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(Listing Under Construction)
(Also formerly known as Cantwell IOOF Cemetery)

Desloge, Missouri

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The listing below is not complete.   This cemetery dates back to the mid-1800's and there are many unmarked graves.   The tombstone photographs are current as of November 2008.  We are still working on this page and will be adding names later as we have time and come across burials in obituaries and other documentation.  If you have a relative buried here whose name is not reflected in the listing below, please furnish us with an obituary, death certificate, or other documentation to evidence burial and we'll add them to the listing.  This information can be e-mailed to us by clicking HERE.  




ACKERSON, Charles .
ACKERSON, Leroy Bernard .
AILWORTH, James R. Sgt. US Army Air Corp., WW2
ALLEN, William T. and J. Josephine .
ARMON, James H. .
ASHLOCK, Carter and Amanda .
BABB, Malinda Roux and John F. .
BAILEY, Gladys .
BAILEY, Lucille .
BALDRIDGE, Herman M. .
BANNISTER, Alice Irene and Clarence H. .
BANNISTER, Lillie Gilbert .
BARNETT, Clyde .
BARNETT, Delma Bell Daug. of  Stewart & Della Barnett
BARNETT, Edith and John .
BARNETT, John L. .
BARNETT, Stewart R. Husb. of Della
BARRON, Rhonda Jean .
BEAUMONT, Sylvester and Iva .
BEQUETTE, Howard H. .
BEQUETTE, Josephine L. .
BEQUETTE, Solomon .
BIRD, Dorathy M. Daughter of John & Eva Bird
BIRD, Eva Wife of John
BIRD, John Husb. of Eva
BLANTON, James Irvin 1898-1976
BLANTON, Maggie 1900-1966
BOYD, Golda Gladys .
BOYD, Harold Son of W. H. & Myrtle Boyd
BOYD, Lillie Ann .
BOYD, T. L. .
BOYD, Wendell H. .
BOYD, William H. .
BREECE, Charles W. .
BREEDLOVE, Edward L. .
BREEDLOVE, Patricia H. .
BROTHERTON, Claude. R. L. Husband of Margie
BROTHERTON, Margie V. Wife of Claude
BROWN, Edith M. .
BROWN, James T. .
BROWN, Raymond M. .
BROWN, Reva O.  (nee Williams) .
BROWN, Robert Dennis .
BURGESS, Charles F.  .
BURLBAW FAMILY Entire family killed in car-train collision Sept. 11, 1927 - buried in one plot.
BURNS, Della M. .
BURNS, Florence O. .
BURNS, Fred R.  .
BURNS, J. W. Thomas .
BURNS, Mary C. .
CALVIRD, Virginia Irene .
CALVIRD, Walter E. and Bessie L.  .
CAMERON, Elinore
CAMERON, Francis
CAMPBELL, Clyde A.  "Father"
CAMPBELL, Edgar R. .
CAMPBELL, Zora (Kitchell) .
CHRISTOPHER, Charles E. Military Marker - US Navy - WW2
CHRISTOPHER, Norma Died 2008
CLARK, Louise and Noah E. .
CLARK, Mary E. "Loving Mom"
COLSON, Lucy E. .
CONLEY, Arnot A. and Della P. .
CORONA, Alex J. and Elizabeth M. Wurst  .
COUNTS, Alvin A. and Bernice I. Married May 18, 1946
COUNTS, Donald G. Huband of Velma L.
COUNTS, Velma L. Wife of Donald G.
COVER, Thomas S. and Thelma L. .
COX, Nancy Lee .
CULTON, Madonna L. and Frank E. .
CUNNINGHAM, Ellis B. and Martha V. .
CUNNINGHAM, Kenneth W. Husb. of Mary B.
CUNNINGHAM, Mary B. Wife of Kenneth W.
DALTON, Elva .
DALTON, Essie B. .
DALTON, James M. .
