Families B


BAGBY, Abner and Catherine Ann

BAILEY, William Shreve and Caroline Ann

BAKER, John and Mary

BAKER, Richard Tarvin and Mary

BAKER, Thomas Jefferson and Minerva Rosetta

BAKER, William Joseph and Elizabeth

BALL, Edward Porteus and Jeanetta

BARDO, Peter N and Mary

BARNSFATHER, James Dr. and Annie

BARRY, Susan Lucy and James Taylor


BARTLOW, Albert R and Martha

BASSETT, James William and Nancy

BEAGLE, Thomas and Cecilia

BEALL, Benjamin and Jeanette

BECKER, Benjamin and Julia

BEDINGER, George and Hannah

BENHAM, Joseph Shaler and Maria Louise

BENHAM, Captain Robert and Elisabeth

BENNETT, Norval L-by Jim Reis

BENNETT, Norval L and Mattie

BERNDT, Johann and Auguste

BERRY, Albert Seaton and Ann

BERRY, Washington and Alice

BEYLAND, Ferdinand and Clara

BEZOLD, Georg and Juliana

BIEHL, Philip George and Maria Ann

BIGGS, Andrew M and Mary

BIGSTAFF, Samuel and Alice

BIRD, Charles Albert and Isabella

BLAGRAVE, Henry and Ann

BLITZ, Edward and Sarah

BOHN, Marie Family Page

BONAR, John & Mary

BOTTS Family

BOYD, Benjamin and Ellen

BROOMALL, Thomas and Sarah

BROWN, Martin J and Hattie

BROWN, Paris C and Margaret E

BRYAN, J Lyman and Nellie May

BRYAN, Mary Boone

BRYAN, William Evermont and Mary

BUDDE, Bernard John and Elizabeth Mary

BUSH, William and Elisabeth

BYLAND, Samuel and Nancy

BYRD, John Robert and Nancy


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