Fourth Generation

105. Sarah Arminda Ellen "Minda" DENNIS was born on 25 November 1867.24,45 She died on 9 April 1958 at the age of 90.

An online database gives her name as Sarah Arminda Ellen Dennis, born 25 Nov 1867, died 9 Apr 1947. She married John Whitley Bean and six children were listed. The 1910 census indicates they were married circa 1895.

1900 Census. Civil Dist 10, Jackson Co TN, Hh 45
John W. Bean, b. May 1876, age 24, married for 6 years. Born TN as were his parents.
Sarrah A., wife, b. Nov 1867, age 32, has had 3 children. Born TN as were her parents.
Albert Lee, son, b. Apr 1897, age 3
Lucy Ann, dau, b. Nov 1898, age 1
Harvey H., son, b. Apr 1900, age 2 months

This might be John's father living next door in Hh 46
Joseph Bean, b. Sept 1853, age 46, married 27 years, b. TN, father b. NC, mother b. TN
Nancy Jane, wife, b. Jun 1858, age 42, has six children, b. TN as were her parents
Henry Morgan, son, b. Jan 1878, age 21
Wiley, son, b. Jun 1882, age 18
I believe Wiley, Henry, and likely the above John could have been sons of an earlier wife since Nancy stated she had six children, and six children follow.
Amanda, dau, b. May 1886, age 14
Thomas, son, b. Mch 1888, age 12
Nancy, dau, b. May 1891, age 9
Celey A., dau, b. Aug 1895, age 4
Robert, son, b. Sep 1896, age 3
Lidie Ann, dau, b. Dec 1897, age 2

I looked back to 1880 to find the young John Whitley Bean and found in District 10, Jackson Co, TN, the following family. As usual names and ages of the Beans are confused and confusing, but I do believe this is likely the same man - and it appears possible Joseph or Josiah Bean had two wives named Nancy.
Hh 1 of the 10th Civil District:
Josiah Bean, age 25, b. TN, father b. NC, mother b. TN
Nancy, wife, age 29, b. TN, parents b. NC
Samuel H., son, age 18. [I think this is an error and he was much more likely age 8.]
John W., son, age 6.
James A., son, age 3.
Henry M., son, age 2.

Living next door, alone, was a Wiley Night, age 73, b. NC - he may very will be Wiley Knight and the father of Nancy, Josiah or Joseph's first wife. Notice that the son born in 1882 and in the 1900 census, was named Wiley Bean. I didn't find Wiley Night in 1870, but I did in 1860 and he had a daughter Nancy although the age, as is often the case is wrong - he was in District 11, Jackson Co, Mayfield P.O. and was age 44, born in NC - his wife was Nancy, age 45, b. NC. His children all born in Tennessee: Samuel 19, Nancey 15, Nancey Clinton age 7 [stepchild?] and William Night, age 6. Wiley Knight entered land next to a James Bean some years earlier. Online databases do have Joseph Bean's wife as Nancy "Night".
James Bean enters 100 acres on N side Blackburns Fork begin on post SE corner of Nat Kuykendalls 320 acre tract; South to Martin Dowells line; to Aron Browns line; to Willy Knights 100 acre tract, N to Will Knights 150 acre tract. 16 Jul 1844.

1910 Census. Civil Dist 10, Jackson Co, TN, Hh 48
John W. Bean, age 35, married 1 time for 15 years.
Mendy, wife, age 42, has had six children.
Albert L., son, age 13
Lucy A., dau, age 12
Harvey H., son, age 11
William, son, age 8
Elbert, son, age 4
Ernest C., son, age 5 months
They were on the same census page with Minda's parents.

and Joseph Bean was also on the same census page in 1910, Hh 53. He now has his third wife:
Joseph Bean, age 56, married 3 times, for 5 years this last time
Susan, wife, age 30, married 1 time for 5 years,
Morgan, son, age 30 [son of the first wife named Nancy]
Nancy, 18; Ceily 16; Robert 15, Lidda 13, William 11 [probably all children of 2nd wife Nancy Jane]
Helley [female, I think] age 4, Sarry, age 2, and Hiram age 8 months [children of Susan]

1920 Census. District 10, Jackson Co TN Hh 156
John Bean, age 46. Minda, wife, age 51
Lucy M., daughter, 22. Haskell, son, 20. Wm. Edgbert, son, age 18. Elbert, son, age 13. Earnest C., son, age 11.
on the next page, Hh 157, was eldest son Albert, age 24; his wife Vallie, age 23, and Carl Paskell, their son, age 5.

1930 Census. Dist 10, Jackson, TN, Hh 180
John W. Bean, 53, married at age 20
Mada, wife, m. at age 28
Earnest, son, 21
Henry M., brother, 52

1940 Census. Jackson Co, TN, Hh 145
Lived in rural Jackson Co 5 years ago.
John Bean, 65, b. TN
Mindie, wife, 72, b. TN
Earnest, son, 28, b. TN
Morgan, brother, 62, b. TN

Tennessee Death Certificate #58-11623
Arminda Ellen Bean died 9 Apr 1958, age 90. She was born 25 Nov 1867. Minda died in the Sparta Convalescent Home in Sparta. Her address was Rt. 3, Cookeville and she was a widow. Husband was John W. Bean. Her father was Leroy Dennis; her mother Mary Bean. Ernest Bean was the informant. She died of a cerebral thrombosis. Buried Burris Cemetery.

