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Second Generation

3. BENJAMIN FREY2,11,16,17,18,19 was born in 1696 in Roxborough, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.8 He died in March 1753 at the age of 57 in Frye's Fort, Frederick County, Virginia.8

Proof that Benjamin was a son of Heinrich is roundabout. The diaries of Moravian missionaries mention "Benjamin Frey, the brother of William Frey of Faklner Swamp, PA". There is also a receipt signed by William Frey stating he had gotten his share of his father's, Heinrich Frey, estate from his brother Jacob. This William did live at Falkner Swamp in PA. If William was a son of Heinrich and brother to Benjamin, then Benjamin is also a son of Heinrich.

Heinrich Frey moved from Roxborough to Towamencin Creek in 1709 when Benjamin was a boy.

29 Nov 1732. Province of PA issued a warrant to Benjamin Frey for a tract of land situate on North Branch of Perkiomen Creek in the County of Philadelphia. This was the Falkner Swamp Area. The survey was done 30 Apr 1736. However, Benjamin had obviously been living there for several years because in 1728 Benjamin Fry, along with Jost Hite & other settlers of Falner Swamp petitioned the Governor of PA for protection from the Indians. The patent was not signed by Thomas Penn until 11 Feb 1740, PB A-9, p.173. Recorded 20 Mar 1740.

A list of Landholders of Philadelphia Co in 1734 includes Benjamin Fry with 100 acres; he was listed next to Jacob "Mirkle", possible brother-in-law. THE PENNSYLVANIA GENEALOGICAL MAGAZINE, Vol. 1

29 Nov 1734, Philadelphia County, warrant for 100 acres between Skippack & Perkeomie Creeks next to Widdow Paulin's Mill for 15 #'s 10 shillings and yearly quit-rent of one half-penny per acres. To be surveyed for Benjamin Fry. [Digitized at Ancestry]

Benjamin received a patent from the Penns on 11 Feb 1740 for 100 acres on Perkiomen Creek in Montgomery Co PA adj Pennypacker's Mill on the north and the Pawling land on the south. [This may have been the confirmation of ownership needed for Benjamin to dispose of his Pennsylvania land.]

Removed to Virginia 1736-1739. They were likely Moravian.

It is believed the Freys settled on 168 acres on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River, north of the present town of Woodstock. Benjamin's will indicated a bequest to his son Samuel of this 168 acres, "being the place that formerly was William Hovers". This land was situated within the bounds of the disputed land between Hite-McKay and Lord Fairfax. If Benjamin Frey had first contracted with his brother-in-law Jost Hite to settle on the disputed land, he may have chosen to purchase from Hover in order to have a clear title to land. This is likely where the Freys lived after departing Pennsylvania and before settling on Cedar Creek.

June 1744, Benjamin Frey, Sr. bought 500 acres on Cedar Creek in Frederick County VA. Benjamin was already a resident of Frederick Co. when he made this purchase, probably on the North Shenandoah River, part of the 140,000 acre tract of Jost Hite, a former neighbor in Pennsylvania. The two story stone house built on Cedar Creek was known as Fry's Fort. When Shenandoah County VA was formed in 1772 part of Frye land was in that county. Cedar Creek is the boundary between Shenandoah/Frederick Counties and the land lay on both sides of Cedar Creek. Frye's Fort is on the Shenandoah side.

Frederick County Court Order Book 1, p.135
13 Jul 1744
"John Richards in Open Court Acknowledged his deeds of Lease & Release to Benjamin Fry which on his motion is admitted to record."
Court Order Book 2, p.145
8 Aug 1746 John Richards was ordered to pay both Abraham and Benja. Fry 250#'s tobacco for attending 10 days as an Evidence against Isaac McOwning. A jury trial awarded Richards 5#'s tobacco in a suit against McOwning.
Frey Family Association Journal, Spring 2011, p.26

An article in the FREY JOURNAL, Spring, 2001 attempts to locate the original land of Benjamin Frey. The land of Jost Hite's was disputed by Thomas Lord Fairfax resulting in a 35 year court battle. Benjamin appears to have had a tract in the Seven Bends area of the north Fork of the Shenandoah near the Bowmans. Fairfax also issued warrants for some of the same land forcing some of the Hite settlers to abandon their claims - among them Benjamin Frey. 168 acres of this North Fork land was sold by Lord Fairfax on 6 May 1749 to William Hubers. Benjamin repurchased this 168 acre tract as evidenced in his Will of 6 Nov 1753 as "the Place that Formerly was William Hovers". He willed the land to his son Samuel who received a deed from William Hubers & wife on 6 May 1755. This tract was some 25 miles from Benjamin Frey's home on Cedar Creek.

