Confederate Soldiers

Confederate Soldiers

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In March of 1863 Captain Benjamin J Beall, a resident of Campbell County Kentucky raised about two dozen recruits in the vicinity of Alexandria in Northern Kentucky.  Beall and these “unattached” Kentuckians made their way to Saltville, Virginia to join the 10th Kentucky Cavalry, Confederate States of America.

Beall and this nucleus of Northern Kentuckians were the only members of May’s command from the bluegrass region.

Source for this information is: 10th Kentucky Cavalry, CSA: May’s-Trimble’s-Diamond’s “Yankee Chasers” by John Britton Wells III and James M. Prichard. Published: Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore, MD. 1996.


Unless otherwise stated all of the following enlisted at Alexandria, Kentucky on 1 March 1863.

ARNOLD, Colonel James M-Confederate Calvary; information comes from a newspaper article

BEALL, Benjamin J Captain. Surrendered at Covington Kentucky 30 April 1865. Resident of Campbell County in 1860.

BEGLE/BEAGLE, W B Company L., 20 Jan 1864; deserted at Johnson’s Ford, Tennessee. Resident of Campbell Co. in 1860.

BOYLE, W B Co. L.; Deserted in Tennessee 20 Jan 1864. No further record.

CALDWELL, James. 1905 Obituary

CAREY, James M 'Mat' Co. L. Recruiting in Northern Ky. Feb 63 through May 14 1863. Captured near Washington, Kentucky. Exchanged 23 March 1863. June 64 wounded and captured at Cynthiana. Exchanged and ordered to Kentucky to collect absentees, 10 Sept 1864. He took oath of loyalty in Cincinnati, Ohio 12 April 1865. Resident of Cold Spring in Campbell County.  Served previously as Capt. Co. G, 5th Kentucky Infantry.

CLARKE, William E or R Co. L.; Captured at Rheatown. Tenn., 11 Oct 1863. Resident of Campbell County 1860.

CROCKETT, Stephen S or J, Co. L.; Enlisted 1 Feb 1864 at Dublin, Va. Absent with leave, 31 Aug. 1864. Residence Campbell Co. or Kenton Co. in 1860.

DANIELS, Henry B. Took oath of loyalty April 1864

DAWSON, George W, 2nd Lieut. Co. L., Promoted to 2nd Lieut.; 18 Aug 1863. Served previously 5th Kentucky Infantry. Resident of Campbell Co. 1860.

DIAL, John T. Pardoned by Lincoln in 1863

DIAL/DEAL, William, Co. L.; Missing in Action at Cynthiana, 12 June 1864. Buried Battle Grove Cemetery at Cynthiana, Ky.  Resident of Alexandria, Campbell Co. Ky.

DYE, James Israel; Brevet 2nd Lieut., Company L.; Promoted Brevet 2nd Lieut. 18 Feb 1864. Captured at Mt. Sterling, 9 June 1864.  Sent to Johnson’s Island then transferred to Pt. Lookout for exchange 21 March 1865.  Took oath for exchange 21 March 1865. Took oath of allegiance at Ft. Delaware 9 June 1865.  He was born 19 April 1844 in Campbell Co. Ky. and died at home in Newport, Kentucky 9 July 1865 from “suffering in prison.” While being held prisoner for 12 months his weight dropped from 197 to 107 pounds.  One month after release from Ft. Delaware he died at his parents home in Newport Ky.

FISK, John W, Co. L.; Captured in action at Puncheon Creek. Ky., April 1864. Sent to Camp Morton where he took the oath 31 March 1865. Resident of Kenton County in 1860.

FURNISH, John T, Co. L.; Captured in Ky. Feb. 1864. John J. Hawkins, Co. L.; Severely wounded at Big Creek, 6 Nov 1863. “Sick at Castlewood, Va.,” 31 Aug 1864. No further record.

