Marsh Cemetery

Marsh Cemetery
Brunswick, Maine

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Marsh Cemetery Transcriptions

The transcriptions for Marsh Cemetery are a compilation of work done by Karen Ray (used by permission, compiled before the Town of Brunswick restored the cemetery), surveying and mapping performed by Jason Stockford as part of his Brunswick High School Senior Service Project in the spring of 2002, lists available at the Pejepscot Historical Society, and transcriptions from the collection of Bernice Douglas. The * indicates that these stones are within a chainlink fence. /// indicates illegible information.



Here lies y
Body of Mr
Thomas Berrey
who died April
y 10th 1755
in y 38th year
of his age


Charles W s/o John S & Eliza A Jul 30, 1852 Aged 8y
[note from Karen Ray: Data per other lists.]

Edward F s/o Capt Rufus & Joanna Jun 15, 1828 Aged 2y
Footstone- E F B

Hannah Imo Sep 15, 1821 AEt 24y [epitaph illegible]

Joanna w/o Capt Rufus Jan 15, 1872 AEt 83y 9m
Asleep in Jesus
Blessed Sleep


Beula w/o Joseph Jul 18, 1829 Aged 75y
[Next to Beulah & Joseph is a broken stone, top half missing.]

Mrs. Joanna w/o Lieut. Peter Dec 28, 1767 Age 77y [Names & data from other lists.]

Joseph Apr 24, 1835 Aged 78y [h/o Beulah]

Peter Lieut Mar 30, 1768 Age 77y


Eunice Sep 26, 1872 AEt 79
Blessed are those which die in the Lord
Footstone - EC

Hannah w/o John Aug 28, 1827 AEt 75
Footstone- [broken]

John Mr Oct 10, 1842 Aged 88 A soldier of the Revolution
Footstone - J C
[h/o Hannah]

John Jr Aug 27, 1861 AEt 64
There is rest in Heaven


Betsy M Miss d/o James & Mary Nov 28, 1835 Aged 26
[Name & data from other lists.] [ Footstone on grave, broken] [Grave next to James Crawford]

James Mr Mar 9, 1846 AEt 72
Weep not when Christians die,
Weep not when saints ascend,
From weariness and woe
To God their heavenly Friend
O, rather sing when those we love,
Have safely reached their home above.

Rebecca w/o James Mar 27, 1838 Aged 57y


George E Brother Jan 21, 1879 AEt 23y

Nancy C w/o Lt Richard Dec 22, 1857 AEt 24
Dear, as thou wert and justly dear
We would not weep for thee
One thought shall check the starting tear
It is that thou art free.
[Top half of stone missing, age & epitaph legible. Remaining data from other lists]

Richard Lieut May 18, 1870 AEt 40y A member of Co K 19th Me Vols
Footstone - R C
[h/o Nancy C]


Irene Imo d/o Mr. John & Thankfull Mar 24, 1819 aged 3y 6m 24d
Footstone - I C

John, May 10, 1853 AEt 81y 5m
Hope looks beyond the silent tomb
When what we now deplore
Shall rise in full immortal bloom
And live to die no more.
Footstone J C
[h/o Thankfull]

Mary w/o Daniel Oct 28, 1767 Aged 21
[ note from Karen Ray : Name & data from other lists.] [Next to Irene Curtis is a stone fallen flat, face down; possibly Mary's stone]

Mary Mrs Imo w/o Capt James Apr 23, 1792 47th y
Footstone-Mrs. Mary Curtis 1792

Thankfull Mrs Sacred to the memory of w/o John Mar 11, 1826 AE 48
Footstone - T C
[Stone sunken-may be an epitaph]


Granvill G s/o John & Sarah Jan 19, 1863 AE 4y 4m
Come dear Mother
Footstone-G G G


Bethsheba d/o Thomas & Thankful May 18, 1776 Aged 7
[ Name & data from other lists. There is a footstone w/initials B G fallen flat on ground near graves in chained area.


Sarah 1/19/1863
(volunteer toc heck out this name - is it Gardiner or Granville? See Gardiner, Granvill above was this his mother died on same day?)


