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Pemiscot Co
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  • If you have some Photos of Pemiscot, Co, Southeast, MO. or Northeast, AR. and want them posted, there are several ways we can do this.
    # 1 email the Web Page address.
    # 2 email the picture in gif format.
    # 3 Mail me the Photo with and I will scan it in.

Photos for Southeast Mo and Northeast Ar

    Pemiscot Co Photo Gallery -1-
    Hattie Lancaster 1910, Wardell School, Lancaster,Hampton, Thomas Edgar Miller,

    Pemiscot Co Photo Gallery -2-
    Clee, Auburn, Unknown Cemetery #1,
    Godfrey, Charles, Mildred, Wright

    Pemiscot Co Photo Gallery -3-
    Old Cooter "The Wagster Block" pre 1920,
    Cooper's Old Drugstore, ca. 1935, located in Cooter,
    Group known as Royal Neighbors. (Cooter Mo),
    Sunday School Class. 1916-17 (Cooter Mo),
    Ellis Hunt in front of his Pool Hall (Cooter Mo)

    Pemiscot Co Photo Gallery -4-
    Warbington,Jones, Skaggs, Birdidean & Robert Warbington, Birdidean Skaggs & Georgia Shirleen Jones, Birdidean Skaggs, Louis & Georgia Jones, Donald Skaggs, Ruben Skaggs Truman Skaggs and Birdidean Warbington, Edith with daughter inlaws Minnie and Wanda, Elias and Edith Warbington, Elias W Edith and son Joseph Warbington, Elias, Edith and grandson Ralph Warbington, group little ones Aubry and Trulla children, Robert mom Edith dad Elias sister Veda Warbington,

    Pemiscot Co Photo Gallery -5-
    James E Randell (Wardell), James E Randell and Hattie Jane Thompson, Lancaster, Randell, Chester Clyde Randell and Marie Cox, Chester Randell on left, Hattie Jane Thompson, Lancaster, Randell (Wardell),

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Photos for Southeast Mo and Northeast Ar

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