William Lumpkins

William Lumpkins born in Newport, the son of Burwell and Susan Lumpkins, enlisted in the 29th US Colored Troops Infantry on 24 Apr 1864 in Wisconsin.  He fought at the Petersburg VA battle on 30 July, 1 Oct, 4 Oct and 12 Oct.  William fought at Hatcher's Run on 30-31 Mar, and then again at Petersburg on 2 Apr. He fought along side with his brother Beverly.


Cincinnati Enquirer, 4 February 1874, page 5


JOHNNIE REIL announces himself as a candidate for Assessor in the Third War.  William Lumpkins had been mentioned as his opponent. By the way, Mr. Lumpkins was the first colored citizen that voted under the Fifteenth Amendment.

The occasion was a very special election in the Third Ward to fill a vacancy in the City Council a day or two after the Amendment had been ratified.  Lumpkins would make a lively race.


Cincinnati Enquirer, 4 February 1889, page 7


The submission in the Lumpkins case was set aside in the Chancery Court Saturday.  This is a suit to recover twenty-five acres of ground under the will of General Taylor.  When he died in 1848, one of the provisions of his will was that each of his slaves were to be set free and receive twenty-five acres of land when they became thirty years of age.

Lumpkins , who was one of his slaves, is trying to recover the land under the provision of the will and wants the will construed.


Cincinnati Enquirer, 5 October 1892, page 2


In the Police Court yesterday Squire Bodkins occupied the bench.  William Lumpkins, disorderly conduct, dismissed.


William Lumpkins and his family


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