Mt. Comfort Cemetery, Barry Co., MO

Monett Township S-9, T25N, R28W

Mount Comfort Cemetery Barry Co., MO

Mt Comfort Cemetery Files
Ted Roller standing in the middle of Mt. Comfort Cemetery - 2007.

Photo by Jack Fly
Map to Mt Comfort

This land, and the 120 acre parcel north of it was (and may still be) owned by Vincent Cahalan in 1999.

History of Mt Comfort

Photos and Restoration by John Dill and Mike Bivin in 1998

History Written by: John & Patricia Dill
John and Patricia Dill visited this cemetery during the summer of 1998. It is located on the Vincent Cahalan property near the Newton County, line, several miles south of Pierce City.

They located 17 stones with some form of inscription (James & Sarah Hudson are on the same stone - with two different inscriptions). There were a number of graves, marked only with fieldstones and it is likely that a lot more graves were not marked in at all. There might also have been more that they missed. This is the basic information that they obtained from headstones.

The photos, dates and names that we have on the Mt. Comfort pages were added from their research and cemetery work done in 1998.

Mike Bivin's Cemetery Listing
Mike Bivin's Map
Mike Bivin & John Dill
Layout of the Rutledge Graves in Cemetery
Gate & Fence
Fence - Mt Comfort - Fence - Mt Comfort
Repairs - Repairs - Repairs
Repairs - 2001
Repairs - 2001
Repairs - 2001
In The Woods
Mt. Comfort Work - 2001

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