Adams-Hinkley Cemetery Transcriptions, Brunswick, Maine

Adams-Hinkley Cemetery
Brunswick, Maine

(Also known as Adams-Melcher Cemetery)

Situated on a wooded embankment overlooking a picturesque tidal marsh, this small private cemetery on Adams Road in East Brunswick dates from at least 1792. It has a total of 14 headstones. There are several field stones on the site that may be early grave markers. The last known burial was in 1885.

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Adams-Hinkley Cemetery Transcriptions

Below are transcriptions of headstones in Adams-Hinkley Cemetery from the collection of Bernice Douglas. Information within [] has been added by researchers.

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Charlotte Adams, youngest dau. of F. & Margarette, d. 29 Aug 1854 AEt 27y 10m

Francis Adams, Born in Kingston, Mass. Dec 14, 1769 Died in Brunswick May 26, 1839 AEt 69 (footstone, F A)

Louisa Adams, dau. of F. & Margarette, d. 18 Jun [possibly Jan] 1872 AEt 65 (footstone L A)


Margarette Patten, wife of Francis Adams, Aug 12, 1865 Aged 83y (footstone M P A)


[There is a space about 10 feet wide with 2 depressions and no gravestones between The Adams section and the Hinkley section.]


In Memory of Aaron Hinkley, Esq., Mar 8, 1792 AE 76
"Boast not thyself of to morrow"

In Memory of Mary Hinkley, wife of Aaron Esq. Mar 27, 1801 AE 81


Sacred to the memory of Mr. Samuel Melcher, Mar 3, 1834, 90th y of his age
"The eye of him that hath seen me, shall see me no more." [h/o Isabella Hinkley]

Isabella Hinkley, wife of Samuel Melcher, 17 Aug 1832 86th y of her age

Reliance Melcher, dau. of Samuel & Isabella Melcher, d. Nov. 29, 1804, aet 36

Lois Melcher, Jun 2, 1860 AEt 80
"Loving and beloved in life and fondly remembered in death."

In Memory of Rachel Melcher, Sep 30, 1863 AEt 20y 7m , dau of Samuel & Isabel Nov 29, 1804 AEt 36
"A spirit now ??? I fly to realms above to practice the being ???? "


Henry Smith, Dec 24, 1851 [possibly 1857] , AEt 84y 4 m,
(Footstone H S)

Dea. James M. Smith, Sep 8, 1879, AEt 81y
(Footstone J M S) [h/o Mary E]

Mary E. Smith, wife of Dea. James M, Mar 9, 1885 AEt 83y
(Footstone M E S)

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