These are entries from the 1910 census which show that the listed below was noted as being adopted by a family.  Perhaps here you will find a lost member of the family.

In the 1910 census there are well over 4,000 adopted children that are noted as such. It is our attempt only to give those from the Eastern part of Ky. We will gladly do a lookup if possible for others not listed. Please keep in mind that many do not give the childs original name.

Name Age Living with County Born
George Abbot 14 James H Thornton Meade ARK
Nannie Adkins 21 Breton Gibson Elliott KY
Kansas Adkins 16 Jerry Gilliam Elliott KY
Emma Akron 07 Daniel Fetters Greenup KY
Hugh Ask 07 Laud Holt Lawrence KS
Herman Ageus 11 John Mullenax Bell TN
Troy P 14 George W Allen Floyd KY
Jesse Allen 11 J C Mongamery Pike KY
Lizzy Allen 10 Fielden F Wireman Magoffin KY
Troy F Allen 14 George W Allen Floyd Co KY
Hattie Back 09 James H Marshall Breathitt KY
Ina Back 02 James H. Marshall Breathitt KY
David Baker 11 Lewis Petton Floyd KY
Mary Baker 15 Ernest Griffith Boyd KY
John Butcher 24 Johnson Ferrel Boyd WV
Minnie Butler 16 John Rice Lewis KY
Ruth Butler 08 Shelton McClery Lewis KY
Ballard Bellew ?? William Bellew Lawrence KY
Delpha Black 06 Buchanan B Woods Lawrence KY
Dewey Bales 11 Nelson Rash Bell TN
Lizzie Boman 10 Logan Boman Breathitt KY
Arnus Brafford 07 Joe S Brafford Bell KY
Belle Burchett 11 Cleveland Hendrick Floyd KY
Mckinley Birchwell 10 William Caudill Breathitt KY
Jessie M Byrd 11 John W Byrd Whitley KY
Alice Bradley 09 Ruben Howard Knott KY
James Brown 45 Alex Combs Perry KY
Paris Brown 18 Walker Mayo Floyd KY
Wilber Brown 09 Thomas Brown Magoffin UKN
Agnus Browning 17 Whit E Roach Whitley KY
Annie Carver 14 Emery Case Floyd KY
Garrett Coffee 06 Warren Coffee Lewis OH
Susie Coffee 11 C S Coffee Morgan KY
Elva Chaffin 05 Johnathan Cooksey Lawrence WV
Cary Bell Cox 06 Lewis McGeorge Bell KY
Carrie Castle 11 Jasper Daniel Johnson KY
George Castle 06 Sarah Wiley Johnson KY
Jennie Castle 19 Sarah Wiley Johnson KY
Jessie Castle 09 Jasper Daniel Johnson KY
Bessie Call 13 John Call Pike UNK
Ephrine Calbos 25 Henry J Blackburn Meade KY
Dovie Childers 10 Abraham Childers Lawrence KY
Edna Collins 06 John Pennington Whitley KY
Caustey Coleman 11 Garfield Dotson Pike KY
Charles Collier 22 Hargis Holbrook Lawrence KY
Kinsey Clark 08 Ransom Snavely Floyd KY
Nora Conn 12 Henrie C Conn Elliott KY
James Couch 14 Wilson William Perry KY
Virgie Connett 13 Samuel Howard Harlan KY
Lola L Conley 11 Alfred S Bloomfield Lewis KY
Maggie Conley 05 John Sutton Floyd KY
Ida D Craft ?? Noah Craft Martin KY
Myrtie Carpenter 10 Sewell Benton Breathitt KY
Pearly Carpenter 06 Elijah Spencer Breathitt KY
Fannie Christian 14 Lewis Christian Johnson KY
Irene Carter 11 Jay Carter Lawrence KY
Arvin Davis 14 Ballard May Floyd KY
Everett Davis 16 A E Hunter Lewis KY
James N Davis 22 Mary E Davis Menifee KY
Pearl Davis (male) 06 Chilton Davis Boyd KY
Nettie Douglass 03 Cleveland Vallence Greenup KY
Willie Doty 06 John Hampton Johnson KY
Ada D Dalton 09 Isaac H Dalton Bell NC
Pearly Dunn 09 Silas Taulbee Breathitt KY
Altie Daniels 14 Lindsey Lester Lawrence KY
John Daniels 09 Willie Smith Pike KY
Oscar Daniels 08 Green Thompson Lawrence KY
Roscoe Daniels 14 Cape Holbrook Lawrence KY
Nora M Derson 09 George W Derson Johnson KY
Dasie M Dehart 07 Thomas M Dehart Elliott KY
Leliah Evans 07 Elijah Teal Bath KY
Belvie Estep 07 Martha Lambert Lawrence KY
Esther Earnes 11 James R Moore Knox KY
Lola Earnes 08 James R Moore Knox KY
Amos Fugate 14 Farris Jones Perry KY
Polly A Fugate 05 Joseph R Richie Knott KY
Mary J Fullion  05 John Graves Johnson KY
Dessie Fraley 11 Leslie Fraley Elliott KY
William S Farley 09 William M Justice Lawrence KY
Harry Gee 09 Edward J Charleston (?) Lewis KY
Lily Gay 03 James Rader Leslie KY
Martha Gibson 10 James Tinsley Knox KY
Liza Huff 09 James Huff Harlan VA
Fred Hopkins 18 Issac Hopkins Bell KY
Edna Hubbard 11 Will Mills Knox KY
Edward Hubbard 13 Will Mills Knox KY