Aaron Hinkley Imo s/o Capt Saml & Mary his wife Aug 31, 1799 Aged 17m & 17d
[Stone in 4 pieces, repaired w/iron strips on back of stone & leaning against tree]

Anna S Mrs relict of Mr. Israel Gross Mar 11, 1841 AEt 64y 4m;
Samuel s/o Israel & Anna S Born Jan 6, 1800 Died at sea Nov 1822
Footstone - ASG SG [one footstone]

Elizabeth w/o Capt Freeman Apr 20, 1864 AEt 75y 4m
[stone fallen flat to ground]

Freeman Capt Aug 4, 1856 AEt 86y 9m; Made stone: Joshua Died in Martinque Dec 9, 1838 AEt 36y
Footstone - F G

Israel Mr Imo Aug 27, 1807 AEt 33
Footstone - I G
[Stone broken & leaning against a tree] [h/o Anna S]

Jazaniah s/o Capt Saml & Mrs. Mary Jul 15th, 1788 Aged 3y 7m
[Stone broken in 5 or 6 pcs., part w/given name missing, that data taken from other lists]

Margaret Imo d/o Mr Israel Feb 12, 1815 AEt 14
Footstone -[broken]

Mary consort of Capt Samuel Feb 14, 1789 Aged 43
[Data from other lists.] [There is a foundation on the grave next to Capt Samuel, no stone, this is probably Mary]

SAMUEL s/o Capt Freeman & Mrs. Elizabeth Mar 30, 1843 AEt 20y
As by the light of opening day
The stars are all concealed
So earthly pleasures fade away
When Jesus is revealed
Creatures no more divide my choice
I bid them all depart;
His name and love and gracious voice
Have fixed my roving heart
[stone cutter-]R. Adams
Footstone - S G

Samuel Capt Imo Jan 27, 182/ AEt 76
My three score years & ten are gone
My soul has fled to worlds unknown
From all its suffring scenes below
Of pain of sorrow, sin & woe.
[Per other lists, yr of death is 1821. Stone repaired once, broken again & part fallen flat to ground]

Thomas 1/15/1833


William H s/o Henry & Abigail May 18, 1852 Aged 1y 7m
[Fallen flat to ground & very weathered]


Elizabeth Mrs w/o Capt Thomas Sep 26, 1843 Aged 59
The sweet remembrance of the just
Shall flourish when they sleep in dust

James May 10, 185/ Aged 25
[Yr of death 52 or 53. Stone fallen flat to ground, broken]

Thomas Capt /// 17, 1839 AEt 55
[Month of death Jan or Jun. Stone fallen flat to ground & partially buried]


Charles s/o Samuel & Mary Sep 23, 1818 Aged 18
[Name & data per other lists. Next to Samuel Jr. a broken, missing stone, could be Charles]

Eunice w/o Hezekiah Aug 11, 1834 Aged 87y

Hezekiah May 2, 1825 Aged 80y [h/o Eunice]

Samuel Jr Imo Jul 10, 1775 - Nov 9, 1802 [Stone broken in 3 pcs]


Abigail Mrs w/o Saml W Dec 12, 1844 AEt 33


Mary Miss d/o David & Mary Jan 22, 1824 Aged 36
[Name & data per other lists. There is a footstone w/initials M I flat on ground near headstone of Wm Larrabee]

I Stephen Mr Sacred to the memory of Apr 20, 1826 41st y of age
Footstone - S I


Ephraim Dec 10, 1856 Aged 83
[h/o Jane] [note from Karen Ray: Name & data taken from other lists]

Jane Mrs w/o Ephraim Jul 22, 1842 AEt 67
Absent from the body,
she is pres-
ent with the Lord
Footstone - J L

William Nov 11, 1847 AE 80
Footstone - W L
[stone broken, fallen flat to ground]


Benjamin Nov 24, 1816 Aged 78y
Footstone - B L 1816
[h/o Lydia]

Elizabeth Mrs Imo Relict of Nathaniel July 9, 1740-Mar 24, 1812 72d y of her age
Footstone E L 1812

James Imo Nov 15, 1826 Aged 46y [stone broken in 2 pcs]