HELM, William. Arrested 1 Nov 1862 in Newport

LIGHTFOOT, John, Co L; Hospitalized 29 Oct 1863 at Emory & Henry Hospital Va. Discharged for disability (ulcers etc.) at Lynchburg, Va., 7 Feb 1865.  Born Pendleton Co., Ky.  Resident of Campbell Co. Ky. Occupation; Carpenter.  Age 57 at discharge.

LIGHTFOOT, William R Sgt. Co. L., Promoted to Sergeant; wounded in left thigh, broke leg and was captured at Cynthiana, 12 June 1864.  Operation shortened his leg by 2 & 1/2 inches. Sent to Louisville, Kentucky 12 Aug 1864, to Camp Chase 13 Aug 1864.  Transferred to Pt. Lookout for exchange, 12 Feb 1865.  Exchanged 21 Feb 1865.  In Wayside Hospital, Richmond, Va., 20 Feb 1865. Was age 31 in 1864, Resident of Campbell Co. in 1860.

LOGAN, Charles died in New Madrid Missouri April 1862.

McCOY, William T or S- Co. L.; Enlisted, 1 May 1863 at Saltville Va.  Captured Cynthiana 14 June 1864, to Camp Morton 25 June 1864, to Pt. Lookout for exchange 29 Feb 1865.  Surrendered Jonesboro, Tenn., 10 May 1865. Took oath at Nashville, Tenn. 22 May 1865.  Res. Campbell Co. Ky.

McINTOSH, James E Orderly Sgt. Co. L.; Surrendered at Covington, Ky., 30 April 1865. Resident of Newport, Ky.

MORIN, A Co. L.; Captured near Washington Kentucky, 23 Mar 1863 along with Capt. Carey. Transported to Lexington as POW No further records.  Was resident of Newport, Ky.

MORRIS, John A, 4th Cpl. Co. L.; Captured Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, 10 June 1864, to Rock Island, Ill. as POW, 22 June 1864 where he joined the U.S. Navy, 6 July 1864.

NYMAN, John J, Co. L.; Deserted from Emory & Henry Hospital in Va., March 1864. Resident of Campbell County.

PHILLIPS, John, Cpl. Co. L.; Captured Cynthiana, 12 June 1864, to Camp Morton, In., 25 June 1864 where he died of measles, 8 Oct. 1864. Buried Crown Hill Cemetery

RATCLIFFE/RATLIFF, Nathan, Co. L. AWOL-31 Aug 1864. Served 12 Months with 4th Va. State Line.  No further records.

RICHARDSON, George, Co. L.; Captured 23 Mar. 1863 near Washington, Kentucky with Capt. Carey. transported to Lexington as POW. No further records. Resident Newport, Ky.

RIFFE/REIF, Frank, Co. L.; Captured Cynthiana, Ky. 12 June 1864. Escaped and present, 31 Aug 1864. Detached with Captain Carey, 31 Dec 1864. Took oath at Cincinnati., Ohio 12 April 1865 age 45. Probably resident of Campbell Co. Ky. Born 19 Jan. 1819. Died 16 Aug 1880.

SPALDING, Aaron, 3rd Sgt. Co. L.; Promoted to 3rd Sgt., 18 Feb 1864.  Present on 25 Oct. 1864. No further records.  Resident of Kenton Co. Ky.

SPILLMAN, James A, Co. L.; Captured 23 Mar 1863 near Washington, Kentucky with Capt. Carey. Sent to Lexington, exchanged on unknown date.  Wounded at Mt. Sterling, 9 June 1864.  Present on 31 Aug 1864, received clothing, 14 Sept 1864.  Resident Alexandria, Ky. in 1860.

STANLEY, Chris C, 4th Cpl. Co. L.; Promoted to 4th Cpl., 10 June 1864.  Captured Cynthiana, 10 June 1864, to Camp Morton, transferred to Pt. Lookout for exchange 4 Mar. 1865.  Resident of Campbell Co.

WASHINGTON, George, Co. L.; Captured near Washington, Kentucky, 23 March, 1863 with Capt. Carey. Transported to Lexington as a POW. No further records. Resident of Newport, Ky.

WERNER, Albert; Enlisted with the First Kentucky Regiment; wounded April 1862;


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