John and Susanna Nelson

Submitted by Gary Nelson
With additional information from the family files at the Campbell County Historical Society in Alexandria


John Nelson was born about 1750 in Virginia; He married Susanna Coleman in 1772 in Berkley Parish, Spotsylvania, Virginia.  They came into Campbell County in 1797 and on September 15, 1798 John and Susanna purchased 1037 1/2 acres from R C Webb for $400, from the original Webb division of Henry Payne Chas Morgan Patent of 5000 acres.

John Nelson's Deeds

John first appears on the 1798 tax list owning 1037 1/2 acres of 3rd rate land, 8 blacks, 5 horses and cattle. John died between June 12 1809 and September 25 1809.

John Nelson's Will

The 1809 will of John Nelson from the Alexandria Will Book A, page 152 June 12, 1809, recorded September Court 1809 lists the following children.

Children of John and Susanna Nelson

1. Covington Nelson b-1773 in Spotsylvania Co Virginia m-Thirra Hayden in Fayette County; d-1840 in Campbell County
2. Richard Nelson b-28 Oct 1775 in Spotsylvania Co Virginia m-Sally T Daniel 20 Dec 1805; died 20 Nov 1841, buried Flagg Spring Cemetery; Sally Daniel b-24 Dec 1789; d-28 Nov 1829
3. Elizabeth Nelson b-1777 in Spotsylvania Co Virginia; m-Joel Hampton 1797 in Fayette Co KY
4. Robert B Nelson b-1779 in Spotsylvania Co Virginia
5. Susanna Nelson b-1781 in Spotsylvania Co Virginia; d-before 1829 in Carthage; m-Lewis Falconer 23 Dec 1797 in Fayette Co KY
6. Mary Nelson b-1783 in Spotsylvania Co Virginia; m-Enos Daniel 17 Nov 1810 in Carthage
7. Frances Nelson b-10 Sep 1785 in Spotsylvania Co Virginia; died-20 Sep 1850 in Carthage; m-James Hubbard 23 Sep 1811 in Carthage; (2) James H Hampton 12 Jan 1822 in Carthage; buried in Flagg Spring Cemetery
8. Anna C Nelson b-1787 in Spotsylvania, Virginia m-Julius Goodwin 27 May 1813
9. Harriet Nelson b-1789 in Spotsylvania Co Virginia, m-Lewis Falconer 3 Jan 1829 in Carthage

Children of Covington Nelson and Thirra Hayden

1. Lucinda Nelson  b-1795 in Fayette County; d-1863 in Carthage; m-John Corbin 3 Sep 1815
2. Elisabeth Nelson b-1800 in Carthage; m-John Ducker Jr.5 Oct 1820 in Carthage
3. John Hayden Nelson b-22 Aug 1801 in Carthage; m-Maria Salle 20 June 1827; died 3 Nov 1889; buried in Evergreen Cemetery;  John Hayden Nelson obituary
4. Susan Nelson b-1805 in Carthage; m-Alexander P Rust 5 Jan 1826
5. Mary "Polly" Nelson b-1809 in Carthage; m-William Hobson
6. Letitia Nelson b-1820 in Carthage; m-Augustine E Rule

Children of Richard Nelson and Sally T Daniel

1. John Nelson-28 May 1805-18 Dec 1854 m-Orra Ann Biggs 29 May 1831
2. James Nelson-1809 m-Margaret Clinkenbeard 18 Apr 1834
3. Mary Elisabeth Jane Nelson-11 July 1815-6 Feb 1875 m-Austin Morris 12 Jan 1833
4. Harriet Agnes Nelson-26 July 1817-26 Sep 1851 m-James H Hampton 22 Feb 1844
5. Anna Nelson-1819 m-J P Arnold 29 Mar 1836
6. Edward M Nelson b-1821 in Carthage; m (1) Elizabeth Jane; (2) Louisa Corbin 18 Mar 1857; (3) Mary Millery 8 May 1869
7. Peter Daniel Nelson b-Sep 1823 in Carthage; d-1907 in Carthage; br-Grandview; m-Harriet Ducker 3 Jan 1848; d/o John Ducker Jr. and Elisabeth Nelson d/o Covington

Peter D Nelson and Harriet Agnes Nelson were two underage children when their father, Richard died in 1841. Their mother had died in 1829. The courts then gave them a choice of guardians. Peter chose John Ducker.

See Nelson Orphans

Children of John Nelson and Orra Ann Biggs

1. Richard A Nelson b-7 Jan 1832 in Flagg Springs; d-8 Jan 1913 in Mentor; br-Grandview Cemetery; never married
2. Mary Jane Nelson b-4 Dec 1833 in Flagg Springs; d-30 Nov 1918 in Mentor; br-Grandview Cemetery; never married
3. James P Nelson b-1838 in Flagg Springs;
4. Theodore E Nelson b-1841 in Flagg Springs; d-1901; br-Grandview
5. Sarah Elizabeth Nelson b-1843 in Flagg Springs; m-M Arnold Morris 17 Sep 1866
6. John Robert Nelson b-9 June 1850 in Flagg Springs; d-20 Jan 1937 in Mentor; br-Grandview; m-Mary Frances Kiser

Children of Edward M Nelson and Elizabeth Jane

1. Mary Jane Nelson b-1846 in Gubser Mill
2. Sarah Lucinda Nelson b-1848 in Gubser Mill
3. Margaret Ann Nelson b-1850 in Gubser Mill; m-John H Rachford 19 Jan 1870
4. Irene Nelson b-1852 in Gubser Mill

Child of Edward M Nelson and Louisa Corbin

1. Laura Luella Nelson b-1858 in Gubser Mill

Children of Peter Daniel Nelson and Harriet Ducker

1. Augustus Richard Nelson b-1849 in Carthage
2. Sarah E Nelson b-1852 in Carthage
3. Emma J Nelson b-1 Apr 1857 in Carthage; d-24 Mar 1937 in Carthage; br-Flagg Springs; m-Armstead Smith
4. Covington Nelson b-1860 in Carthage
5. Thomas Richard Nelson b-17 Nov 1861 in Carthage; d-15 Dec 1942 in Carthage; br-Grandview
6. William C Nelson b-1864 in Carthage
7. George C Nelson b-1864 in Carthage
8. James Selby Nelson b-17 Nov 1967 in Carthage; d-26 Sep 1938 in Carthage; br-Flagg Springs

This house is believed to have been built by Peter and Harriet Nelson in Carthage. In 1850 Peter owned 3 slaves. The property was divided by the AA Highway and this home sits on the west side. Slaves owned by the Nelson family were buried on this property.


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