DALTON, Martha E. .
DANIELS, Eli Husb. of Rachel
DANIELS, John R.       View #2 .
DANIELS, Rachel Wife of Eli
DAVIS, Charles E. SON
DAVIS, Myrtle & Charles .
DECKER, Albert W. .
DECKER, Stella Mae .
DEVAULT, William Thomas Note: need better photo showing dates
DOUR, Angela Maria "Precious Daughter and Sister"
DOWNING, Norma Louise .
DRYDEN, Edward A. .
DUNCAN, Jimmy Wayne II .
DUNCAN, Rena M. .
DURBIN, Donald Ray "Bud" Note:  Need better photo of stone
DURBIN, Harold E. .
DURBIN, Raymond .
DURBIN, Sarah Zorko .
DUNLAP, Stanley "Sparky"
EATON, Alva L. .
EATON, Clarence C. and Dora Robbs .
EATON, Denver M. "Monk" .
EATON, J. Henry Husb. of Radie C.
EATON, Janice Sue .
EATON, Radie C. Wife of J. Henry
EAVES, Luther .
EAVES, Ora Fay and Harry D. .
EDGAR, Dewell and Ella .
EDGAR, Norman .
ELDERS, Ralph F. and Loretta E. .
ERLINGER, Roland L. Husb. of Viola Z.
ERLINGER, Viola Z. Wife. of Roland L.
EULER, Clara & Baby      Clara - View #2 Children of G. H. and Ida Euler
EULER, Ida and Gus Hy. .
EULER, Virgie Daug. of Gus & Ida Euler
FORSHEE, Amiel Andrew PFC World War I
FORSHEE, Annie Note:  Need better photo
FORSHEE, Arthur .
FORSHEE, Arthur (Jr.) .
FORSHEE, Goff F. .
FORSHEE, Janet Lynn (Pratte) .
FORSHEE, John T. and Mary J.        Back of Stone .
FORSHEE, Loraine .
FORSHEE, Lovie M. .
FORSHEE, Nellie Fay       Top of Stone .
FORSHEE, Susie .
FORSHEE, Winfield Note:  Shares stone w/Mary Ann House
FRENCH, Chancel                                 Marriage Date      Husb. of Ellen B.
FRENCH, Ellen B. Wife of Chancel
GIBSON, G.  (George?) .
GIBSON, Lavon .
GIBSON, Lucy Ann and Alexander .
GIBSON, Ollie .
GILBERT, Martin .
GILBREATH, Clarence D. .
GILLAM, Eugene L. and B. Carol .
GILLAM, Sarah Estelle .
GIRARD, Albert .
GIRARD, Charlotte .
GRAHAM, Frank Lee .
GRAHAM, Mary Helen .
GRAVES, Minnie A. .
HAILE, Birdie Kate Child of W. G. and A. C. Haile
HAILE, A. Celest and W. Guy .
HAILE, Eliza E. and Ella May .
HAILE, Elizabeth Need better photo
HAILE, Irvin Linn .
HAILE, Irvin M. .
HAILE, Jerry Earl PFC World War I
HAILE, Lottie M. Daug. of Irvin Haile
HAILE, Margaret Wife of Thomas    Note: Need better picture
HAILE, Samuel G. .
HAILE, Thomas            View #2 .
HAMBY, Dollie .
HAMBY, Smith .
HANDRAHAN, Charles David .
HANKS, Ruth N. .
HARRIS, Alberta Lee (Baby) .
HARTRUP, Samantha Sue .
HASTY, ?       Died 1971 .
HASTY, April .
HENROID, Corrine .
HENROID, Dennis D.P. .
HENROID, Fannie F. Wife of William "Gus" Henroid
HENROID, William "Gus" Husband of Fannie F. Henroid
HENROID, William L. U.S. Army
HEROD, Abraham "Abe" .
HEROD, Abraham and Mary Frances .
HEROD, Barney .