Willie Hubbard 15 Will Mills Knox KY
John Huckaby 10 Daniel Paul Whitley KY
Magurette Hensley 17 John Hazlett Boyd KY
Comodore Howard 04 Solmon Patton Floyd KY
Charlie Hyatt 15 Joe Pat Marsee Bell KY
Bessie Hatfield 02 Watt Hatfield Bell TN
Ollie Hatfield 02 Elphraim Hatfield Pike KY
Zulike Hodge 12 T Scott Siler Whitley KY
Monnie Hall 09 George Frasley Lawrence KY
Howard Halbert 14 Lafe VanHoose Johnson KY
Clayton Houndshell 15 Nicholas Lawson Breathitt KY
Callie Hamilton 07 Cleveland Adkins Morgan KY
John H Hammans 12 Fall Baker Knox KY
Mary E Harris 22 James H Harris Johnson KY
Oscar Harris 07 Boone Harris Lewis KY
May Hardick 16 Samuel Vanover Whitley KY
Rose Jane Jeffers 15 William C Smith Bell TN
Samuel Jeffers 13 William C Smith Bell TN
Frank Jackson 07 Henderson Jackson Lawrence KY
George W Jones 13 William A Hay Lawrence KY
Arizona Johnson 10 Jesse Whisman Elliott KY
Dewey Johnson 12 William Ignas Knott KY
Sam Johnson 09 Calloway Oaks Breathitt KY
Lillie Victoria Kelly 02 David C Kelly Harlan KY
Banner Lewis 13 John B Endicutt Floyd KY
Alva Litteral 22 Lucy Harris Laurel KY
May Langford 03 George W Shackleford Lawrence KY
Sally May 18 Harry May Floyd KY
Andy Maize 20 Henry Cundiff Breathitt KY
Abba Moseley 11 Thomas Hays Knott KY
Caleb F Moseley 09 Andrew Patrick Knott KY
Lavenia McKinney 12 James S Jordan Lawrence KY
Marshel McCann 05 Richard O Parish Lewis KY
Jerry Mckinney 12 William C Quisenberry Lawrence KY
Stephen McIntosh 13 Calloway Oaks Breathitt KY
Mary Miller 09 Albert H Miller Lawrence KY
Maud Miller 07 Proctor Dowell Meade KY
Chester Mills 00 Thomas J Horn Knox KY
Cora Moore 12 Jake Winkler Knox KY
Goldie Moore 05 James Sloane Knott KY
Georgia A Nappier 05 Joshua Allen Perry KY
William M Pigg 14 Paris Trimble Johnson KY
Dora E Parks 12 Lewis Meadors Whitley KY
Annie Perkins 05 William H Haun Whitley KY
William Prichard 16 Leander C Prichard Elliott KY
Iva Varny Prater 07 Ephrim Varney Pike WV
Lon L Roberts 10 Reuben Collins Whitley TN
Anna Rich 16 H L Cannon Knox KY
Estella Rice 19 Francis Stafford Johnson Co KY
Paton Rickman 10 George W Cheek Lawrence KY
Virgie Reed 08 Alex Triplet Knott KY
Sally Rothwell 13 James Cooley, Sr Floyd KY
Pearson Rudolph 11 Henry C Hess Whitley KY
Malcom Riley 11 Lafayette M Burke Owsley KY
Frank Rains 08 Joe Pat Marsee Bell KY
Jessie Rains 09 Joe Pat Marsee Bell KY
Link Randall 06 W M Golden Knox KY
Margerett Shaw 07 William Shaw Menifee KY
Sarah Shape 08 Boone Harris Lewis KY
Adia Sublet 10 James Stamper Elliot KY
Mary L Sparks 20 Nancy M Durbin Estill KY
Benjamin Shephard 12 John Smith Elliott KY
George Seigl 06 Theodore Carrier Lewis KY
Lizzie M Stull 09 Wash Stull Menifee KY
Liza Stewart 10 Rebecca Potter Greenup OH
Worthy Stewart 11 James H Stewart Greenup KY
Mamie Sotherland 11 Wyatt Wade Whitley KY
Gardner Slusher 12 Wiley Wireman Magoffin KY
John Solaman 09 Daniel J Dotson Pike KY
Mahala Smith 08 David Mill Knox KY
Pricy Smith 07 Elijah Walford Pike KY
Roxie Smith 10 Spencer Gray Knox KY
Bennie Shear 17 Rolland Ratcliff Bath KY
Mitchel Sherman 17 Lafe Vanhoose Johnson KY
Daniel Tacket 15 James Ramsey Lawrence KY
Billie Thacker 03 Joseph Davis Floyd KY
Lillie Thacker 05 Joseph Davis Floyd KY
Albert Taylor 08 Mike Cody Bell TN
Rozana Taylor 14 Anna Taylor Whitley KY
James Thompson 13 George Crum Greenup KY
Robie Thompson 04 Lafe Thompson Lawrence KY
John Terry 13 Elizabeth Collinsworth Lawrence KY
Dewey Turner 09 Celia Jones Bell KY
Pauline Vanhook 15 Mary Daniels Johnson KY
Clara Wicker 04 James Osborn Floyd KY
Edward Whitt 16 John B Whitt Elliott KY
Henry Watson 13 John Watson Elliott KY
Charles Welsh 07 George Welsh Menifee KY
Frankie Wells 10 Robert Wells Lawrence KY
Dora Wilson 22 Wilman Langworthy Menifee KY
Ethel Williams 08 N B Jones Knox KY
Mary E Williams 28 James H Harris Johnson KY
Olney Williams 06 Hugh I Williams Estill KY
Gracie Wright 04 Cape Holbrook Lawrence KY
Della Young 12 Addison Farley Owsley KY

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