Janie Wash Institute - Casey Co. KY

Janie Wash Institute - Casey Co.

submitted by Rena Voron

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The Janie Wash Institute

The buildings, grounds, and all appurtenances are owned by a stock company, who elect trustees for the management of the school. The object of this institution is to give solid education to all who may desire, but especially to the youth of the mountain country. There is a wide stretch of country around Middleburg which is destitute of a school of high grade. The highlands, poor in agricultural and mineral resources, are full of aspiring young men and women whom we wish to educate, and send out with cultured minds, correct habits, and good manners. These, who crave a further development of their God-given faculties, but whose means are not sufficient to enable them to attend school at remote and expensive centers of education, can find at The Janie Wash Institute every thing suited to their circumstances.

1.) The location of the school at the edge of the highland rim makes it easy of access, and also furnishes ample resources for all necessary provisions for boarding-houses. It is removed from all vain, haughty, and mock aristocratic fast life, hence pupils are never embarrassed on account of plainness of dress or awkwardness of manner, but feel happy and welcomed among a hospitable people.

2.) The expenses at this school are the very lowest of any school of like grade and equal merit. At the same time we want it understood that we are not competing with cheap schools, for it is merit that wins. There may be lower-priced schools, but none really cheaper, when the amount received, grade of instruction given, and the entire course of training is considered. We earnestly invite an examination of our claims. Come to Middleburg, see the surroundings, investigate the possibilities of our school, and examine our house, its plan, furniture, and apparatus, learn the character of our teachers and their work. You are most cordially welcomed to the home of the principal should you come.

3.) The course of instruction is not burdensome nor cast-iron, yet sufficiently full for all practical purposes. To those who desire a full course of the languages, mathematics, science, and literature, we offer to give a thorough preparation for entering any college. But our aim is to furnish a course of study adapted to the great majority of students --- those who desire to have a thorough, practical, and business education, and who never expect to pass beyond the bounds of a high school. For this class, we have arranged a course of study at once comprehensive, practical, and pre-eminently developing.

4.) The teachers have had experience with this class of students, understand their aspirations, and ambitions, sympathize with them in their struggles, and are ready at all times to aid and encourage them.

Persons wishing to locate their families for the purpose of educating their children can find no better place. Lots can be procured close to the school at $100 to $125, and a short distance from the school at a much cheaper rate. Four new two-story buildings have been erected during the past year, and others are to follow during the coming fall and winter. Come to see us and examine the claims of our village.

Our Aims

The age is one of stirring activities, of rapid action, of quick thought and execution. The demand is for young men and women of cultured minds and honest hearts, who are not afraid to take hold of the affairs of life and push them with a vim, guided by correct reason and integrity of purpose. Is is our aim to fit those who come to us for an education to meet the demands.

Man has two natures -- animal and spiritual. The animal nature needs physical development; for it is impossible to have perfect spiritual development in a frail, wrecked animal habitation. The animal nature needs food and clothing, but the essential feature for schools to notice is the curbing of those animal appetites and passons which so often blast and ruin the hopes of youth forever. The school is brought to a consideration of some part of the Bible or of some noble character, and God's blessings implored each day before entering upon the duties of the day. At this time and at all opportune times man's weakness, when left to himself without God's guidance and help, is endeavored to be impressed upon the minds of the pupils. It is our aim to inspire the soul to grand achievements, to cultivate the faculties, and thus lift it nearer to God, while endeavoring to change, curb, or totally prohibit the indulgence of the lower desires, appetites, or passions. A cultured intellect, guided by a purified heart, controlling a perfect physical development, is our highest aim and desire.


Board of Trustees:Rev. J.N. Bowling, President; C. Reynolds; E.B. Caldwell: W.J. Ward; T.W. Wash; F. M. Ware; M.W. Jones; E.J. Godby; W.T. Coulter; J.N. Huff, Principal
Faculty - J.N. Huff, Principal, High School Department; J.H. Allen,
Preparatory Department;*R.H. Brown, P.H. Taylor, Intermediate and Primary
Departments; Miss Pauline Smith, Music Department; Mrs. J.N. Huff,Art Department.

