Big Sandy Roots
Dedicated to the Genealogy of the  pioneer families that settled the Big Sandy River region of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia
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If you are related to someone on this website, here’s a chance to share a story about your Roots. Just send the story to me in an e-mail, and I will post it on the site with full credit going to the author.

Yankee Doodles - by Phillis Pauline Maynard Hamilton

Georgia Virginia Muncy VanHorn Remembers - Story by Marsha Henson - About 1993

A Granddaughter's Memories of Brigham & Georgia Virginia VanHorn - by Deborah Lynn VanHorn Ousley - 2005
The MacKinnon Brothers Rescue shipwreck Survivors - Digby Courier 1914
Pioneers of Ohio - Ohio Archives
The Capture of Catherine See by the Shawnee Indians - by Irene See Brasel
A Stranger Among Us - by Larry Hall
It's a Small World - by Larry Hall
VanHorns Buried in Buchanan Chapel Cemetery - by Opel Iris Hale & Nancy Hoback
VanHorn Cemetery, Rove Creek, Lawrence County, KY - Transcript by Nancy Hoback
Devol Cemetery, Washington County, Ohio - by Bob Juch
Myrtle Chapel, Lawrence County, KY - by Karen Foreman
Photo of the 1930 Harris Family Reunion at Franks Creek, Johnson County, KY - Courtesy of Del Detrick

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