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This page was created to provide a single entry point for all
Louisiana Biographies.  

           You are invited to participate and contribute

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I am Colleen L. Gwynn volunteer coordinator for Louisiana
Biographies Project. My great-grandfather was born in
Opelousas, St. Landry, Louisianain 1836 --thus my
enthusiasm for this state. As you can see, Louisiana needs
volunteer parish coordinators. If you feel a desire to assist in
the preservation of Louisiana Biographies and wish to
become linked to the project, please contact me!  

US Biographies becomes the single entry point for all state
projects.A visit to US Biographies takes you to all the state
links as well as the names of state coordinators linked to
their individual email addresses.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer state coordinator
for any state needing to be adopted, the US Biographies site
provides opportunity to investigate and become aware of the
process. Deb Murray is the coordinator for US Biographies.  
If you can create and maintain a web page, please consider 
adopting a state.

After visiting the state sites, you will be aware of counties
needing volunteer coordinators within those states.  Each
state has a county adoption list.  If you desire to participate
on a county level, please contact the state coordinator by
clicking on her/his name to email her/him.




      History of US Biographies

The project was organized in
May 1997 by Jeff Murphy,
using the established KY
Biographies Project as a model.
State Coordinators were sought
to set up their own state project
in any way they chose.

Jeff's vision and goals for US Biographies did not conclude
with his death in 2001. Progress continues to be made as other volunteers follow his dedicated example. Thanks to Jeff many people are able to continue their family search over the internet at no cost.

Indiana Biographies now number over 14,000 certainly setting a pace for the other states in the US.


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