John Imo Jun 28, 1826 AEt 59
Footstone- JL
[stone broken in 4 pcs fallen flat to ground]

John R Jul 4, 1869 Aged 71y 5m [Name & data from other lists]

Lettice w/o Wm Aug 2, 1858 Aged 80y
Footstone - L L
[stone fallen flat to ground]

Lucy Imo only daughter of Nehemiah & Lucy, who died after an illness of 18 hours, Sep 8, 1827: aged 3years 3months & 15days
Fond child adue,
these tears are given
Till grace renew our love in heaven
Footstone-L L

Lydia w/o Benjamin Dec 20, 1824 Aged 82y
Footstone - L L
[stone fallen flat to ground]

Mary Miss Jun 2, 1855 AEt 83y 17d
Footstone - M L

Nathaniel Esqr May 27th, 1803 74th y of his age
Footstone-Nathaniel Larrabee Esqr 1803
[h/o Elizabeth]

Samuel Imo s/o Mr. Ephraim & Mrs. Jane Apr 1, 1816 Aged 1y 10m
Footstone - S L
[Note from Karen Ray -spelling of surname on parent's stones is Larabee]

Sarah Mrs Feb 28, 1826 84th y of her age
Footstone S L [next to Mr. Stephen d 1809]

Stephen Mr Imo Oct 2, 1809 68th y of his age
Footstone-broken [only legible part is 09] [next to Mrs Sarah]

Stephen Imo Sep 17, 1834 AEt 67 [stone broken in 3 pcs]


Mary Imo Sep 16, 1807 AEt 11y;
On same stone: John Junr who died at New Orleans Nov 24, 1809 AEt 20y ch/o Mr John & Mrs Rachel
Footstone - [broken]

Rachel Mrs Imo w/o Mr John Feb 17, 1805 AElatis 40
Depart dear friends dry up your tears
Here I must lie till Christ appears
Footstone-R. Lowell


Dorman Capt May 22, 1856 AEt 80
A name much respected
In him were found an intellectual mind: a heart
in its affections ardent and faithful: a character
sincere, firm and unaffected.
[h/o Nancy T]

Mary w/o Jabez Sep 24, 1854 AEt 79y 2m
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Footstone - M P

Nancy M d/o Dorman & Nancy Apr 6, 1831 Aged 11 [Name & data from other lists]

Nancy T w/o Capt Dorman Nov 3, 1861 AEt 73
Her virtues more lasting than the marble man
/// are deeply grained on the hearts of
her children.


Deborah w/o Samuel Oct 29, 1838 AEt 36y 7m
The Lord my Shepard is;
I shall be well supplied;
Since he is mine and I am his
What can I want beside?
Footstone-D P


Mary Mrs sacred in the memory of w/o William Mar 29, 1822 45th y of her age
Remember all must die
Footstone - M R

Mary L Mrs consort of Mr. John Dec 2, 1782 - Oct 28, 1843 AEt 61
But O! the soul that never dies
When once it leaves the clay
Flies to the
Mansions of the skies
And wings it's wond'rous way.
Footstone-M L R


John Mr sacred to the memory of Jun 28, 18// Aged 21
Jesus was all his dying hope
"Saviour" his dying cry;
Oh reader; art thou ready too
To call on Christ and die?
Footstone-J R
[Stone broken & fallen flat to ground. Other lists show y of death 1820] [There is an unmarked grave on either side of John]


Abigail w/o Capt Samuel Jan 12, 1836 AEt 87

* Jordan Capt Dec 6, 1847 AE 66y [h/o Lucy]

* Lucy w/o Capt Jordan Jan 26, 1853 AEt 64y 7m
[epitaph illegible,stone broken & fallen flat to ground]

* Samuel Capt Jul 21, 1791 46y of his age [h/o Abigail]


Mary J w/o Augustus E Jan 18, 1862 Aged 41y 4m
Footstone- MJS
[Stone flat to ground, mostly buried & badly deteriorated. Only MARY is legible. Complete name & data from other lists]


Elisabeth w/o Judah Mar 18, 1852 AEt 60
Her virtues are more lasting than
The marble stone under which she lies
And are deeply engraved on the hearts
of her children
Footstone - E S

