Richard & Nancy Ward Family Cemetery, Bonne Terre, St. Francois County, Missouri

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Approx. 6 miles West of Bonne Terre, Mo.

(Last Visited Oct. 25, 2003)

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HILL, Nancy (wife of Stephen D.)
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Jan. 5, 1867 - Aug. 6, 1902
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"She was a kind and affectionate wife,
a fond mother and friend to all."
HILL, Willie H.
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Aug. 14, 1900-July 18, 1901
Daug. of S. D. & Nancy Hill
WARD, Allie R.
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Sep 21, 1890-July 17, 1893   2y 9m 26d
Daug. of G. & E. Ward
WARD, Berry Died Oct. 30, 1900, Aged 26y 9m 12d
WARD, Richard   (View Obit)
              Nancy       (View Will)
Jan. 1, 1817-Dec. 25, 1898
Apr. 20, 1838-Oct. 11, 1909

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Mary Menke visits the recently discovered final resting place of  her great-great grandparents, Richard and Nancy (Marler) Ward, for the first time on Oct. 25, 2003.

Concrete Marker 
C.R.W. Footstone
F.A.W. Footstone
Inscription on Broken Stone 
Blank - No Inscription (near Barry Ward)
No Matching Headstone (perhaps Charles?)
No Matching Headstone
"Weep not papa and mama for me,
For I am waiting in Heaven for you." 


View Obit of Henry Ward, son of
Richard & Nancy (Marler) Ward
Henry is not buried in this cemetery, but is
buried in Bonne Terre Cemetery. 
View Obit of John Ward, son of
Richard & Nancy (Marler) Ward
Died in Lead Mines in 1908.  John is
buried at Bonne Terre Cemetery.
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