From the arrival of the First Fleet

to Australia in 1788

to the New Millennium.

Hi, welcome to the genealogical web site of Ray Lane.

This site deals with the history of the many branches of our family, before and after their arrival in Australia and includes details on Edward Whitton, who arrived from England as a convict with the First Fleet in 1788, to Michael Lane, the first of our immediate Lane family to arrive from Ireland in 1861.

It has always been said that my mother's side of our family was very puritanical and staid being Church of England and that my father's side, being Irish, were as wild as paddy's pigs. In many ways my mother's side is more interesting due to the number of transported convicts in the family and the claim that we can make that we are descended from a First Fleet Convict.

Family Tree
Thomas Lane m Elizabeth Gleeson
  b c1818  Ireland            b         Ireland
Edward Whitton m Anne Slater
  b c1757 England      b c1758  Ireland
Michael Lane m Ellen Maloney
  b c1841  Ireland        b c1843  Ireland
               Mary Whitton m Richard Barnes
                  b c1797  Aust.    b05-06-1783 England
Michael Lane m Margaret Staunton
  b22-01-1873 Aust.    b01-12-1876 Aust.
                           Edward Barnes m Mary Brooker
                         b08-11-1816 Aust.    b c1820 Aust.
Thomas Francis Lane m Verda Brookes
  b15-01-1909 Aust.        b13-06-1912 Aust.
                                      Jane Barnes m Patrick Duncan Baxter
                                       b1843 Aust.       b14-2-1861 Scotland 
                                              Mary Baxter m George Brookes
                                              b19-8-1863 Aust.  b08-03-1866 Aust.
                                                        Verda Mary Brookes m Thomas Francis Lane
                                                             b13-06-1912  Aust.       b15-01-1909 Aust.

If you have a connection with any of these families , I would be very happy to hear from you.

Many people over the years have assisted in the compilation ot this detail, and I sincerely thank them.

Should you find any errors or omissions please let me know and I will gladly change them.

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