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Map of the Southwest portion of the "Beverley Patent" in Augusta/Orange County, VA
Robert Cunningham (upper right) was my 7g-grandfather.
A portion of the George & Robert Breckenridge land (center left) was purchased in 1755 by my 5g-grandfather, Robert Wilson.
Compiled and drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, 1954.  From the book The Tinkling Spring: Headwater of Freedom by Howard M. Wilson (Second Edition, McClure Press, Verona, VA, 1974).

Probate papers for Henry Faus
Multiple sources, listed in the file

Birth certificate for Josiah Schneider/Snyder
Obtained from George Snyder

Marriage certificate for William Kanouse and Elizabeth Snyder
Obtained from Glen Gathright

Pages from the family bible of William Kanouse and Elizabeth Snyder
(married 1861)
Obtained from Glen Gathright

Pages from the family bible of Adair Wilson and Margaret Edwards
(married 1868)
Obtained from Bonita Brown

Adair Wilson family record
by Adair Wilson (1902); some later entries by his daughter Margaretta and grandson James Hotchkiss
Obtained from James M. Hotchkiss

Map of the village of Viškovo, Croatia
The house labeled "Jankotovi" (in the center, right below the church) was (is?) the Trinajstić family home.
From the book Chronicle of the Community of Viškovo 2000-2001 (in Croatian); obtained from Roberto Žigulić.

Marriage certificate for Jesse Franklin Gathright and Cordie Shadrick
Obtained from Glen Gathright

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