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Shravokee, County Clare.


James O'Shaughnessy whilst not connected to the Lane Family was from Shravokee, County Clare Ireland.

His family farmed next to the Lanes and the Maddens.

However there must have been a very close business relationship as both families held land together going back prior to the Tithe Applotment days of 1824.

His diary is included to show some of the trials and tribulations of the people who left Shravokee in the mid 19th Century for a new life in the USA or Australia.


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The Diary of James O'Shaughnessy.  (note the tables were not part of the diary)


Married to Mary the eldest daughter of Jas. Madden of Anglers Lodge, November 21, 1837.     J. O’S



Birth of my children.

Roger O'Shaughnessy        born        7th November, 1839.

Joanna O'Shaughnessy       born        1st April, 1840.

Bridget O'Shaughnessy       born        3rd February, 1842.
James O'Shaughnessy        born        19th February, 1844.
Daniel O'Shaughnessy        born         4th April, 1846.
Catherine O'Shaughnessy  born        31st July, 1848.
Mary O'Shaughnessy          born        6th November, 1850 

James O'Shaughnessy Memorandums..

An account of the time in which Jeremiah Sheehan and family immigrated to Australia and also their different ages viz-:
Jeremiah Sheehan   48
Mrs. Sheehan         42
Johanna Sheehan    19
Bridget Sheehan     17
John Sheehan         16
James Sheehan       14
Roger Sheehan       11
Margaret Sheehan    5
Patrick Sheehan       3

They took the car in Limerick for Cork on 18th of January and sailed from Plymouth on the 5th February, 1849 for Australia.

My brother John parted with me for Cork at Limerick on the 23rd of February and sailed from Plymouth about the 3rd March, 1849 for Australia. His age then was 24 years.

My brother Daniel left for New South Wales on the 14th March, 1851 but did not sail from Plymouth until the 28th of May.

I left Ireland on the 1st May, 1852 for the United States of America with my wife and four female children. It was the will of god that my wife died on the passage the 29th of the said month. 

To me, that was the most sensitive calamity that could befall me. However on reflection, I have and hope I shall lean to the will of God.

The ship Nornen? sailed from the port of Limerick on the 7th May, 1852 on board of which my family and I were passengers.
She anchored the first night at Barchester? and sailed the following morning for Scatterea?.
Cast anchor at 11 o'clock
Joanna got sea sick, the passengers afraid it was fever. She was better in the morning after taking a draft from Dr. O'Donnell.
Roll called.
I have Mr. Ryan's children. We remained at anchor that night. Lost sight of land that same evening.
Joanna quite recovered. The greater part of the passengers got sea sick. The next day (the 4th). Not many out of 179 escaped. I among the latter.
Change of weather on the night of the 5th, storm the next morning which appeared frightening to the passengers and also increased the malady of those who were sick

Most uncomfortable state of the passengers in consequence of heaving of the vessel, and very often many of the passengers laid prostate bewailing there sad fate.
The Captain and First Mate and the hands exerted themselves.
We saw a brig ..... on the 9th. Wind North West . Storm partially continued up to the 13th. That day fair wind, North West. Sailed all that day. Wind and rain the next day which continued up to the 17th, that day fair. All the passengers in good health. The Captains cook very sick.
Next day we sailed at the speed of 11 miles an hour. Wind South East . Saw three vessels one of which saluted us passengers.
19th calm. Saw two vessels one of which was American, a fully rigged ship having 300 passengers aboard, could not know..................... a partial fog.
The night of the 20th very calm. Wind changed about 6 in the evening. 21st weather fine. We sailed 5 miles an hour. Wind North West. The night calm.
Mary very unwell.
My wife died at 2 o'clock on this morning of 29th May, 1852.

I landed with my children in New York, 14th June, 1852. Left New York on the evening of the 15th for Albany but there was an unavoidable mistake and we went to Troy east. We returned to Albany on 17th where we stayed two months. Left Albany on the 22nd August for Chicago where I arrived on the 26th. Stayed there nearly two years.
Received a remittance from my Brothers to enable me to go with my children to the Colony of Victoria.
I therefore prepared to go to Australia. But not having sufficient funds to pay the passages for all, I was constrained to leave my eldest daughter (Joanna) behind but strongly cautioned her to return to Ireland as soon as possible to her grandfather and that I would have her with me again if possible. 