23 Jul 1747. Moravian missionaries Leonhard Schnell and Vitus Handrup visited with Benjamin Frey, William Frey's brother, at Cedar Creek. 9 Dec 1749 Schnell and John Brandmueller visited with Benjamin Frey; "Brandmueller had fallen in the Cedar Creek and had become wet, he had an opportunity at Frey's to dry himself."

Frederick County Court Order Book 3, p.426
14 May 1751
Benjamin Fry acknowledged his deed of gift to Joseph Fry and Christian the wife of said Benjamin relinquished her right of Dower. On the motion of Joseph admitted to record.
Frey Family Association Journal, Spring 2011, p.28

Will dated Aug 27, 1753 and proved Nov 6, 1753. Wife Cristen to live with son Joseph.on the remainder of the homestead [Abraham had previously been deeded 200 acres.] Jacob had already acquired a Fairfax patent for land downstream of his father. Joseph's deed shows his land bounded both his brother Abraham and Jacob. Executors: sons, Abraham and Henry. Names sons, Jacob, Samuel, Benjamin, William. Daughters: Cristen, Elizabeth. There were bequests of money to Jacob, Benjamin Jr, Cristin, William & Elizabeth - perhaps to equal the distribution to his children. Samuel inherited the 168 acre tract on the North Shanandoah River where he was probably living at the time. Son Henry is know to have owned property in the Capon Valley.
Benjamin Frey's original will is in the County Clerk's office. He signed the will himself in English but the letters appear to have been written with difficulty.

Benjamin and Christen are believed buried in the family cemetery on the original tract of land along Cedar Creek.

BENJAMIN FREY and REGINA CHRISTENA ?MARKLEY were married about 1721 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. REGINA CHRISTENA ?MARKLEY19,20, daughter of Abraham MARKLEY and Anna Veronica LANDVATTER, was born on 20 March 1699 in Bonfeld, Wuerttenburg, Germany.20 She died in 1760 at the age of 61 in Cedar Creek, Shenandoah County, Virginia.20

The wife of Benjamin is not proved. May have been daughter of Abraham Merklel of Bonfeld, Germany. Wife is also seen as "Anna Christena" and "Christena Anne" and "Christian". Hank Adams also thinks Benjamin's wife may have been a sister to the wife of Jost Hite.

Benjamin Frey's Will names his wife as "beloved wife Cristen".

Found in an upright file in the Montgomery Co PA Historical Society are records of the Merkle/Markley family which contain the birth of a daughter Regina Christena on 20 Mar 1699. There was also an older sister, Anna Maria, born 16 Jan 1687 - she married Justus Heydt [Jost Hite] on 11 Nov 1704. Benjamin Frey lived adjacent to the Hites in the Falkner Swamp Area, as well as next to Jacob Merkle, brother of these two sisters. The parents of Regina Christena & Anna Maria were Abraham & Anna Veronica Merkle. The choice of the name Abraham for a son of Benjamin & Christen might indicate the boy was named for her father. However, Benjamin also had a probable brother named Abraham.

BENJAMIN FREY and REGINA CHRISTENA ?MARKLEY had the following children:



Elizabeth FREY was born (date unknown).

Charles Burgess, historian of HFFA, stated that Benjamin & Christian did not have a daughter named Elizabeth [Hank Adams said she married a Henry Spears], when he was listing errors in the newly published Twigs of the Tree of Heinrich Frey. However, the will of Benjamin mentions a daughter Elizabeth in two different places.






Henry FRYE.



Jacob FRYE.



Joseph FRY.



Samuel FRYE.



Benjamin FRYE Jr..



Christena Anne FRYE.



William FRYE.