jane Denny