Photos for Leonard Everett Wilson

A Wilson Family Tree

Photos for Leonard Everett Wilson

Leonard Wilson
Age 3 months; 1904

Leonard Wilson
Age 14; about 1918
Obtained from Jim Wilson

Len Wilson

Len and Betty (Trinaistich) Wilson
1920s, I think, perhaps at the time of their wedding

Don, Dorothy, and Len Wilson
June 1932 in Boncarbo, CO
That's probably Betty (Trinaistich) Wilson who is cut off

Don, Len, Betty (Trinaistich), Jimmy, and Dorothy Wilson
1939, I think

Len Wilson with Interstate Cadet
April 1941

Rosie (Kanouse) Gathright, Elmer Gathright, Audrey (Gathright) Wilson, Don Wilson, Len Wilson, Betty (Trinaistich) Wilson
Don & Audrey's wedding; December 1951

John Hopperton, Len Wilson, Bill Thomas
Walker Radio Company; probably 1954

Bill Thomas, Len Wilson, John Hopperton
Walker Radio Company; probably 1954

John Hopperton, Bill Thomas, Len Wilson, and an unknown customer
Walker Radio Company; probably 1954

Betty (Trinaistich), Len, Dorothy, Mike, Audrey (Gathright), Don, and Cathy Wilson
Casper, Wyoming; August 1958

Walker Radio Company after a snow; note also the antenna for Len's ham radio
December 1958

Betty (Trinaistich) and Len Wilson
50th wedding anniversary, October 1976

Len Wilson's ham-radio setup

Len and Betty (Trinaistich) Wilson
Late 1970s or early 1980s

Grave Marker for Leonard and Elizabeth (Trinaistich) Wilson
Leonard E. Wilson (1904 - 1981)
Elizabeth M. Wilson (1904 - 1997)
Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Albuquerque, NM

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