Second Cemetery south of the Church

Second Cemetery is south of the Church top

Immanuel/Immanuels United Church of Christ
Holstein, Warren County, Missouri
Photos and data provided by Jane ( Lichte )Denny
The cemetery/stones are facing east; therefore, I was facing the road in
front of church and west when I took pictures of stones.

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Third Cemetery
is north of the church
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Schoppenhorst, Heinrich (1816-1893)
"brother of Wilhelm Schoppenhorst (1813-1884)"
Schoppenhorst, William A. (1839-1914) son of Heinrich Schoppenhorst (1816-1893)
Aufderhar, Sophie
nee Schoppenhorst 1837-1877
half sister of Wilhelm and Heinrich Schoppenhorst
Aufderhar, Heinrich Wilhelm (1833-1877
"husband of Sophie Aufderhar"

Brüggenjohann, Christine Elizabeth nee Stienecker (1819-1898) (wife of Wilhelm Hünefeld cem # one (1806-1852) she is buried in cem. # 2) Buried in the 1st row, n e, 12th grave.
Here rests in the Lord
BORN 1819 IN LADBERGEN Kreis Tecklenburg
DIED 7 OCT 1898 Ich habe Lust abzuscheiden und bei Christo zu sein.I have the desire to depart and be with Christ.
Bruggenjohann, Wilhelm H. (1819-1904)
2nd husband of Christine Elizabeth Hunefeld nee Stienecker
Christine and Wilhelm Brüggenjohann  are parents of  of August
Brueggenjohann of Holstein Mill.

Built in 1871, this is now a feed mill. Take Route 94 to Treloar. Take N 1 mile northeast to Holstein. Go a half mile down Mill Street, and mill is on the right.



Third Cemetery

Photo taken by Jane Denney   2006


Private Harry H. Brueggenjohann (1895-1918), son of Mr. & Mrs. August Brueggenjohann
Daniel H. Brueggenjohann (1863-1945), son of Wilhelm and Christine (Stienecker) Huenefeld Brueggenjohann second cemetery (2)
August F. W. Brueggenjohann (1860-1933), son of Wilhelm and Christine (Stienecker) Huenefeld Brueggenjohann second cemetery (2)
Anna C. Schoppenhorst (1862-1952) daughter of Wilhelm and Johanna Schoppenhorst, was buried at the side of her mother, Johanna Wilhelmina (Kuhlmann) Bohle Schoppenhorst (1843-1927),  wife of Wilhelm Schoppenhorst (1839-1914) second cemetery
Chas. J. F. (1855-1923) and Mary C. (1866-1948) Wegener

Mary Christina (Schoppenhorst) Wegener was daughter of Heinrich A.  Schoppenhorst and Friedericke (Huenefeld) Schoppenhorst (index.htm).


Photo taken by Jane Denny   2006

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First Cemetery is  south of parsonage and left of road.  Second Cemetery is south of church and right of road.  Third Cemetery is not visible; it is north of  church and in the background at end of road.