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Campbell County Revolutionary War Pensioners

Revolutionary War Pension Index Only
This index in on the Pendleton County site and some names maybe from the Campbell County area.

Pioneer Soldiers 1778-1781

Military Release of John Lovel-1778

Captain John Arnold's Company of Kentucky Volunteers of 1794

Revolutionary War Land Warrants

Corn Stalk Militia 1792-1811

A Short History of the Corn Stalk Militia

Death of Private John Yeomans-1811

Pensioners-Revolutionary War & War of 1812

Veterans of the War of 1812

Kentucky War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission Article

Disabled Veterans of Kentucky for 1813

Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812 Off site link

1812 Regiment of Colonel Mountjoy-Link is on the Pendleton Co Web Site

1812 Regiment of Colonel Scott-Link is on the Pendleton County Web Site

1821 List of Muster Fines

Soldiers Pension Roll of 1835

Newport Barracks 1800-1895 

These directories include soldiers and officers at the Ft Thomas Barracks

   Ft. Thomas 1895 City Directory
    Ft. Thomas 1897 City Directory
Ft. Thomas 1898-99 City Directory A-M
Ft. Thomas 1898-99 City Directory N-Z

Newport and Ft. Thomas Barracks Obituaries

Obituaries and other information about our Military Men and Women

Ft. Thomas Barracks Postcards are listed on the
Postcards from the Past Site

Battle of Buena Vista in the Mexican War-1847 Kentucky Causalities

Civil War Annals of Kentucky Campbell Co Listings 1861-1866

Civil War Drafts of 1863

Civil War Registrations of 1863

Civil War Executions of William Corbin and Jefferson McGraw

William Francis Corbin Family Letters

William Francis Corbin Military History

William Alexander Morson

Confederate Soldiers

Union Officers

Union Soldiers

Confederate History Suppressed by Stephens Laurie Blakely

Louis Mullich of Dayton Ky. Civil War Diary 1862-1865

Absolum Columbus Dicken Civil War Diary

Camp Chase Ohio Internments

Battle of Somerset Casualties-1862

Northern Kentucky Soldiers Arrested in 1862

Civil War Camps Union and Confederate

Campbell County's Kentucky State Guard

Home Guards

Colored Troops of Kentucky

General John H Morgan's Kentucky Officers Imprisoned

Youngest Medal of Honor-William H Horsfall

William H Horsfall's Military Career

Civil War in Campbell County

The Escape of Captain Hines

Camp Life in the Civil War Off site link

KY Confederates Buried at Camp Chase Cemetery-Columbus Ohio

Campbell Co Veterans in the Society of the Army of the Cumberland

African Americans from Kentucky Buried at Alexandria Cemetery-Virginia

National Park Service Civil War Site

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System Complete with 6.3 million names

Newspaper Articles about Campbell County & the Civil War

Confederate Soldiers Buried in Northern Kentucky

Memorial Association-1879

Fort Thomas Barracks

1890 Veterans Census A-I

1890 Veterans Census J-R

1890 Veterans Census S-Z

Confederate Pensioners of Northern Kentucky 1912-1930

Confederate Pensions (Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives Site)

Widows Pensions

List of Pensioners to January 1, 1883

Spanish American War Casualties

Spanish American Volunteers Enrolled at Newport

1898 War with Spain-by Jim Reis

World War I Casualties

World War I Dead and Wounded

Fallen Kentucky Soldiers of WWI Site with Photos!

World War I Monuments

World War II Casualties

Highland Heights and Cold Spring 1946 Veterans

POW Research Network Japan (all POWS who died in Japan in WWII)

Korean War Casualties

Campbell County Veterans Index
(Updated 29 July 2015)

Vietnam War Casualties 

Soldiers Buried in Evergreen Cemetery 
These records from Veterans Administration do not include every soldier buried here.

Soldiers Buried in Evergreen Cemetery-1884-1963
These soldiers names taken from Evergreen Cemetery Records

Soldiers Buried in Newport Cemetery 1860-1884
Original name of Evergreen Cemetery-A work in progress

African American Soldiers Buried in Evergreen Cemetery

Military Codes Website

Veterans History Project

National Site for Men and Women Killed in Iraq

Bellevue Veterans Club Website

POW & MIA Site for all Wars


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