An account of the beds and bedding which I have at Albany June 25th, 1852.
viz:   Beds 6.
        Blankets 5 pair.

I left New York on the 15th July, 1854 in the Clipper Ship "Wings of the Morning" bound for Melbourne.
We arrived in Melbourne 22nd October, following.

I met my brother, John the same day with whom my children stayed for some time.
My brother Dan came to town when he heard of my arrival.

Dan paid for the passages of my sons' who arrived in June, 1855.

My brother Dan and I went to the Goldfields of Forest Creek in November, 1854. We sought our fortunes there and elsewhere for some twelve months.

Dan returned to Melbourne and went from there to Belfast (Port Fairy). At a land sale there he (Dan) bought for himself and our brother John the block of land in Parish of Codrington of 77 acres. We then shortly after came to Belfast.

I rented the block of land being North of my brothers from Mr. A. V. Suter for 10 years from 15th April, 1857. I then had my children together and lived there during the specified time.

I got Bridget married 14th April, 1863 to William Crowe whose family I know at home.

Children of William Crowe and Bridget O'Shaughnessy-:



James Crowe March 2nd,1864 02-06-1960 Mary Lloyd
Hanoria Crowe February 7th, 1866 27-02-1914 William Lawy Anwin
Mary Crowe September 29th, 1867 08-11-1955 Unmarried
William Crowe September 27th, 1869 21-06-1946 Alice Connoly
John Crowe July 27th, 1871 01-04-1906 Unmarried
Michael Crowe December 22nd, 1874 04-03-1874  
Catherine (Kate) Crowe December 22nd, 1874 30-04-1943 James William Fenton
Daniel Joseph Crowe May 8th, 1876 30-12-1965 Mary Lanagan
Patrick Crowe March 13th, 1878 26-06-1937 Mary Brooks
Roger Crowe January 21st,1880 29-10-1964 Catherine Lyons
Martin Crowe March 13th,1882 26-03-1960 Teresa Lynch
Ellen Crowe July 23rd, 1884 21-10-1937 Frank McAllen

Rodger got married to Maria the youngest daughter of Michael Malone of Yambuk on the 1st December, 1866.
Children of Rodger O'Shaughnessy and Maria Malone -:

James Martin O'Shaughnessy b1867
Michael Dennis O'Shaughnessy b1869
Patrick O'Shaughnessy b1870
Mary O'Shaughnessy b1872
Elisia O'Shaughnessy b1874
Roger O'Shaughnessy b1876
Bridget O'Shaughnessy b1879
Catherine O'Shaughnessy b1880
Thomas O'Shaughnessy b1882
John O'Shaughnessy b1885
Daniel O'Shaughnessy b1878  (Died 47 days later)

James was married on 14th April, 1868 to Ellen Gorman, Yambuk.

I lived with my son James, two years on his farm Tyrendarra. Left him 5th July, 1869 and came to live with my daughter Bridget and her husband William Crowe with whom I hope to spend the remainder of my life.     J.O'S.

I have come back to my son James to live with him July, 1873.

I have sold to my son James my mare for twelve (12) pounds but I kept her foal. November, 1875.     J.O'S.

I have sold the steer to James for five (5) pounds. June, 1876.     J.O'S.

For service of a horse to Bess.  1877.          £3.3.0

May 18th, 1878.

My son James is Dr. to me as under.                                                                                                         £    S    D
April last for Harmon.                                                                                                                                    7    0    0
Price of colt.                                                                                                                                                   9    0    0
!879 April.
Pair boots.                                                                                                                                                            9    6
1lb. Tobacco.                                                                                                                                                        5    0
May 6th.  
Boots.                                                                                                                                                                 11    0  
Flannel.                                                                                                                                                                  9   0
Sept 14th.
Trousers.                                                                                                                                                               9   6
December, 1882.  
Steer and 3 cows @ £2.each.                                                                                                                      4   0   0
May 19h 1881
2 shirts.                                                                                                                                                                 7   0
July 1st.
2 pair socks.                                                                                                                                                        3   0
July 7th.                                                               
1lb tobacco                                                                                                                                                          3   0
October 16th, 1884
Three steers.                                                                                                                                                  8   0   0
One white cow.                                                                                                                                              1  10   0

I have sold a two year old filly to my son Roger for £11.0.0.

September, 1873.
One saddle and bridle
.                                                                                                                                  3   10   0

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