Burrell Beverly and Susan Lumpkins

Information comes from research at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society, local newspapers, and the family records of the Taylor Family.

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Burrell Beverly Lumpkins was born a slave in Caroline Co. Virginia 9 June 1808 and was owned by a man named Lacy. In 1805 Taylor's father divided his slaves among his four children living in Kentucky. Lacy sold Burrell, along with his mother and father to General James Taylor and they then came to Newport.   In 1829 he was given in marriage to Susan who had Louisiana born in Newport in 1830. He married his second wife Keturah "Kitty" about 1854, after his first wife died and she helped raise the young children.

In section 35 of the will of General James Taylor, which was written on December 28, 1844, he made the following provisions for his slaves.

"All of my slaves who are over thirty years of age, except Thomas Fields, at my death are to be free, but are to serve to the end of the year in which I may die. Burwell, the husband of Susan, is to possess and enjoy during his life with his wife, the said fifty acres to be laid off in the Clark tract." James Taylor died November 7, 1848.

Burrell Lumpkins was freed at the end of the year with the death of James Taylor and in the census of 1850 of Free Blacks, he was listed with his family.

The Cincinnati Dailey Enquirer, 11 August 1861, page 3


Circuit Court-The only case of interest yesterday was the trial of Burrell Lumpkin, a free man of color, indicted under the statue of last winter against free negroes removing into the state. Burrell was born and raised in Kentucky (although the census records say Virginia) was formerly the slave of a man named Lacy, who sold him to the late General James Taylor, by whom he was set free. He is a drayman in Newport of irreproachable character, in fact, as good a character as any man, black or white, in the city can sustain, and has always resided here. The statue provides that after it takes effect, any negro resident who goes out of the State into a Free State shall forfeit his residence, and if he return he shall suffer the penalty of the act, which is imprisonment in the Penitentiary for not less than six years. The proof on the part of the prosecution showed that Burrell had gone to Cincinnati for a load of hay, and returned but was not positive as to his freedom, though he is free, and upon this the jury hung a double, as we suppose, and acquitted him.

It was really an affecting sight, when the jury rendered its verdict, to see the old negro, so much respected by all those who knew him, bowing his thanks to the courts and jury, and seizing his counsel, Major Hallam, by the hand with tears running down his cheeks, pouring out his unaffected gratitude with true African pathos.

James Lumkin (sic) son of the above, was also indicted for the same offense but it is appearing that he is a slave of General Taylor's heirs. Mr. Arthur entered a nolle in the case. So it appears there is some advantage in being a slave in Kentucky.

Children of Burrell Beverly Lumpkins and Susan (1811-1853)

1. Nathan Lumpkins-born Newport 1827; listed as mulatto in the 1850 census
2. Louisiana Lumpkins-born Newport 1830; m-Willis Hamilton; d-30 Mar 1884 in Covington; br-Linden Grove Cemetery
3. George Lumpkins b-1832 in Newport; m-Emma Hanshan 19 Aug 1875 in Chicago; d-before the 1890 veterans census in Chicago Ill.
4. Beverly "Burl" James Jr. Lumpkins b-1834 in Newport; drowned near Newport 15 Aug 1869; br-Newport Cemetery in Southgate; signed up for draft in the Civil War
5. John Lumpkins b-1836 in Newport; d-1897 in Covington; married Phoebe b-1842 in Manchester Ky. d-4 Oct 1888 in Covington; both buried in Linden Grove Cemetery in Covington
6. William Lumpkins b-4 Dec 1840 in Newport; m (1) Martha A Hunter 2 June 1869 in Kenton Co Ky. William served as a Union soldier in the Civil War enlisting in 1864 to the 29th US Colored Infantry; m (2) Mrs. Sarah Ducker; d-4 Sep 1919 in Dayton Oh; br-Dayton National Cemetery
7. James Lumpkins b-8 July 1843 in Newport; d-2 June 1864 in Newport; br-3 June in Newport Cemetery; m-Lucinda Allen 1858 in Newport
8. Washington Lumpkins b-8 July 1843 in Newport; m (1) Mary Ann (b-1852 in Virginia) (2) Victoria McConnico of Bracken Co Ky. 18 Apr 1888 in Campbell County; d-7 Sep 1902 in Dayton Oh; br-Dayton National Cemetery
9. Josephine Lumpkins b-1845 in Newport
11. Adison Lumpkins b-1847 in Newport
12. Keturah "Kitty" Lumpkins b-Newport 1850; d-before 1880 in Newport; m-Thornton A Davis 8 Oct 1874 in Newport

Child of Burrell Lumpkins and Kitty

1. Milly Lumpkins b-1854 in Newport

Burell's sister Kitty Lumpkins Obituary 

Burwell died May 9, 1881 in Newport and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery May 11, 1881.  He was buried in public ground, although there was a provision in James Taylor's will that they could be buried in his lot.  There was also a provision in James Taylor's will that said if any of Burwell's sons would remain enslaved to his son, James Taylor Jr. until they reached the age of 30, they would be willed property and money. His sons completed their part and had to sue the Taylor estate for property and money that was willed to them, but that James Taylor Jr. did not deed to them.

Former Slaves of James Taylor File Lawsuit-1883

One of Burrell's sons, William participated in the Colored Republican League Club

Children of James Lumpkins and Phoebe

1. Mary Lumpkins b-14 Aug 1868 in Covington Ky. d-13 July 1890 in Covington; br-Linden Grove Cemetery
2. William Lumpkins b-1 May 1871 in Covington; d-13 Sep 1872 in Covington; br-Linden Grove Cemetery

Lumpkins listed in the Newport City Directory

1860-Lumpkins, B. teamster, swc Bellevue & East Row
1861-Lumpkins, Bearl, dray, 218 Bellevue
1866-67-Lumbers, B. laborer wks Gaylord's Foundry
1867-68-Lumpkins, Burrell h. 218 Bellevue

1872-73-Lumpkin, Burrel laborer h 218 Bellevue
Lumpkins, Wm-h 153 York

1878-79-Lumpkins, Burrel (c) laborer res 16 Saratoga
Lumpkins, John (c) cook Day House in Covington
Lumpins, Robert (c) railroad hand res 8 Central Ave

1882-83-Lumpkins, Carter B musician h 62 E 3rd in Covington
Lumpkins, Lucinda, laundry h 62 E 3rd in Covington

1888-89-Lumpkins, Wm porter h 82 Central Ave
Lumpkins, Mary res with Phoebe
Lumpkins, Phoebe, widow of John, res Prospect Ave in Covington

1895-Lumpkins, Mrs. Victoria h 92 Putnam
Lumpkins, Wm, laborer h 109 E 11th

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