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Photos for Bollinger Co

    Photo Gallery -1-
    Gregory School, Bollinger Co 1921, Patrick & Nancy Turner with grand children, Martha Louisa Bollinger, Patrick & Nancy Turner Gracie Victoria (Green) Holt, Who are the other three, Thomas Henry Price Bollinger, Surviving children of Joel Madison Crites and Christina A. Killian Crites ( in 1940), William L. and Dora P. Ladd, May 1947, he Massey House, Charles & Lola Pogue, Thomas Sherman Eaker holding Velma Edith Eaker, J. Walter Morlan and Juliettie Jines-Morlan, Joseph William Angel Clora Rowe and Ernest August Angel, Greenwood School 1934,

    Photo Gallery -2-
    Joseph Angel Family About Fall of 1917, Weldon and Cathy Abernathy, Silas and Joenia Eaker-Shell, Dewey Eaker and Mary Morland, Col Perry Goodwin, G. Posten & Braten, Marious "Stat" Hilderbrand, Mollie Bell Hilderbrand/Park., Wilborn Hilderbrand, Stella Hilderbrand, Samuel J. Hilderbrand & family, Hettie Hilderbrand, Mama & Della H. & Novella, Maggie Goodwin, Maggie Goodwin, Park Family Grocery, Ed Park & Friends, Mr. & MRs. Bailey, Unknown Photo #-1- [Do You Know There Names??], Unknown Photo #-2- [Do You Know There Names??], Unknown Photo #-3- [Do You Know There Names??], The Banner Press Thursday, October 11, 1973 issue (Item # 1, 2, & 3), Glen Masters, Mollie Bell Hilderbrand/Park (In Car, Harris Farm Near Dongola, MO abt 1896, House my mother lived in (Cape Girardeau County,

    Photo Gallery -3-
    Andrew Jackson & Family, George W. & Cordelia Lutes Francis family., Ezekiel Murry family, Ezekiel Adonijah Murry & Jane Mouser, Antney Shell & Ruah Adeline Crites, Jacob Washington Abernathy & Ruey Allise Adline Eaker, Greenwood School 1943, Greenwood School abt 1943 Betty Clark, teacher, he Stone Siblings.1958 Between Lutesville and Marble Hill, The May Boys, Sarah Elizabeth Ellen (Kegley) Crader and John and Gertrude (Creath) Conboy, ora Isabelle Crader abt 1940, J.M. Marsh Crader and son Milton, Ruddle Creath,, husband to Nora Isabelle Crader, Nora I. (Crader) Kaiser with three of her Grandchildren, Nora I. (Crader) Kaiser,

    Photo Gallery -4-
    Old Building in Patton, MO), Turkey Creek School, (1908), Will Mayfield Collage 1914, SENIORS W.M.C. 1908, W.M.C., Eaker School about 1920, Haun school Feb 12, 1912, Unknown school, David Francis teacher, Bollinger Mill and Covered Bridge, Bollinger Mill, Bollinger Mill and Covered Bridge, Dolle Mill View #-1-, Dolle Mill View #-2-, & Dolle Mill View #-3-, Francis Marion Owens and John M Owens, John & Belle Owens, John & Belle Owens, with Family (With PDF File ), William Allison Store & School in Greenbrier,

    Photo Gallery -5-
    Zalma Baseball Team, John E James & Family, Randolph James, Daniel Harrison Robbins, Urea Elizabeth, Victoria Sitzes, Leland James, Patterson School, Conrad Family Marble Hill around 1925, N. Ruth Owens Hawk, Thomas Crafton, John Marshall (Marsh) Crader Family, Daniel Francis Crader Family, LUTES' Family Home "1908", Lutes store in Lutesville (Outside & Inside View), Jacob Lutes ( son of Jacob Lutes and wife Sophia ), School Photo 1915 in Bollinger Co.,

    Photo Gallery -6-
    Carl James Vance View #-01-, Carl James Vance View #-02-, Ella Foster Vance & Vernon Vance in the 1930s., Ella Foster Vance & Vernon Vance with baby, Ella Foster Vance & Vernon Vance with 3 daughters, Haas Family 1980s, Minnie Dereberry, Demostenes Arrocha & Vernamae Vance, Eight of the 11 children born to Vernamae Vance Arrocha & Demostenes Arrocha, Ida May Sheppard Brazel, Henry Brazel & Carl James Vance (toddler). 1932 Family farm in Girsham MO, TABER who lived there at the time. (View -01-), TABER who lived there at the time. (View -02-)

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