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     If you have Louisiana Biographies you would like to donate...

                               Submission Guidelines        



                                        It is easy...simple to do!

As we wait for volunteer parish coordinators to come forward to assist, the state
coordinator for Louisiana will post biographies received to the parish/parishes desired.  
You are invited to participate!

Caution:  We must adhere strictly to all copyright laws.  Please advise before submitting if you
have questions concerning possible violation.
 Biographies with published copyright dates prior
to 1922 usually do not violate copyright laws.

There are two ways in which to donate biographies to the project:

               Extract a published biography from a book in the library.
               Write an account of your ancestor's life and story...

                Other descendants will appreciate someone sharing the story previously
                 unknown to them.

When preparing your biographies, remember to:

      Put a heading at the top of each biography to identify  the source book,
      author and publication date.

      Please include a copyright for each self written original biography for your ancestor
       using the words:  copyright your name and year.

Please include your own identification at the bottom of each biography in the following format:

               Submitted by:  Your name (with email address)

Biographies are best received as an attachment to your email rather than included in the body
of the email.

If you are aware of published biographies prior to 1922 not of your ancestry which
can be extracted and entered for this project, please contact Louisiana's Coordinator.

It is believed--building a bibliography of printed biographies for volunteers to work with
will advance the project!  Please share your awareness of the gold mines that exist...


                                           copyright (c) LouisianaBiographies 2004.