Battle of Buena Vista in the Mexican War 1847

Battle of Buena Vista in the Mexican War
February 22-23, 1847

Kentucky Causalities

From the Clarksville Tennessee Jeffersonian April 17, 1847
Information in parenthesis comes from the Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky of 1889; also printed in the Kentucky Ancestors 1987 Vol. 23
AGR=Adjutant General Report

Kentucky Cavalry
First Regiment Kentucky Mounted Volunteers Killed in Mexican War


Adjutant E. M. Vaughn (Edward W. Vaughn)

(Jos. S) Lillard's Company:
Sergeant D J (David I) Lillard
Private Lewis Sanders
Private A J Martin
(AGR also lists Patrick Quigley as "killed in battle of Buena Vista.")

(Johnson) Price's Company:
Private J (John) D Miller
Private B (Banson) Warren

(Ben C) Milam's Company:
Private J (James) Leston
Private John Sander(s)
Private John (J F) Ellingwood

(John) Shawhan's Company:
Cpl. J (John) A Jones
Private D P (David P) Rogers
Private W (Wm A) McClintock
Private J M Rowlin
Private John Ross 
Private E F Lilly

(Oliver P) Beard's Company:
Private A G Morgan
Private C (Clement) Jones
Private William (Thwaits) Twaits
Private N Ranney (Ramey)
Private H (Henry) Carty
Cpl. W W Bates (William W Bayless)

(A) Pennington's Company:
Privates H (Henry) Danforth
Private J G (Jesse G) Martin
Private E (Ephraim) Rouston,
Private J M Rowlin,
Private John Ross
Private E F Lilly

(C M) Clay's Company:
Private Thomas Weyest (Weigart)

(William J) Head's (Heady) Company:
Private C B Thompson

(Thomas F) Marshall's Company:
Private C (Charles) B Demit (Dement)

Kentucky Cavalry
First Regiment Kentucky Mounted Volunteers Wounded in Mexican War

Captain John Shawhan (Wounded in battle of Buena Vista, February 23d; slightly)

(John) Shawhan's Company:
Private William Snodgrass (wounded severely),
Private J S (Jacob S) Byram (wounded severely)
Private W (William) C Parker (wounded severely)
Private J (John) M Van Hook (wounded severely)
Private George H Wilson (wounded severely)
Private James (H) Warford (wounded severely)
Private C (Charles) H Fowler (wounded slightly)

(William J) Head's (Heady) Company: 2nd Lt. J H (J A) Merrifield
 Sgt. S Marratin (Sylvester Maratea)

(C M) Clay's Company:
2nd Lt. J M (Geo. Mason) Brown (wounded slightly)
Cpl. James Scooley (Schooley) (wounded slightly)

(Johnson) Price's Company:
2nd Lt. Thomas (K) Con (Conn) (sick in hospital at Camargo, Mexico, from May 17)
Private John H Cleverlan (Cleveland)
Private Samuel (G) Evan(s)
Private Joseph Murphy (discharged... disability, May 30th)
Private Will Herndon (sick; absent at Reynosa, Mexico from May 23)

(Jos. S) Lillard's Company:
Private John (I) Walker
Private B Spencer (discharged...disability, May 28)
Private E W Rusen (Charles W Resor?) (discharged... disability May 28)
Private Thomas (B) Scandelt (Scandrett)

(Ben C) Milam's Company:
John (H) Reddish
B F Price (Ben Franklin Pearce? or W H Price?) (discharged May 31...disability)
J K Goodloe (John Kemp Goodloe listed with Marshall's Co.)

(A) Pennington's Company:
Private J S (Feries?) Jackson (died in hospital at Saltillo, March 12th)
Private Thomas Brown
Private L (Lypold) Help (died in hospital at Saltillo, March lst")

(Thomas F) Marshall's Company:
Private H E (Henry C) Brady

(Oliver P) Beard's Company:
Private Charles J Sheppard (wounded severely)
Private M B Callahan (Callaghan) (discharged.. disability May 31st, wounded severely)
Private Lerasay (James A Levasay) (discharged ..disability May 31st, wounded severely)

Second Kentucky Infantry
Second Regiment Kentucky Kentucky Volunteers Killed in Mexican War

Col. William R. McKee, Lt. Col. Henry Clay, Jr.

