Benjamin Beall

Benjamin and Jeanette Beall

From the Margaret Hartman files at the Campbell County Historical Society

Benjamin Beall, one of the early settlers of Campbell Co born about 1765 and a surveyor, died there the latter part of 1808 (will probated Feb l 1809).  He was married to Jeannette Hamilton Kennedy, daughter of William and Mary Kennedy, 4 Aug 1789 in Mercer Co Kentucky. Benjamin with his wife Mary and their children came to Campbell County in 1796 showing up on the 1797 tax list.  He and his father-in-law surveyed many thousands of acres of land in northern and eastern Kentucky. The area in which he lived in Campbell County he called Beallmont, and later it became part of what is now Mentor

He was commissioned an ensign in the 21st. State Militia in Campbell County on January 19, 1801.  In 1807 he was commissioned by Governor Greenup as one of the Judges of the Circuit.  He is said to have come to Kentucky from Maryland. His wife died shortly after he did in 1811 (Jeannette will probated Mar 1812). After their deaths it became necessary for the children to sell much of their parents' property in order to settle the debts, a series of deeds in the Campbell County, Ky. Court House attest to this fact.  It is believed that they were buried at the family farm in Mentor.

Beall court orders and deeds.

Jeannette Beall 1811 Will

Children of Benjamin Beall and Jeanette Hamilton Kennedy

1. William Kennedy Beall b-1790 in Mercer Co Kentucky; m-Melinda W Harris 20 Mar 1812 died 24 Dec 1815 from wounds received at the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812; was asst. Quartermaster in Gen. Hull's Army. Taken prisoner by the British; after release joined army under Gen. Andrew Jackson. no children
2. Sarah Beall; born 1791 in Mercer Co KY; m-Dr. David L Carney of Cincinnati Ohio, 2 Dec 1807; Dr. Carney b-23 Aug 1799; died 1 Aug 1856.
3. Samuel Josiah Beall b-1793 in Mercer Co KY; d. 9 Aug 1831 m. Elizabeth Ann Kennedy on Mar 16 1824, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Warren) Kennedy (Jeanette's half-brother)
4. Mary Jeanette Beall d-12 Mar 1812
5. Nancy M Beall b-1798 in Beallmont KY; m-1st James G Lindsey, son of Thomas and Rebecca (Harris) on 6 May 1815; James was born in 1790 and died in 13 Aug 1833 in California KY and was buried in the family cemetery. He was a sheriff, and a member of the State Legislature 1832-33; m-2nd Zachariah Hedger 26 Nov 1835; Zachariah b-3 Nov 1799; d-3 Nov 1842 and buried on the James G Lindsey family cemetery. Nancy died in 1856
6. Benjamin Duke Beall Jr.b-1801 in Beallmont; m. Maria Thomas, daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Kercheval) Thomas
7. George Muter Beall b-Beallmont KY; d-1829 unmarried;  will prob. Jan 6 1830
8. Elizabeth Kennedy Beagle b-1803 in Beallmont KY; m-John Beagle 22 Dec 1834 in Campbell County
9. Edwin Jeremiah Beall; b-1805 in Beallmont KY; d-16 Mar 1837; m-Lydia Smith in 1828, daughter of Archibald M & Rebecca D (Lindsey) Smith
10. James Alexander Hamilton Beall b-1809 in Beallmont KY; m-Sally L Kercheval 19 May 1832 in Campbell Co

Children of Nancy M Beall and James Gardner Lindsey

1. Thomas Lindsey; died young in California Ky.
2. Rebecca Lindsey; 1817-1905
3. Jeannette H Lindsey; 1819-1870 m-Edward P Ball, son of Thomas and Mildred (Downman) Ball 7 Jan 1841
4. Mary Lindsey; 1820-29 Sep 1869 m-William Craddock Young, had son James T who died 9 Jan 1867 13y 11m 11d
5. Ann Eliza Lindsey; m Nathan Hamilton Laycock
6. Ellen Lindsey; m ___Doherty
7. James Gardner Lindsey; m Mary M Selby
8. Sarah E Lindsey b-1833 in California.

