Aubuchon Family


The AuBuchon Family
Published by: The Bonne Terre Register, Bonne Terre, MO July 9, 1964


There are several of the older French families who have left descendants in this district that we want to write about. Perhaps the most numerous of these families and by far not the least important are the AuBuchons. Perhaps the common ancestor of all the AuBuchons in this part of Missouri was John AuBuchon who was born in France about 1630. He landed in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada, in 1664, having married Marguerite Sedilot in 1655 before leaving home. Their son, Joseph AuBuchon, was born in Quebec in 1664 shortly after they landed there.

It would be out of place to try to give a detailed account of all the generations but Antoine AuBuchon who had come to Kaskaskia about 1732, moved across the Mississippi River in 1739 and became a citizen of Ste. Genevieve. The great-grandson of the original Antoine AuBuchon was Francois AuBuchon who was born at Ste. Genevieve on January 16, 1812.

Francois moved with his father in 1822 to French Village and in 1829 he apprenticed himself to a blacksmith for three years to learn the trade.

Teressa Coleman, daughter of Francois and Teresa (Robinet) Coleman, was born in Washington County in 1816 and became the wife of Francois AuBuchon. They were the parents of 14 children. Three of the sons who have left descendants who live amongst us today were Ferdinand, Judge Peter and Adrian.

The Bequette family seem to have a common ancestor farther back than the available records show. Jean Baptiste Bequette who was born in 1723, was an earlier settler at St. Louis, in fact, there were two Jean Baptiste Bequettes at St. Louis in the early days of that village. The one born in 1723 came to Ste. Genevieve. There was also a Joseph Bequette at the old village of Ste. Genevieve.

Another early settler in this section who has left many descendants in this and Madison County was Capt. Andre DeGuire dit LaRose. From this man have also sprung two distinct families, the DeGuires and the LaRose families.

Francois Lalumundiere was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1712 and moved from there to Kaskaskia and sometime after the founding of Ste. Genevieve he moved across the river to that place were he died in 1784. He left two sons, Francois Jr. and Jean Baptiste who were the ancestors of the many families of that name in this and adjoining counties.

There were other French families whose blood courses in the veins of our citizens and we have but touch those that have the most numerous descendants.