Newport Schools

Newport Schools


Newport Public Schools had their beginning with Newport's founding in 1795 by Colonel James Taylor.  The first school site was donated by Taylor.  It was on this school site that the state first charted a school to be built, the  Newport Academy in 1794-98.  This is the present site of 4th Street School today.

The first free public school was a log cabin located on Cabot Street-now Central Avenue-about 1836.  By 1838 Newport Public Schools were well established and by 1849 had its own high school.  In 1856 there were five common schools and a high school in operation.

Arnold Elementary School #1-located originally on the Cabot Street site, this school was a three story brick structure built in 1924.  This school also had the name of Central Avenue School.  Around 1940 this building was torn down and another built closer to the middle of the block.  This building called Arnold Elementary #2 as well as 2nd District, was added onto in 1957 and finally closed in 1981.

Corpus Christi Church School-began around 1844 and by 1848 had an elementary school at their 6th Street site.  By 1863 a three story brick building was put up.  In 1903 due to the constant threat of flood, another school was built.  Designed to look like a Spanish mission, built of rock and had three stories.  In 1922 Corpus Christi High School and Commercial School opened on Isabella Street in a two story brick school building. This school closed and merged with others to become the Holy Spirit Junior High School in the St. Francis de Sales building.

Cote Brilliant-near Grand and Park Avenue. The area was annexed into Newport and the school became part of the Newport school system.

Dora Cummings Elementary-named for the Park Avenue School after a fire in 1940 damaged the school.  It was rebuilt and used until it closed in 1980.

East Clifton School-area annexed by Newport. The school is now part of the Newport school system.

English School-opened in 1810 by Mr. and Mrs. George Payne from Virginia.  They charged $2 per quarter of eleven weeks.

Fourth Street School-built in 1936 began as an elementary school and in 1956 had a Junior High added to it.  This imposing block long building sits on the site of the original Newport Academy and Newport High School #1 site, on land given by James Taylor.  It continues as an elementary school.

Grandview School-annexed by Newport.

Harris School-a frame school on 9th Street. It was renamed the Ninth Street School when a new 16 room brick school was built.

Immaculata Academy-was a high school that began in 1861.  In 1864 a tall school building was built.  Between 1898-1901 an additional building was used. The school closed in 1932 and the building was torn down in 1940.

Immaculate Conception-first opened as an elementary school in 1857.  In 1863 a two story addition was added.  In 1893 a three story brick building was opened.  The school and church closed in 1968.

Mildred Dean Elementary-located near the town border of Ft. Thomas opened in 1960.

Mount Saint Martin-a girls school opened in 1889 by the Sisters of Divine Providence.  It was the Jones-Taylor Mansion off Monmouth Street.  The school later moved into its own building at 6th and Linden Avenue.  In 1983 it merged with the boys school to form Newport Central Catholic High School.  Photo and History

Newport Academy-chartered by the state legislature in 1799, advertised for students in 1800 and opened with one teacher, Rev Robert Stubbs. It was open to the public but charged $8 tuition per year. A new building was built in 1849 and became part of the Newport school system in 1860 and the building was used until 1873.  Photo of School

Newport Catholic Boys High School-began as part of St. Stephens High School on Washington Avenue in 1929.  It was renamed in 1932.  In 1934 the school moved into the Immaculata Academy until 1945. It then moved to the old Corpus Christi Commercial School at 9th and Isabella.  In 1954 a new building was built near 12 and Monmouth. In 1983 the school was remodeled and opened to both boys and girls as Newport Central Catholic High School.

Newport Central Catholic High School-remodeled from the old Newport Catholic Boys High School in 1983 and opened to both boys and girls.

Newport High School #2-has had several buildings over the years, the first of which was the old Fourth Street Seminary Building.  In 1872 a new building was constructed at the corner of Ringgold-now 8th-and Columbia.  This was the site of the original city cemetery which had been moved to Evergreen Cemetery in 1847.  This school was a three story brick building and was used until 1924.  Photo of school

Newport High School #3-in 1924 a new high school was constructed.  This three story building has a prominent bell tower, had a gym added in 1928 and an auditorium in 1931.  It was located next to the 9th Street School.  In 1981 it became the Junior High.

Newport High School #4-the present high school is a modern 2 story brick building, was built on land next to I-471 and opened in 1980.

Ninth Street School-located behind Newport High School #3 was built on the Harris School Site.  Harris School was renamed 9th Street and had a frame school before the 16 room brick school.

A D Owens-built in 1959 in front of the old York Street School.  It was named after a long time Newport educator and is a two story buff brick building.

Park Avenue School-a three story brick building with a tower like stairwell on the outside built in 1890.  In 1940 the building burned, but was saved and reconstructed. It was renamed Dora Cummings Elementary after a school principal and closed in 1980.  Photo of school

Southgate Street School-African American children attended this school during the days of segregation.  It was called the "Colored School" but came to be called the Southgate School because of its location on Southgate Street.  The school was a two story brick building that closed in 1958.  It covered grades 1-8.  High school students attended the William Grant High School in Covington.  Photo and History

10th Street School-a two story brick building replaced the Walnut Street School in 1903.  It was on the corner of Patterson and 10th and operated until 1959.  The building was torn down in 1978.

Saint Francis de Sales-started its school in the old Cote Brilliant Public School, but built its own in 1950. This school merged with other elementary schools to become the Holy Spirit Junior High School.

Saint Stephens Elementary-opened in 1855 in the church rectory building at 9th and Saratoga Streets. In 1868 the church built a two three-story buildings at 9th and Washington as a boys school.  In 1896 one of the buildings became a girls school.  In 1913 these buildings were closed and a new school built at 9th and Washington. Later it closed and merged with other elementary schools to form the Holy Spirit Junior High School in the old St. Francis de Sales building.

Saint Vincent de Paul-opened on Main Street in 1916 and was added onto in 1927. It later closed and merged with other elementary schools to form the Holy Spirit Junior High School in the old St. Francis de Sales building.

South Newport School-opened in 1802 by Rev Robert Stubbs who was the first teacher of the Newport Academy. He was still teaching in 1830.

York Street School-on the corner of York and 12th was this elementary school, also known as 4th District Elementary.  It was a large two-story building and was torn down in 1959.

Walnut Street Elementary-operated 1896-1903 on the corner of Patterson and 10th. It was replaced with the 10th Street School.