First Families of Alexandria

John  and Mary Baker

Complied by Elizabeth Morrow Cooley and is part of the collection held by the Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Norwood, Ohio and reprinted here with the permission of the director, Alma Ryan. It is intended for the free use of researchers and is not to be sold. Other information comes from the family files at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria.

John Baker was born in Ireland about 1740 and died in Alexandria at his property on Pond Creek Road on 2 Apr 1815. He came to American arriving in Pennsylvania and migrated into Westmoreland County. His wife was Mary Wasson who was born in 1845 in Westmorland Pennsylvania and they married in 1775.  By 1796 he had moved with his large family to Alexandria and eventually settled on Pond Creek Road about 8 miles from the center of town near the Licking River and took up farming.  John and Mary Baker first appear on the 1796 tax list owning 100 acres on fork of Harris Creek with 1 male over 21.  In the 1800 tax list, he adds another male over 16. In 1801 he has 150 acres on Pond Creek Road.  In 1804 he has 333 acres on the Jonathan Rubsman patent.  In 1805 he has 334 acres.  His will was probated September 28, 1815. Mary died 28 Nov 1821.  Both were buried on the family farm.

Children of John Baker and Mary Wasson

1. Rosanna Baker b-18 May 1776 in Westmoreland Co Pennsylvania; d-28 Dec 1849 in Alexandria; buried in the Thatcher Cemetery and later moved to the Alexandria Cemetery; m (1) Samuel Thompson in 1802 m (2) Daniel Allen Thatcher in 1807
2. James Baker b-3 July 1778 in Westmoreland Co Pennsylvania; m-Charlotte Sturgiss Harris in 1816 in Alexandria; d-30 July 1839
2. Samuel Bennett Baker b-18 May 1781 in Westmoreland Pennsylvania; d-22 May 1872 in Alexandria m-Elisabeth Armstrong 2 Feb 1805 who was b-28 Sep 1782 d/o John and Jane Armstrong and d-6 Oct 1839 in Alexandria. "Samuel was a man of culture and education having been graduated from Gettysburg College."
4. David Baker b-about 1786 in Westmoreland Co Pa; d-20 Feb 1861 in Alexandria m-Nancy Galegar 11 Dec 1811 in Alexandria
Will of David Baker
5. Elender (Eleanor) Viney Baker b-1787 in Westmoreland Co Pa; d-3 Dec 1813 m-William Veney 2 Dec 1811
6. Charles Baker b-Westmoreland Co Pa; d-24 Mar 1806 in Alexandria
7. John Baker b-Westmoreland Co Pa; d-18 Apr 1822 in Alexandria
8. Thomas Baker Westmoreland Co Pa; d-1842 in Alexandria

Children of Rosanna Baker and Samuel Thompson

1. Mary (Polly) Thompson b-3 Mar 1803 in Alexandria
2. Samuel Thompson b-14 July 1804 in Alexandria m-Rebecca White d/o Conyers White July 1838 d-1869 in Alexandria

Children of James Baker and Charlotte Sturgiss Harris

1. John W Baker b-14 Mar 1817 on Pond Creek Farm; d-3 Dec 1900; m (1) Nancy Jane Smith 21 Mar 1839; m (2) Sallie Wayland
2. Hannah W Baker b-25 Dec 1818 on Pond Creek Farm; d-16 Feb 1902; m-Henry Miller 13 Mar 1848
3. Mary Jane Baker b-5 Oct 1820; m (1) William Miller 16 Apr 1850; (2) Selmon Abbott 11 Nov 1867
4. James H Baker b-24 Sep 1822 on Pond Creek Farm; d-Dec 1860; unmarried
5. Charles W Baker b-1 Jan 1826 on Pond Creek Farm; d-28 Dec 1896; m-Mary Louisa Bridewell 18 Mar 1858
6. Melissa Katharine Baker b-17 June 1827 on Pond Creek Road; d-28 Dec 1896; m-William Mann
7. Elizabeth Ann Baker b-24 Sep 1829 on Pond Creek Road; m-James S Stevens 13 Mar 1848
8. Thomas Jefferson Baker b-13 Apr 1832 on Pond Creek Road; d-28 Nov 1916 m-Minerva Rosetta Bryan
9. Sarah Ann Baker b-24 Nov 1837 on Pond Creek Farm; d-19 May 1928 in Jefferson Co Ky; m (1) John Hodge; m (2) Samuel Bryan 2 Mar 1861
10. Jane Rio Baker b-17 Oct 1838 on Pond Creek Farm; m-William Gibson

