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During the Civil War most places in Missouri ceased having school for awhile.

In 1863 two mothers in Barry County were determined that their children should be able to attend school so they along with the help of some neighbors built a log school house. It was located about 2 miles from an encampment of Union Soliders. For four years these two mothers taught the school themselves. Then in 1867 when Missouri state school funds became available a new clapboard school was built. And the first paid teacher was George Stubblefield, who had seen action at the Battle of Wilson's Creek.

A later model of the school building is now in the Ralph Foster Museum at the College of the Ozarks and known to us as Star School.

In 1894, in Barry County, the last log school house was built. It was southeast of Cassville and known as Accident School.

On the more recent history of Barry County Schools, there were about 112 rural schools in Barry County before consolidation began, which was sometime in the 1950's.

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