HEROD, Birdie .
HEROD, Iona .
HEROD, Mary Frances Wife of Abraham Herod
HIBBITS, Harvey Husb. of Ruth
HIBBITS, Ruth Wife of Harvey
HILL, Hazel Lee .
HOBAUGH, John W. .
HOBAUGH, Karen Sue .
HOLDMAN, Howard H. and Annie K. .
HOLLAND, Mattie and John .
HOLLAND, Myrtie L. .
HONEY, Albert S. .
HOOD, Aaron .
HOOD, Aaron and Mattie .
HOOD, Ethel Daughter of A.W. & M.E. Hood
HOOD, Gladys Daughter of A.W. & M.E. Hood
HOOD, Mattie .
HOUSE, Damien .
HOUSE, Jerry Don .
HOUSE, Mary Ann Shares tombstone w/Winfield Forshee
HURT, Alma C. .
HURT, Elizabeth M. .
HURT, Mont Lee .
HUSKEY, Dora Ellen Whitter  "Mickey" .
JACKSON, Leonard W. WT3 US Navy - World War II
JACKSON, Leonard W. and Fern Eaton .
JARRELL, Bertha R. .
JARRELL, Gordon V. .
JARRELL, Harley Edsel and Helen May .
JOHNSON, Fern L. .
JONES, Lula and Jesse .
JONES, F. Aline .
JONES, Hester L. .
JONES, Kenneth E. US Army
JONES, Marty Wayne          Back of Stone .
JONES, Mary L. .
JONES, Medford C. (Jr.) and Carilyn Ann  .
JONES, Richard Linn Sgt. US Airforce - Vietnam
JONES, Richard Lynn and Baby Boy Jones .
JONES, Roger D. .
JONES, William F. .
JONES, William T. .
JOPLIN, Patricia A. (Patty) .
JORDAN, Clifton F. (Sr.) .
JORDAN, Mary V. .
KERNAN, Vernon D. and Mary V.       Back of Stone
Kernan Family Photo
KIRSCH, Melvin Lee .
LANDA, Rita Mae (nee Riley) .
LANDERS, Ethel Mae .
LEWIS, Ardell E. .
LEWIS, Elliott P. and Linnie B. .
LEWIS, Marie .
LEWIS, Marvin .
LONG, Danny T. U.S. Navy
LONG, Joseph J. (Jr.) .
LONG, Joseph (Sr.) .
LONG, Ruth E. .
LONGGREAR, Joseph D. son of S. W. & L.
LONGGREAR, Silas           View #2 .
LOTZ, Mable D. .
LOTZ, Mary E. and Ed. B. .
MAHURIN, Delbert & Delia(?) .
MAHURIN, Lucille E. Wife of Sanford
MAHURIN, Sanford R. "Sam" Husb. of Lucille
MANTZ, Roscoe Lee No stone found.  Son of Henry and Mary Mantz; born at Salem, June 16, 1902, died at Bonne Terre Hospital, Monday, Dec. 9, 1940, of pneumonia, aged 38 years, 5 months, 29, days.  Husband of Pearl Whiteaker; married Sept. 28, 1924.  Survived by mother, widow, and 5 children, Roscoe, Jr., Donald Gene, Bobby Lee, Mamie Ruth and Jimmy; and 2 sisters, Mrs. Lizzie Hurt and Mrs. Fred Deloney.   
MARLER, Glenwood E. Pvt. US Army Korea - Killed in Korean War 1952
MAXVELL, Cora Breece   (Maxwell?) .
McCOY, Gary V. .
McCOY, J. Henry (Jr.) and Dorothy V. .
McCOY, Jerald H. .
McCOY, Lilly L. .
McINTYRE, William H. .
McNEARY, Christopher Michael .
MEIER, James R. and Emily L. .
MERRITT, Dialtha A. and Lewis W. .
MERRITT, Frank and Elma .
