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Third Generation

30. Samuel FRYE11,31 was born in 1729 in Perkiomen, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.8 He served in the military in 1776 at Virginia Infantry in Revolutionary War.11 He died on 15 August 1814 at the age of 85 in Carroll Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.5,41

Samuel was willed 168 acres on the North Fork of the Shenandoah which was likely where the family first lived when coming to Virginia. A deed lease & release, 5-6 May 1755 shows Samuel paying William Hubers for this property [the will did instruct Samuel to pay his siblings for the tract - his father apparently had originally purchased it from Huber].

In 1758, Lt. Samuel Fry raised a force of about 30-40 men to pursue the Indians that had killed five members of the Young family and carried off two of the daughters - they were able to retrieve the girls when the Indians ran off. The incident took place near the place Zane's forge would be built and about two miles east of the Ben Fry homestead on Cedar Creek. Samuel would have been about 28 or so, so this is surely this Samuel Fry. Likely the rank of lieutenant was bestowed by his neighbors.
Frey Family Association Journal, Spring 2011, p.34
Note: I suspect the Young family may have been related in some way to Agnes Young, wife of Samuel's oldest brother, Abraham.

Moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania c1768.

An old family group sheet says that a Virginia Land Grant issued to him dated 30 Dec 1784 for Revolutionary War Service. I believe this may be a misunderstanding as I found on the Internet another note stating that that a warrant was issued for 293 acres, "Christian's Queen" on Maple Creek adjoining lands of Abraham Frye, the land surveyed for Samuel Frye 23 Nov 1785. "Samuel's Farm", 236 was granted Frederick Cooper, 22 Feb 1780 who afterwards sold the same to Samuel Frye, who had it surveyed 22 Nov 1785.

Samuel is listed in the DAR database. He served in the Infantry, presumably from VA.

Buried Samuel Fry Cemetery near Charleroi, Washington County, PA

Samuel FRYE and Christena SPEARS were married on 24 September 1767 in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia.11 Christena SPEARS, daughter of HENRY SPEERS and REGINA FROMAN, was born on 17 February 1752.11 She died on 9 November 1841 at the age of 89 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.11

Mr. Adams has given a birthplace as Winchester, in Frederick Co VA. If the family came from Germany to Pennsylvania in 1772, just before the death of Henry's father, then Christena was surely born in Germany - this date of arrival appears to be the error.

Buried Fry Cemetery near Charleroi, Washington County, PA

Samuel FRYE and Christena SPEARS had the following children:



Rebecca FRYE.



Rachel FRYE.



Christina FRYE.



Nancy FRYE.



Elizabeth FRYE.



Samuel FRYE Jr..



Catherine FRYE.



Sarah FRYE.



Henry S. FRYE was born on 27 June 1786.11 He died in 1789 at the age of 3.11



Mary "Polly" FRYE.



Isaac FRYE.



Abraham FRYE.