John and Sarah are buried Burris Cemetery, Gainesville, Jackson Co, TN. They share a grave marker.

Sarah Arminda Ellen "Minda" DENNIS and John Whitley BEAN were married on 16 September 1894 in Jackson, Tennessee. John Whitley BEAN, son of Josiah/Joseph BEAN and Nancy Amanda KNIGHT/NIGHT, was born on 15 January 1874. He died on 9 June 1947 at the age of 73.

1880 Census. District 10, Jackson Co, TN, Hh 1
Josiah Bean, 25. Born TN, father b. NC, mother b. TN
Nancy, wife, 29. Born TN, both parents born NC
Samuel H. 18, son [not possible - may have been age 8!]
John W., 6, son
James A., 3, son
Henry M., 2, son
Hh 2
Wiley Night, age 73, b. NC parents b. NC (may be Nancy's father]
Hh 7 is LeeRoy & Mary A. Dennis with Minda 12, Jennie 9, and Isibelle, age 2.
Minda Dennis - John W. Bean's future wife.

Jackson Co TN Court records:
about 1898 Leroy Dennis gave deposition in the complaint of Albert Bean, et. al. vs. John Clinton, et. al. that identifies him as father-in-law to John Bean (husband to his daughter Arminda Dennis).
Quest. What relation are you to Complainant John Bean?
Ans. I am his father-in-law.
L. W. Dennis (his mark)
THE BILL OF COMPLAINT of Albert Bean, J. W. Stafford and W. W. Draper against
John Bean, Morgan Bean and Wiley Bean, all of Jackson Co. TN.
No date.
Complainants Albert Bean and defendants John, Morgan and Wiley Bean are the
joint owners of the following described tract of land , to wit, lying and being
in the 10th Civil District of Jackson Co. TN on the waters of Blackburn's fork
of Roaring River . . . P. M. Wassom's northwest corner . . . around to Elijah
Wassom's north boundary line . . . to Wm. Bean's west boundary line . . . to
Jas. Night's [Knight's] south boundary line . . . to Wm. Sliger's west boundary
line . . . to M. C. Garrison's line . . . John Clinton's south boundary line . .
. James Stult's south boundary line . . . Lafayette Garrison's east boundary
line . . . John L. Bean's east boundary line . . .Elijah Wassom's east boundary
line . . . P. M. Wassom's north boundary line . . .
Each of the parties above named own one quarter undivided interest in said land
subject however to an estate for and during the natural life of Joseph Bean
therein and which will terminate at his death.
. . . [Albert Bean] charges that the three shares of his brother's, to wit,
John, Morgan and Wiley Bean . . .
Deposition taken: no date.

World War I Draft Registration.
12 Sep 1918
John Whitley Bean of Rt. 3, Cookeville, Putnam, TN, was age 44, born 15 Jan 1874. He was a farmer. Nearest relative Arminda Bean. He was tall, medium build, blue eyes, light hair.

Tennessee Death Certificate #17498
John Whitney [sic- his name mispelled] Bean died 9 Jan 1947 [his grave marker has 15 Jan 1947]. He lived at Rt. 3, Cookeville and his wife was still living. John was born 8 Jan 1874, Jackson Co TN and was age 73y 5m and 1d at his death. His wife Armenda Bean was age 79. He had been a farmer. His parents marked as unknonw. Earnest Bean of Cookeville was the informant. John died of cancer of the bladder and was buried Burris Cemetery.

The recording of his death did state that his father was Joe Bean.

Sarah Arminda Ellen "Minda" DENNIS and John Whitley BEAN had the following children:



Albert Lee BEAN.



Lucy Ann BEAN was born in November 1898 in Jackson County, Tennessee.



Harvey Haskell BEAN was born in April 1900 in Jackson County, Tennessee.



William Edgbert BEAN was born on 12 June 1901 in Jackson County, Tennessee. He died on 4 January 1971 at the age of 69.

Married Cora Belle Putty. Buried Crest Lawn Cemetery, Cookeville, Putnam Co, TN.

Cora Belle was born 1 Mar 1906, died 27 Nov 1969. Daughter of Columbus Preston Putty and Fannie E. Bradford.



Elbert BEAN was born on 22 October 1906 in Jackson County, Tennessee. He died on 20 March 1920 at the age of 13 in Jackson County, Tennessee.

Buried Burris Cemetery, Gainesville, Jackson Co, TN in the same cemetery as his parents.



Ernest C. BEAN was born on 22 November 1909 in Jackson County, Tennessee. He died on 2 September 1986 at the age of 76.

Buried Burris Cemetery, Gainesville, Jackson Co TN