MERRITT, William Lewis P.FC World War II
MEYER, Malinda J. .
MILLER, Walter D. .
MILLS, Carolyn Joyce (Pratte) .
MILLS, Rickie Douglas "Doug" .
MOORE, Mary C. Wife of Michael
MOORE, Michael W. Husb. of Mary
MORRIS, Delmar (Sr.) .
MORRIS, Emma A. .
MORRIS, George Henry Pvt. Co. D 69 Inf. World War I
MORRIS, Lucy .
MOSER, Betty J. .
MOSER, Harry E. III .
MULLINS, Reva M. .
MURPHY, Helen J. .
NUNN, Betty J. .
NUNN, Elmer Lee US Navy
NUNN, Kimberly R. .
NUNN, Wilma R. .
O'DANIEL, Elsie Pearl .
O'DANIEL, Miller J.  S Sgt. US Army World War II
PALMER, Bessie M. (Jones) .
PAPIN, Chesley Edgar Pvt. US Army World War II
PAPIN, Edgar and Nettie F. .
PARKER, Kenny J. and Angela M. .
PENNER, ?  (Paddy) .
PETTY, Irene A. and Rollin J. .
PETTY, John R. Husb. of Pearl W.
PETTY, Pearl W. Wife of John R.
PIERCE, Fannie Note:  Need better photo
PIGG, Mary F.  (nee Herod) Wife of Richard "R.C." Pigg
PONDER, Henry and Minerva .
POOL, Rose Lynn .
POSTLEWAIT, Kathyrne .
PRATT, Donald E. .
PRATTE, John G. .
RAMSEY, Eugene .
RAMSEY, George W. .
RAMSEY, John R. .
RAMSEY, John R. and Shirley A. .
RAMSEY, Mary E. Wife of Oliver A.
RAMSEY, Oliver A. Husband of Mary E.
RAWLINS, Rodie Katherine and John .
RAYMO, L. A. and Lena B. .
RECTOR, Bradley Michael and Breanna Michele Twin children of Delmer Rector, Jr. and Amy Rector
REDDICK, C. David and Glenda L. .
REDDICK, Joseph Dennis US Army Vietnam
RENTFRO, Eunice Olga Daughter of Charles & Julia Rentfro
RENTFRO, Julia and Charles .
RENTFRO, Martha Wife of William
RENTFRO, William Husb. of Martha
RENTFRO, William Francis "Fuzzy" View Obituary - Long-time Magistrate Judge of St. Francois County, Missouri.
RICE, Margaret O. .
RICE, Thomas .
RICE, Thomas Jefferson Civil War 47 MO Inf.
RICHARDSON, daughter of C.C. & M.E .
RICHARDSON, George E. and Dora M. .
RICHARDSON, Milton Glenwood .
RICHARDSON, Shelton E. son of G.E. and D.M. Richardson
RILEY, Bernard and Ronnie Joe .
RILEY, Dave .
RILEY, James H. .
RILEY, Jeanette V. and Otis J. .
RILEY, Jeff D. and Nanie J. .
ROBART, Toby J. PFC US Marine Corp
ROBBS, Belle and William Frank .
ROBBS, Byrdie Daug. of W. F. & B. Robbs
ROBBS, Emma .
ROBBS, Harry Jack .
ROBBS, Linn W. .
ROBBS, Olan R.         View of Top Son of W. L. and M. J. Robbs
ROBBS, Opal H. .
ROUX, Mary J. Wife of Samuel H. Roux
ROUX, Samuel H. Husb. of Mary J. Roux
SCOTT, Donald L. SA US Navy Korea
SCOTT, James and Effie M. .
SHANER, Helen .
SHANER, John W.          Husb. of Maude M.
SHANER, John L. and Nola M. John: Tec 5 US Army World War II
Military Marker
SHANER, Maude M. Wife of John W.
SIMMONS, Bonnie L. .
SIMMONS, John E. .
