Tavern Owners 1797

Tavern Owners 1795-1819


Submitted by Penny Caudill

This list of early tavern owners was found in the same book as the earliest list of county residents.  The reader should be aware that spelling errors are very possible due to problems reading 200 year old handwriting.


Thomas Kennedy


William Anderson

Michael Brady

Thomas Claeke

Thomas Kennedy

James McChil?and

Joseph McKinny

Archd H Read

Adenston? Rogers



Rebeccah Arnold

William Barns

John Bartle

Andrew Brannan

Thomas Cockran

Charles Daniel Jr

Henry Masher.

Robert McChland?

Aron Nutt

Thomas Scott

James Shephard

Daniel Thatcher

Josiah Thrasher


Thomas Kennedy


Covington Nelson-at his house in Town of Covington

Tavern Rates

These rates were established by the Campbell County Court October 15, 1799,
Court Order Book A page 279.

Cider per quart 1/
Corn and oats per gallon /9
French Brandy per pint 3/
Lodgings /6

These rates were established by the Campbell County Court February 24, 1812,
Court Order Book A page 189.

Breakfast, dinner and supper 25 cents
Whiskey, peach and apple brandy each per half pint 12 1/2 cents
French brandy, Jamaica spirits per half pint 50 cents
Lodging for each person 12 1/2 cents
Horse feed pasture or corn per gallon 12 1/2 cents
Each horse at hay for night 25 cents

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