Company A-(James W Moss) Mosse's:
Private Whitfield (John W) Smith
Private A B (Austin M.) Crondowens (Chadoin)

Company B-(Frank) Chamber's:
4th Sgt. Henry Woolf (Wolf)
Private Major Updike
Private William Blackwell
Private ?. B (Samuel) Bartlett

Company C-(Phillip B) Thompson's:
lst Sgt. S M (Sydney M.) Williams
Private Robert M Baker
Private W (Micajah H) Booth
Private William Parks (Wm Burks)
Private John Moffitt (Moffat)

Company D-(Speed S) Fry's:
4th Cpl. Peter Trough
Private Joseph Walden
Private Harvey Jones
Private William Harmon (Hammond)

Company E-(Geo. W) Cutter's:
lst Cpl. J Q (Quincy) Carlan (Carlin)
Drummer Martin Raudebaugh (Rodabaugh)
Private Hiran (Hiram) Frazure (Frazier)
Private John H Harkins
Private Richard (Robert) McCurdy
Private Herculin (Hercules) Snow

Company F-(William T) Willis's:
Capt. William T Willis
Private (Trotter Harvey) Harry Trotter

Company G-(William Dougherty) Daughity's:
Private John A Gregory
Private Joseph R (James R) Ballard
Private Willis Vest
Private Jesse J Waller

Company H-(William M Joyner) Joiner's:
2nd Sgt. Joseph King (Kring)
3rd Sgt. John M. Dunlop
Private William Gilbert
Private William Rhann (Rham)
Private John Williams.

Company I-(Wilkerson) Turpin's:
lst Sgt. Henry Edwards (Edward)
Private John J Thorron (Evan Thoreau)
Private Abram Goodpaster

Company K-(John H McBrayer) McBrey's:
Private James Layton (Layten)
Private William Brand (Board)
Private James Johnson
Private David Davis
Private Auther (Arthur) Thacker
Private John W Watson
Private William P Reynolds

Second Kentucky Infantry
Second Regiment Kentucky Kentucky Volunteers Wounded in Mexican War

Company A-(James W Moss) Mosse's:
2nd Lt. E. L. Barber (Barbee), slightly
Sgt. John Minton (slightly wounded)
Private Elza (Elzy) Morris (slightly wounded)
Private Samuel Wallace (slightly wounded)
Private Robert (S) Winlock (slightly wounded)
Private James Barnett (not listed in this co.) (slightly wounded)

Company B-(Frank) Chamber's:
lst Cpl. (Hanson S) Sanford Mayhall, mortally
Private Benjamin O. Branham, severely
Private James (L) Williams  (slightly wounded)
Private W S Bartlett (Willis T or Samuel S)  (slightly wounded)
Private Ameal Brea (slightly wounded)

Company C-(Philip B) Thompson's:
Ad. 2nd Lt. William T Withers, severely
3rd Cpl. C (Charles) C Sneedlay (Smedley) slightly
3rd Sgt. John Wheatley, slightly
Private Edward Benton (Burton)
Private James Cahill
Private John Crawford
Private Marion (F) Davidson (Davison)
Private W (William) D Purcell (Percell), slightly
Private Woodson Herndon (Hendron), mortally (died at Saltillo of wounds received in battle of February 23d.)

Company D-(Speed S) Fry's:
2nd Cpl. J (John) Craig, slightly
Private H (Henry) Burditt, mortally (died in Saltillo, Mexico, February 27th, of wounds received in battle of Buena Vista, February 23d.)
Private P Hambleton (Hamilton)
Private Allen S Montgomery
Private Henry Vanfleet (Vanflute), severely

Company E-(Geo. W) Cutter's:
4th Cpl. John (S) Jennison
Private Thomas Welch (Welsh)
Private John S Vandiver, severely (died March 24 of wounds received at Buena Vista, in an action with the enemy)
Private Jasper Honk (Houk)
Private William Park
Private David Walker
Private Isaac Yelton, slightly

Company F-(William T) Willis's:
Private John Hunter, severely
Private Thomas J. Bruner, slightly

Company G-(William Dougherty) Daughity's:
Ad. 2nd Lt. Thomas W Naiper (Napier)
Private William Stinger (Stringer)
Private Thomas Hughes, severely
Private M (Michael) A Davenport, slightly

Company H-(William M Joyner) Joiner's:
Sgt. J (Joseph D) Ward, mortally
Cpl. H (Hugh) Craig, slightly
Private F (Frederick) Oak, mortally (died at Saltillo, March 3d, of wounds received in battle at Buena Vista)
Private F (Thomas) Fox
Private William Dalley (Dailey)
Private R (Robert) Holden (Holder) (died at Saltillo, March 20th, of wounds received in battle at Buena Vistad)
Private J (John) Willington (Wellington)
Private G (George) Simmons (Simons), slightly

Company I-Turpin's (Wilkerson, Turpin):
Private J (John) Redmon (Redman)
Private E (David) McCulloch (McCullough)
Private William Blowett (Blunt?), slightly 
Private E (Edward) S Cahill (Kahill), mortally (AGR also lists Private Mathew Richardson as "wounded in battle of Buena Vista"

Company K-(John H McBrayer) McBrey's:
Sgt. William (W) Lillard, severely
Private B. (Berry) Perry, severely
Private W (Wm) Wurford (Warford), mortally
Private G Leavy
Private W (William) Howard
Private J (Jos.) Montgomery, slightly

Missing: Private Jackson Catlett

Recapitulation: Staff 2, Killed 42, Wounded 57, Missing 1

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