Spanish American War, Barry Co., MO

Barry Co., MO

Honoring those who served in the Spanish American War

The Spanish-American War was a military conflict between Spain and the United States that began in April 1898. It ended quickly in August of that year when the Treaty of Paris was signed in December.

It was only 109 days after the outbreak of the war when the treaty was signed, which gave the United States control over the former Spanish colonies of Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Guam.

Spanish American War

Barry County, MO

Barry County Defenders of National Honor

The roll of those who served in the United States Army and Navy in the Spanish-American War.

Military Information:
Military and Family History
Submitted by:
James William McIntosh
He enlisted in 1898 and his record shows that he spend his time in the service at Fort Hood, TX, and never left the country. He was back home in time to be counted in 1900 on the census
History Submitted by:
Stan McKay
William Herbert McMillian
William enlisted at St. Louis, MO on Aug 12, 1898 and was discharged at New York on May 16, 1899 The record shows that he was posted to Fort Huachuca, Arizona Territory The contact person given was a Edward Feick of Pittsburgh, PA
History Submitted by:
Stan McKay
Pvt. 1st AR Inf. He enlisted in Benton Co., AR. He was too young to serve so they made him a drummer boy.

History and photo added by: Donna Cooper
Robert Risley
Pvt., US Army, Spanish American War
History added by: Curtis C. Risley
Franklin Rogers
Company B, 4 Texas Infantry, American War
History Submitted by:
Stan McKay

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