Tho many a family had someone to watch the children in times of tragedy many families did not



Tho many a family had someone to watch the children in times of tragedy many families did not. Whether it was the economic situation or simply no one was left who could take care of the children many were take to orphanages.

Be sure to check out the Adoption page which shows those who were shown in the 1910 census to be adopted. This list covers not only Johnson Co., but many areas of Eastern Ky.

In Kentucky there were many orphanages that were in operation. Some out of state orphanages also handled our Kentucky ancestors. See the links at the end.

The Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children was started :from the ashes of the Civil War."

In 1849 as a result of the Cholera epidemic the St. Joseph Catholic Orphan Society was formed

Below are some of the other Orphan homes that existed

Prot Episcopal. Orphan Home Jefferson Co   
Prot. Ch. Home Kenton Co.
Old Folks & Orphan Home Kenton Co.
Odd Fellows Widow  & Orphan Home Fayette Co.    
Masonic Widow & Orphan Home Jefferson Co.
Louisville. Pres. O. H Jefferson Co.
Louisville. Presbyterian. Orphanage. Jefferson Co.
KY Fem. Orphan. School Woodford Co.
Germ Prot Orphan Asylum Jefferson Co.
Germ. M.E. Deaconess H&H Jefferson Co.
German Baptist. Orphan Home    Jefferson Co.
Col. Orphan. Ind. School Jefferson Co.
Col. Orphan. Home              Jefferson Co.
Cleve. Orphan. Institution       Woodford Co.
Clark Co. Ch. Home         Clark Co.
Christian Church Orphan Home   Jefferson Co.
Children's Home             Fayette Co.
Child. Free Hosp Jefferson Co.
Campbell. Co. Prot Orphan Home         Campbell Co.
St. Elizabeth Hosp Infirmary Asylum                Kenton Co.
St. Johns Orphan Asylum                          Kenton Co.
St. Joseph Orphan Asylum              Campbell  Co.
St. Joseph Orphan Home               Jefferson Co.
St. Thomas Orphan Asylum         Nelson Co.
St. Vincent Orphan Asylum                Jefferson Co.
Southern Methodist Orphan Home            Jefferson Co.
Unnamed Orphan Asylum                    Fayette Co.

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