Judah Apr 13, 1838 AEt 46y 2m [epitaph illegable]
Footstone - J S
[h/o Elisabeth]


Eliza C w/o Robert P Jul 18, 1852 AEt 28y 8m
I loved my earthly friends below
Kind husband, little children too
God called me home with him to reign
I hope to meet my friends again
Footstone-E C S

* Hannah E Sep 8, 1873 AEt 23y
Footstone-H E S
[stone broken in many pieces] [one list notes "erected by Mrs. Reed"]

* Hezekiah Aug 14,1836 AEt 31y 2m 26d
Asleep in Jesus

* Rebecca w/o William Apr 1, 1852 AEt 81
[stone fallen flat to ground]

* Robert P Jan 21, 1885 Aged 70y We shall meet beyond the river.
Footstone - R P S
[h/o Eliza C]

* William Aug 18, 1859 AEt 90y
Footstone-W S
[stone fallen flat to ground] [h/o Rebecca]


Charles Col A hero of the Revolution Feb 16, 1842 Aged 84
Farewell dear friends, a short farewell
Til' we shall meet where angels dwell.
Footstone - C T
[h/o Deborah B]

Charles F s/o Charles & Sarah May 2, 1833 Aged 12
[Only the footstone is on this grave. Name & data taken from other lists]

Deborah Imo d/o Col. Charles & Deborah May 22, 1791 Aged 5m
Footstone - [no markings]

Deborah B w/o Col Charles Jun 20, 1850 Aged 84
Footstone - D T
[Stone fallen flat, broken & partially buried]

[note from Karen Ray: Only a footstone at this grave w/initials EWT. Grave between Deborah & Jane Thomas. It is my assumption this is a THOMAS grave. No name to match these initials on other lists]

Jane d/o Col Charles & Deborah May 17, 1810 Aged 20y 6m
/// /// you home he thought it best.
/// /// my friends dry up your tears,
I must lie here till Christ appears.
[stone broken]
Footstone- [broken & missing]

John Mr Imo s/o Col Charles & Mrs Deborah Apr 9, 1826 AEt 23
The rose has bow'd beneath the storm
The grave conseals the graceful form,
But the freed spirit soars on high
To join with angels in the sky
While tears of woe fall on the tomb
Of him, who fell in beauties bloom.
Footstone - J T

Susannah w/o William May 15, 1825 Aged 99y 11m 5d

William Mr Feb 27, 1781 Aged 59y3m26d
Footstone-W T
[h/o Susannah]


Margaret w/o Calvin & d/o Wm & Lettice Larrabee Nov 30, 1854 AEt 48
Footstone - M W


Chapin 1817-1893 Our dear Father;
(same stone) Christiana S his wife 1815-1891
Our dear Mother [next to Jacob]

Clara Ellis d/o Chapin & Christiana S Oct 26, 1852 AEt 2y 11m
Stone fallen flat to ground]

Deborah Mrs widow of Capt J.W. Dec 7, 1831 Aged 102
Footstone-DW [Only the footstone is on this grave, next to Capt Jacob Weston. Name & data from other lists]

Elizabeth Mrs w/o Capt Wm Aug 20, 1843 AEt 82
Footstone - E W

Jacob Capt formerly of Duxbury, Ms. Nov 4, 1822 AEt 93
Footstone - J W [h/o Mrs. Deborah]

Jacob Mr Apr 10, 1843 AEt 57
[next to Chapin & Christiana]

William Capt May 25, 1838 AEt 82
Footstone - W W
[h/o Mrs. Elizabeth]


Frances J w/o Ephraim Mar 19, 1879 Aged 59y 9m At Rest
Footstone - F J W [Footstone flat on ground in area away from this grave]


Edward s/o George & Sarah Nov 28, 1791 Aged 8m
[Name & data from other lists]

Thomas s/o George & Sarah drowned Feb 28, 1807 Aged 20
[ note from Karen Ray: Name & data from other lists. There are 8 pcs of a stone scattered on a grave Only legible data is a W y 28, 180]

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