Children of David Baker and Nancy Galegar

1. Mary (Polly) Baker m Patrick Milligan Sep 1846, children John and Nancy
2. Rosanna Baker b-22 Jun 1824 in Alexandria m-Edward K Spilman in 1840

Children of Samuel Bennett Baker and Elizabeth Armstrong
(All these children were born on the farm on Pond Creek Road near Grants Lick)

                   1. Sally Baker b-5 Feb 1806 d-5 Nov 1806 on Pond Creek farm
                   2. Elizabeth Baker b-5 Feb 1806 d-6 Apr 1840 in Alexandria m-William Griffey 12 Oct 1826
                   3. Mary W Baker b-24 Mar 1808 m William Colvin 10 Jan 1835
                   4. Rosanna R Baker b-31 Aug 1810 m-Edward Shaw 7 Jun 1838
                   5. Nancy Baker b-19 May 1812 d-20 Nov 1824 in Alexandria
                  6.  James A Baker b-27 Mar 1814 d-3 Apr 1903 m-Margaret Eleanor Roberts, d/o Ezekiel & Mary Roberts 11 Jun 1846
                   7. Richard Tarvin Baker b-13 Sep 1816; d-1891 in Alexandria m (1) Sarah K Beall 21Apr 1846; she died in Jan 1849;  m (2) Maria Jane Orr 9 Feb 1854 d/o John Orr. Richard graduated from Cincinnati Law School in March 1844. For nearly 30 years he was in public life having served in various capacities both locally and as a member of the State Legislature.
8. Jane G Baker b-16 July 1818 d-6 Aug 1839 in Alexandria
9. Lanson G Baker b-10 June 1821
10. John B Baker b-17 June 1824 d-12 April 1862 at Camp Cedar, Lebanon Tennessee

Children of David Baker and Nancy Galeger

1. Polly Baker b-22 June 1824; m-Patrick Milligan 10 Sep 1846
2. Rosanna Baker m-Edward K Spilman 2 Nov 1840
3. John Baker d-1856

Children of William Colvin and Mary W Baker
(William Colvin d-13 Jul 1847)

1. Martha J Colvin m-Elisha Herndon 11 Dec 1856. They had one son William b-15 Oct 1857 in
Alexandria Elisha Colvin b-1834 d-10 Apr 1858
2. Mary W Colvin m-I T Hayman 20 Apr 1857 in Alexandria

Children of James A Baker and Margaret Eleanor Roberts
(All these children were born on the farm at Pond Creek Road)

  1. Hugh Knox Baker b-3 Jan 1848 d-1873 in Alexandria, unmarried

  2. Elizabeth Eleanor Baker b-29 Nov 1849 d-23 Jul 1930 m-Robert Laurence Willis 3 Sep 1872
    3. Henry Nathaniel Baker b-6 Nov 1852 d-30 Aug 1934
    4. Samuel Bennett Baker b-12 Apr 1854 d-Sep 1934; buried Oakland Cemetery
    5. Laura Baker b-8 Sep 1855
    6. Augusta Jane Baker b-23 Apr 1857 d-23 Feb 1917, unmarried
    7. Leslie Combs Baker b-25 Mar 1859 d-24 Jan 1941
    8. Emma Baker b-21 Jun 1863 d-27 Jul 1934 m- ------ Frost
    9. Margaret S Baker b-15 Feb 1867 d-28 Feb 1934
    10. Clark Chandler Baker b-25 Feb 1869 m-Blanche Bagby 7 Oct 1908

Children of Richard Tarvin Baker and Maria Jane Orr

1. William Bennett Baker b-4 Mar 1855 in Alexandria; d-12 Mar 1911 in Jefferson Co; buried 14 Mar in Alexandria Cemetery
2. Sarah B Baker b-1861
3. Cortland Tarvin Baker b-24 Jul 1862 in Alexandria
4. John S Baker d-1886
5. Margaret Orr Baker b-1869

Children of Robert Laurence Willis and Elisabeth Eleanor Baker

(Robert Laurence Willis b-31 Jul 1850 d-20 Nov 1901)

1. Daisy Maude Willis b-15 Jun 1873 d-9 Feb 1941 unmarried
2. Clarence Sidney Willis b-9 Oct 1874 d-14 Oct 1936
3. Robert Henry Willis b-15 Oct 1877 d-10 Aug 1930
4. James Logan Willis b-24 Jan 1884
5. Claude Stanley Willis b-9 Jun 1889

Children of Clark Chandler Baker and Blanche Bagby

1. Mildred Yates Baker b-22 Jan 1910 m-Harold Fremont Shaw 7 Jul 1936
2. Anne Margaret Baker b-12 Dec 1911
3. Dorothy Dakota Baker b-30 Jan 1913

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