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Copyright Info and the Ky School Photos and Yearbooks Site

Dig out those old class photos and send them in. Have an old yearbook? Why not send in the scanned images or signup as a lookup volunteer?
Please contact Annette Jones or Elva Nolan Morgan to submit material or for more info.

There has been some confusion as to copyright and the submission of material and links to the Ky School Photos site. In order to clear up any misunderstanding ahead of time here is the copyright info as it pertains to this site.
  • ANY material (photos, class lists etc) submitted to this site are here only as long as the owner/submitter allows allows it.

  • The owner/submitter of the material retains their copyright.

  • The Off-Site links that are listed on the County pages are just that, links to material NOT on this site. The fact that the link is listed here in no way means that I am laying claim to the material they link to any more than Google claims copyright on the web sites they have in their search engine.

  • As the creator of this web site my copyright ONLY extends to the pages I have created, not to the originally submitted material on them and not to any material housed on other servers.

  • Feb 9, 2004
    I will no longer be removing Off Site links (links to pages on other internet sites). If you don't want your material viewed or linked to don't post it on the internet. A federal Judge has determined that linking DOES NOT violate any copyright. You can view a summary of the ruling of Ticketmaster Corp. v. (99-7654) here.

If you have any questions about anything here or elsewhere on the site please feel free to email me.

Kerry Kirk

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Bell Co.

> Bell County, Burchfield School, 1949

Hart Co.

> Hatcher Valley School, 1913

Wayne Co.

> Old Rocky Branch School

Oldham Co.

> Link: LG 1962

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