Third Generation

15. LEROY W. DENNIS3 was born on 8 August 1844 in Jackson County, Tennessee.1,5,6,7,20,21,22,23,24 He died on 22 November 1923 at the age of 79 in Jackson County, Tennessee.5

Bobby Fox's file gave a birth year of 1848. The 1850 census has Leroy as age 7, born 1843/4. An 1860 Jackson Co Census transcript lists Leroy's age as 16 which would mean he was born in 1843, not 1848. The 1880 Census gives his age as 36 - this also figures out to a birth year of 1843/4. The 1920 Census gives age of 78 - born 1842.

In 1860, the family was all enumerated as "Davis".

1870 Census. Probably Leroy. Dist 12, Jackson Co TN
Hh 84.
Leroy D Denis, age 23, farmer, b. TN
Mary, age 23, b. TN
Sarah A. , age 3. [this child seems to be "Minda" in 1880 - was she something like Sarah Amanda?]

1880 Census. District 1, Jackson Co TN, Hh 7
Leeroy Dennis, age 36. Mary A. 32. Minda 12. Jennie 9. Isibelle 2.
All b. TN as were their parents.

Found in family tree on
about 1898 Leroy Dennis gave deposition in the complaint of Albert Bean, et. al. vs. John Clinton, et. al. that identifies him as father-in-law to John Bean (husband to his daughter Arminda Dennis). DEPOSITION: LEROY DENNIS.
Quest. What relation are you to Complainant John Bean? Ans. I am his father-in-law. L. W. Dennis (his mark)
THE BILL OF COMPLAINT of Albert Bean, J. W. Stafford and W. W. Draper against John Bean, Morgan Bean and Wiley Bean, all of Jackson Co. TN. No date. Complainants Albert Bean and defendants John, Morgan and Wiley Bean are the joint owners of the following described tract of land , to wit, lying and being in the 10th Civil District of Jackson Co. TN on the waters of Blackburn's fork of Roaring River . . . P. M. Wassom's northwest corner . . . around to ElijahWassom's north boundary line . . . to Wm. Bean's west boundary line . . . to Jas. Night's [Knight's] south boundary line . . . to Wm. Sliger's west boundary line . . . to M. C. Garrison's line . . . John Clinton's south boundary line . .. James Stult's south boundary line . . . Lafayette Garrison's east boundary line . . . John L. Bean's east boundary line . . .Elijah Wassom's east boundar yline . . . P. M. Wassom's north boundary line . . . Each of the parties above named own one quarter undivided interest in said land subject however to an estate for and during the natural life of Joseph Bean therein and which will terminate at his death. . . . [Albert Bean] charges that the three shares of his brother's, to wit, John, Morgan and Wiley Bean
. . . ALBERT BEAN ET. AL. VS. JOHN CLINTON, ET. AL. Deposition taken: no date.

1900 Census states that Leroy & Mary A. had been married for 34 years, so they married about 1866.
Civil District 10, Jackson Co, TN, Hh 51
Leroy Dennis, b. Oct 1844. Age 55, married 34 years.
Mary A. Dennis, wife, b. Oct 1845, age 54, 5 children, all living
William, son, b. Jul 1885, age 14.

1910 Census. Leroy was age 62, Mary age 64. They had been married for 45 years. "Leler" a granddaughter, age 15, was living with them. Her occupation given as Servant. No different surname is given for Lela and she's slightly too old to be a daughter of any of their children, so there is a slight mystery about Lela's identification. Daughter Minda married a Bean, but she had no daughter of this name in the censuses. "Delia" is a name used several times in the family and is very similar to Lela, but there seems to be no grandchild of that name, the right age, either. Perhaps the enumerator was mistaken about the relationship.

1920 Census. Civil District 10, Jackson Co, TN Hh 24
LeRoy Dennis, age 78
Mary Ann, wife, age 75

LEROY W. DENNIS and MARY ANN BEAN were married in 1866.23 MARY ANN BEAN21,22,23, daughter of WILLIAM "BILLY" BEAN and ELLENDA BURRIS, was born on 26 October 1845 in Jackson County, Tennessee.5,20,24 She died on 14 August 1921 at the age of 75.5

Middle initial was A. in 1880 Census. Have seen her name as Mary Ann and as Mary Etta - not sure which is correct. Mary A. in 1900; she stated in that Census that she'd had 5 children, all living. Mary Ann in 1920 Census. Only the Bean family had her name as Mary Etta.

Listed as age 75 in 1920 Census.

She is buried Burris Cemetery, Gainesboro, Jackson Co TN. Her stone has her year of birth as 1844, rather than 1845.

LEROY W. DENNIS and MARY ANN BEAN had the following children:



Sarah Arminda Ellen "Minda" DENNIS.






Ada Isibelle DENNIS.



William H "Willie" DENNIS.