SIMMONS, Lytle E. .
SKINNER, Raymond E. PFC US Army World War II
SLINKARD, Irma Jean .
SLINKARD, James G.     DOD Close-up Pvt. US Army World War II
SLINKARD, Sandra Sue .
SMITH, Dona W. .
SMITH, Edna M. .
SMITH, Evaline Wife of J. F. Smith
SMITH, Frank M. and Julia A. .
SMITH, J. Harvey and Margaret M. .
SMITH, Irvin W. Husb. of Martha E. Smith
SMITH, Martha E. Wife of Irvin W. Smith
SMITH, Wendell P. Son of J. H. and M. Smith
SPORE, James M. and Lillie E. .
STORY, Harry E. Pvt. US Army
STORY, Wilbern E. and Allie E. .
STOTLER, Larry Dean Stillborn
SULLIVAN, Michael Leedale .
SUNDHAUSEN, Edward C. (Jr.) .
SUTTERFIELD, Melba & Wanda .
SWEENEY, Hadley H.        Military Marker Pvt. US Army World War II; husb. of Mildred I. Sweeney
SWEENEY, Mildred I. Wife of Hadley H. Sweeney
THORNTON, Frank E. (Sr.) Husb. of Marcella H. Sweeney
THORNTON, Marcella H. Wife of Frank E. Sweeney
TURNBULL, Darrel Leslie  .
TURNBULL, Dorothy Lee .
TURNBULL, William (Billy) .
VINSON, Greta .
VOISEY, Jackie .
WARD, Mary Ella  .
WARREN, Michael and Jason Twins
WATSON, Earl W. .
WAUGH, Henry .
WAUGH, James and Mary E. .
WAUGH, Rosie Violet .
WEIBLE, Billy Ray .
WEIBLE, Cora .
WEIBLE, George C. .
WEIBLE, Gertrude M. .
WEIBLE, James H. PVT CWS World War II
WEIBLE, Robert M. .
WEISS, J. L. (Jay) and Mary Lou Photo: Jay
WEISS, Sally .
WHITAKER, Alvin J. .
WHITAKER, Arthur .
WHITAKER, Bessie .
WHITAKER, Earnest .
WHITAKER, Lillie Mae .
WHITAKER, William and Melba Married Feb. 22, 1932
WHITEBREAD, Fred S. Husb. of Mildred B.
WHITEBREAD, Mildred B. Wife of Fred S.
WHITTER, Daniel G. & Joice V. .
WHITTER, Reva G. .
WIESS, Philip        (Weiss?) Pvt. 356 Inf Missouri 89 Div.
WILLIAMS, Gladys Nola and Baby Wayne David Williams Died in Child Birth
WILLIAMS, Orville .
WILLIAMS, Robert L. (Jr.) .
WILLIAMS, Robert Lee (Sr.) and Bertha May .
WILSON, Jeff .
WINCH, Frankie J. .
WISE, Jacob Wilson .
WOOD, Daniel E. and Beulah M. .
WOOD, John A. and Helen V. .
WOODWARD, Delson H. .
WORLEY, Gladys Marie .
WORLEY, Henry Andrew .
WORLEY, Samuel Forrest CM3 US Navy / Sgt US Marine Corps., Vietnam
WURST, Fred  Husb. of Martha
WURST, Lillian K. .
WURST, Martha Wife of Fred
WURST, Peter and Kathern .
YATES, Roy Pvt. US Army World War II
YATES, Lola Rachel (nee Walbert) Wife of Roy Yates  (no tombstone)
YAWBERRY, Norma Fay .
YOUNG, Alice Edith (nee Gibson) .
YOUNG, Lawrence E. (Jr.) .
YOUNG, Lawrence E. (Sr.) COX US Navy, World War II
YOUNG, Lorraine M. .
ZOBRISKY, Charles W. and Bonnie B. .
ZOLMAN, Helen .


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