List of Pupils 1892-93

Allen, Etta			Middleburg, KY
Bowling, Walter			Middleburg, KY
Bowling, Pearl			Middleburg, KY
Buis, George			Middleburg, KY
Bryant, Willie			Middleburg, KY
Bryant, Jessie			Middleburg, KY
Beldon, Etta			Houstonville, KY
Beldon, Bertha			Houstonville, KY
Bradshaw, Rachel 		Mt. Salem, KY
*Bowling, Mrs. J. N. 		Middleburg, KY
Coleman, Virgil			Middleburg, KY
Coleman, Clarence		Middleburg, KY
Coleman, Ethel			Middleburg, KY
Coulter, John			Middleburg, KY
Coulter, Lena			Middleburg, KY
Coulter, Dollie			Middleburg, KY
Coullter, Jessie		Middleburg, KY
*Clayton, Laura			Liberty, KY
Cloyd, Jessie			Middleburg, KY
Cloyld, Carrie			Middleburg, KY
Durham, Geo. 			Middleburg, KY
Durham, Fred			Middleburg, KY
Durham, Emma			Middleburg, KY
Durham, Mattie			Middleburg, KY
Durham, G.M.			Mt. Olive, KY
Durham, G.C.			Mt. Olive, KY
Durham, J.J.			Mt. Olive, KY
Davenport, Nora			Middleburg, KY
Davenport, Loretto		Middleburg, KY
Davenport, Ray			Middleburg, KY
Davenport, Polly		Middleburg, KY
Drye, Jimmie			Middleburg, KY
Elliott, Mary			Liberty, KY
Elliott, Etta			Middleburg, KY
Elliott, Mack			Middleburg, KY
Elliott, Matilda		Middleburg, KY
Elliott, Blanche		Middleburg, KY
Elliott, Ray			Middleburg, KY
Elliott, Luther			Middleburg, KY
Elliott, Oscar			Middleburg, KY
Elliott, Mattie			Alabama
Estes, Arthur			Middleburg, KY
Estes, Mattie			Middleburg, KY
Fogle, Preston			Middleburg, KY
Fogle, Nannie			Middleburg, KY
Fogle, Emma			Middleburg, KY
Fogle, Bessie			Middleburg, KY
Fogle, Jesse			Middleburg, KY
Fogle, Willie			Middleburg, KY
Frederick, Clara		Middleburg, KY
Frederick, Mamie		Middleburg, KY
Frederick, Maud			Middleburg, KY
Frederick, Claud		Middleburg, KY
Frederick, Lula			Middleburg, KY
Floyd, D. S.			Mt. Olive, KY
*Fogle, Lena			Middleburg, KY
Godby, L.J.			Middleburg, KY
*Godby, Bettie			Middleburg, KY
Godby, Della			Middleburg, KY
Godby, Matilda			Middleburg, KY
Godby, Effie			Middleburg, KY
Godby, Duke			Middleburg, KY
Godby, Stuben			Middleburg, KY
Gann, Willie			Middleburg, KY
Gann, Sadie			Middleburg, KY
Gann, Tellius			Middleburg, KY
Gann, Rufus			Middleburg, KY
*Grisham, May			Arcot, Tennessee
Hayes, David			Middleburg, KY
Hayes, Leroy			Middleburg, KY
Hayes, Susie			Middleburg, KY
Hayes, Jasper			Middleburg, KY
Hayes, John			Middleburg, KY
Holland, Richard		Yosemite, KY
Humphrey, Ambrose		Middleburg, KY
Humphrey, Lou			Middleburg, KY
Jones, Elmer 			Yosemite, KY
Jones, Frank			Yosemite, KY
Jones, Bertha			Yosemite, KY
Jones, Orestes			Yosemite, KY
Jones, Selima			Yosemite, KY
Keeney, Albert			Yosemite, KY
Keeney, Edwin			Middleburg, KY
Keeney, Robert			Middleburg, KY
Keeney, Lillie			Middleburg, KY
Keeney, Murphy			Middleburg, KY
Keeney, Samuel			Middleburg, KY
Lucas, Alva			Middleburg, KY
Lucas, Mary			Middleburg, KY
Lucas, Luther			Middleburg, KY
Lucas, Martha			Middleburg, KY
Lucas, Virgil			Middleburg, KY
Lucas, Annie Belle		Middleburg, KY
Lucas, Neatie			Middleburg, KY
Lucas, Clarence			Middleburg, KY
Linthacum, Martha		Middleburg, KY
Linthacum, Hermie		Middleburg, KY
Linthacum, Sallie		Middleburg, KY
Linthacum, Jimmie		Middleburg, KY
McAninch, Polk			Middleburg, KY
McAninch, Razia		        Middleburg, KY
McAninch, Jennie		Middleburg, KY
McAninch, Charles		Middleburg, KY
McAninch, Florence		Middleburg, KY
McAninch, Clell			Middleburg, KY
McAninch, Henry		        Middleburg, KY
McDaniels, Mattie		Yosemite, KY
McDonald, Annie		        Middleburg, KY
Miller, Sarah			Middleburg, KY
Miller, Lillie			Middleburg, KY
Miller, Clara			Middleburg, KY
Miller, Edgar			Middleburg, KY
McKinney, Maggie		Mt. Salem, KY
McKinney, Birdie		Kid's Store, KY
Moran, Allie			Yosemite, KY
Merit, William Thomas		Yosemite, KY
Moore, E.C.			Liberty, KY
Martin, Pierce			Mt. Olive, KY
*Myres, Codellia		Middleburg, KY
*Myres, Zora			Middleburg, KY
Rains, J.T.			Liberty, KY
*Royalty, Mrs. Eva		Middleburg, KY
Rigney, Pearl			Middleburg, KY
Short, Jeff			Middleburg, KY
Short, Arthur			Middleburg, KY
Short, Annie			Middleburg, KY
Short, Dolly			Middleburg, KY
Simpson, Spurgeon		Campbellsville, KY
Sweeney, Minnie		        Middleburg, KY
Sweeney, Ella			Middleburg, KY
Sweeney, T.H.			Liberty, KY
Sweeney, Ballard		Liberty, KY
Staton, J.R.			Middleburg, KY
Staton, Pearl			Middleburg, KY
*Spangler, Nora			Middleburg, KY
Taylor, P.H. 			Yosemite, KY
Taylor, F.W.			Yosemite, KY
Taylor, Bannie			Mintonville, KY
Taylor, Colletta 		Mintonville, Ky
Thomas, Zach			Middleburg, KY
Wesley, Willie			Yosemite, KY
Wesley, Elbert			Bethel Ridge, KY
Wesley, Eubert			Ansel, KY
Wesley, Jason			Middleburg, KY
Wesley, Virgie			Joyce, KY
Wesley, Florence		Middleburg, KY
Wheat, W.L.			Middleburg, KY
Wheat, Lizzie			Middleburg, KY
Wheat, Rufus			Middleburg, KY
Wilcher, Mary			Middleburg, KY
Wilcher, Elnora			Middleburg, KY
Wells, Julia			Yosemite, KY
Ware, Eugenie 			McKinney, KY

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