Child of Nancy Beall and Zachariah Hedger

1. Duke Beall Hedger b-1838 in California; m-Helen M Carnes 10 Sep 1861

Children of Sarah Kennedy Beall and Dr. David L Carney

1. Sarah B Carney; b-1809 Campbell Co; d-4 Oct 1855 in Campbell Co; m-William Griffiths Jennings 31 May 1848  William was born 28 Mar 1824 Versailles, Indiana and died 3 May 1856 in Thomasville Ga.
2. William H Carney; b-1811 Campbell Co
2. Julia Carney; b-Campbell Co; m 1st-___Sallee no children; 2nd- D___ Deputy, had children Harry, Sally, Lee and David
3.Jeannette Margaret Carney; b-1814; m-James M Young 15 Nov 1834-had children Lloyd and Molly
4. Benjamin Carney b-Campbell Co
5. James Taylor Findley Carney; b-1824 in Campbell Co; m Eliza J Dorman b-1835 in Campbell Co

Children of James Taylor Findley Carney and Eliza J Dorman

1. Sarah Sophia Kate Carney; b-1855 in Flagg Spring; m-Joseph Wright
2. M M Carney (female) b-1856 in Flagg Spring; d-21 Aug 1857 in Flagg Spring
2. James Findley Carney; b-1858 in Flagg Spring; m-Charlotte Smith-had Goldie and Kate
3. Florence Miles Carney; b-7 Aug 1860 in Flagg Spring; d-Apr 1948 in Pikeville Kentucky; buried Oakland Cemetery m-Jonathan Keene Sprague 27 Apr 1880
4. Julia Carney; m-Samuel R Randall; children Ethel, Leone, Pansy
5. Alice Carney; m-Ivo Morrison; children Estelle who m-James Gibson

Children of Sarah Sophia Carney and Joseph Wright

1. Carrie Wright
2. Marion Wright; m-Edna Ross had Donald
3. Christine Wright; m-Frank Smith, son of Boone Smith and Margaret (Baker)
4. Grace Wright

Children of Florence Miles Carney and Jonathan Keene

1. Bessie Keene
2. Zola Florine Keene; born 1887 m-Miles Beamer Baker 28 June 1906; Miles born 18 May 1880, son of Thomas Jefferson Baker and Minerva Rosetta Bryan
3. Arnold Keene; m Loretta Youtsey, daughter of Albert, had Marian and Robert
4. Gladys Keene; m-Rev E L Howerton, had Ellis Paul who lived in Pikeville


Benjamin Duke Beall was one of the outstanding citizens of early Campbell County days. He was married to Maria Thomas, daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Kercheval) Thomas of Mason Co. Ky. He was clerk of the Campbell County Circuit Court for some time, and his signature can be seen on many documents in the court house at Alexandria.  He built his home for his family on the main street in Alexandria.  He and his wife gave the property to the trustees for the German Lutheran Church in Alexandria on January 24, 1850.

Children of Benjamin Duke Beall Jr. and Maria Thomas

1. Sarah Kercheval Beall; m. Richard Tarvin Baker Apr 21 1846 in Campbell Co.  He was born Sep 13, 1816 the son of Samuel Bennett & Elizabeth (Armstrong) Baker of Pond Creek area.  He died 1891 in Alexandria.  He was an outstanding lawyer in the state legislature.  They did not have any children.
2. Mary Jeannette Beall; born 5 Dec 1828 in the Beall home on the main street in Alexandria, next door to the Richard Tarvin Baker home; m-Samuel Thomas Miles 12 Nov 1846 d-7 Nov 1907 in Cincinnati and buried in Spring Grove Cemetery.
3. Benjamin Duke Beall Jr. 1830-1902 m-1st Sarah Jane Griffey, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Baker) Griffey.  Sarah was born 6 May 1829 and died 4 Dec 1854. They married 11 Nov 1843 m-2nd Dorinda Griffey 1855. 3rd-Margaret Herbert in Covington 8 Jan 1866

Children of Benjamin Duke Beall Jr. and Sarah Jane Griffey

1. Elizabeth Beall
2. Alice Beall; d-May 1910 m-J Frank Shearman
3. Duke Beall

Children of Benjamin Duke Beall Jr. and Dorinda Griffey

1. Maria Thomas Beall; 1856-1929
2. Frances Inez Beall; 1858-1904 m-Dr. William A Jordan
3. Laura Rebecca Beall; b-1 Dec 1863-27 May 1939 m-Hugh V Gavigan

Children of Samuel Josiah Beall and Elizabeth Ann Kennedy

1. Elizabeth Jane Beall b-22 Feb 1825; d-17 Jan 1884 m-Dr. Hugh Knox Rachford 1 June 1848, son of Hugh and Sarah (Kercheval) Rachford
2. Benjamin James Beall; born 1828

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