Old Washburn Cemetery,

AKA: Sulherd Cemetery

Barry Co., MO
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From the photo files of Jack Fly, Phyllis Long, Donna Cooper and Darla Marbut

SW Sec. 33, T22N, R28W GPS

Coordinates are: 363403N 0935809W

Do you know of someone who was buried here and moved?

If so, please let me know about the removal and to what cemetery they were removed to.

Pictured are Gerald Haddock, taking the GPS location and Gary Marbut, husband of Darla, who appears to be the inspector or supervisor of the job.
Old Washburn Cemetery, AKA: Sulherd Cemetery - In the 1940's there was a working rock quarry in the area of this cemetery. It was just down the hill from the Berryhill graves and a little to the east of where they are located.

Many graves were removed and probably most of them were taken to Washburn Prairie.

The Old Washburn Cemetery may have been on what was then known as the A. C. Chadd place or the place south of his farm.

At one time, there were a lot of real old graves makers here. The cemetery was not in good shape, even before the removal. Access was from the old wire road - through a gate - then up the hill by foot. Now since the rock quarry work access can be gained by driving up another road by a new house and chicken house and then up the hill. The new house sits near where a rail road house was in the early 1940's.

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