Barry County, MO

Historical Newspaper Extracts

Transcribed by Donna Cooper
State Historical Society of MO Microfilm

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1890 - 1921 When Completed
COPYRIGHT: These Barry County newspapers are under copyright by the State Historical Society of MO, Columbia, MO, and were transcribed and published with their permission. The presented transcription is also under copyright by the Haddock Family web page and by MoBarry USGenWeb Site.

COPYRIGHT: You are welcome to save items that pertain to your family to your own files. Please honor these copyrights by referencing your source. You do not have permission to publish any of these on the web or otherwise - unless I give you permission to do so. The State Historical Society of MO has asked that I do not make any images from their film, so do not write and ask me for scans or photocopies.

TRANSCRIPTION PROCESS: It took well over a year to read, transcribe and type what I have posted. A lot of them were read with the help of a light and a magnifying glass, so I hope I have cut the percentage of error down. Some were almost impossible to read but I tried.

AVAILABLE BARRY COUNTY PAPERS: Most of the early Barry County papers were lost in the Cassville fire of 1893 so that is why we don't have many for the time period prior to that. Usually if the Cassville Democrat, Cassville Republican and the Monett Times were all available on film, then only one paper was chosen to transcribe.

The Valley Press was published at Corsicana from 1872 until the summer of 1876, when it was moved to Cassville where the name was changed to the Cassville Republican. As far as I know none of those papers exist or are on microfilm.

HOW TO ORDER FILM: Microfilm can be ordered from the State Historical Society of MO on an inter-library loan through your local library, and so your library should be able to give you the details on the process.

Where your library can order newspaper microfilm - State Historical Society of MO

Donna Cooper - Barry County Coordinator

Newspaper File Research Note
Book One Includes extracts for 1890 - 1901
Book Two Includes extracts for 1902 - 1906
Book Three Includes extracts for 1907 - 1909
Book Four Includes extracts for 1910 - 1912
Book Five Includes extracts for 1913 - 1914
Book Six Includes extracts for 1915 - 1916
Book Seven Includes extracts for 1917 - 1918
Book Eight Includes extracts for 1919 - 1920
Book Nine Not Transcribed Yet - Includes extracts for 1921
Ibe Walker's Newspaper Ledger Includes a list of subscribers 1893
Historical Newspaper Section Includes News Clips from 1890 to 1960's
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