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Joseph BLACK / Margaret COLE

Joseph BLACK / Margaret COLE

Husband : Joseph BLACK

Male Born : 17 OCT 1843at :
Baptised : 27 FEB 1842at : Bristol Twp, Pontiac, Quebec
Married : 10 JUL 1868at : St Matthews Anglican, Charteris, Quebec
Died : 20 AUG 1919at : Clarendon Front, Pontiac, Quebec
Buried : 1919at : St Georges Anglican, Thorne Centre, Pontiac, Quebec
Father : John BLACK
Mother : Sarah Jane ATKINSON
Spouses : Margaret COLE
Notes : [987]

Wife : Margaret COLE

Female Born : abt 1847at : Clarendon, Pontiac, Quebec
Died : 20 AUG 1919at : Clarendon Front, Pontiac, Quebec
Buried : 1919at : St Georges Anglican, Thorne Centre, Pontiac, Quebec
Father : Samuel COLE
Mother : Rachel CORBETT
Spouses : Joseph BLACK
Notes : [988]

Family :
  • CENSUS: 1881, Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec
  • CENSUS: 1891, Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec
  • CENSUS: 1901, Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec
  • CENSUS: 1911, Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec


Name : Susan Brown BLACK [989]
Female Born : 25 OCT 1865at : Thornby, Pontiac, Quebec
Baptised : 25 OCT 1868at :
Married : 18 SEP 1889at : Clarendon Anglican, Pontiac Quebec
Died : 1945at : Campbell's Bay, Pontiac Co, Quebec
Buried : at : St Andrews United, Campbell's Bay, Que
Spouses : Samuel HARRISON

Name : Eliza Jane BLACK
Female Born : 13 DEC 1869at : Ladysmith, Pontiac, Quebec
Baptised : 14 SEP 1870at : St Matthews Anglican, Charteris, Quebec
Married : 23 OCT 1894at : Clarendon Anglican, Pontiac Quebec
Died : 23 JUN 1949at : Rooney, Quebec
Buried : 26 JUN 1949at : St Georges Anglican, Thorne Centre, Pontiac, Quebec
Spouses : Robert Donaldson ROONEY

Name : Rachel Anne BLACK
Female Born : 18 DEC 1871at : Ladysmith, Pontiac, Quebec
Baptised : 22 DEC 1872at : St Matthews Anglican, Charteris, Quebec
Married : 22 JUN 1892at : Clarendon Methodist, Pontiac, Quebec
Died : 25 DEC 1958at : Brockville, Leeds, Ontario
Buried : at : St Andrews United, Campbell's Bay, Que
Spouses : James SPARLING

Name : William John Atkinson BLACK
Male Born : 15 OCT 1875at : Ladysmith, Pontiac, Quebec
Baptised : 26 AUG 1876at :
Married : 22 APR 1903at : Leslie and Thorne, Quebec
Died : 20 APR 1956at : Pontiac County Hosp, Shawville, Quebec
Buried : at : St Georges Anglican, Thorne Centre, Pontiac, Quebec
Spouses : Sarah Ann SYLVESTER

Name : Agnes Lavina BLACK [990]
Female Born : 02 JUL 1878at : Ladysmith, Pontiac, Quebec
Married : 17 FEB 1897at : Leslie and Thorne Anglican, Pontiac, QC
Died : 24 MAR 1960at : St Vincent Hosp, Ottawa, Ontario
Buried : at : Pinecrest Cemetery, Section H Lot 165
Spouses : Henry STEPHENS

Name : Maude Mary BLACK
Female Born : 16 JUL 1880at : Ladysmith, Pontiac, Quebec
Baptised : 20 OCT 1882at :
Married : 16 JUL 1902at : Otter Lake, Leslie, Pontiac, Quebec
Died : 31 JUL 1960at :
Buried : at : St Georges Anglican, Campbell's Bay, QC
Spouses : John Heman DAGG

Name : Margaret Ethel BLACK [954]
Female Born : 08 SEP 1883at : Ladysmith, Pontiac, Quebec
Married : 1903at : Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario
Died : 07 FEB 1975at : Campbell's Bay, Pontiac Co, Quebec
Buried : at : St Andrews United, Campbell's Bay, Que
Spouses : John Joseph KNIPE

Name : Katie Florence Pearl BLACK
Female Born : 10 JAN 1891at : Ladysmith, Pontiac, Quebec
Baptised : 26 APR 1892at :
Married : 15 JUN 1909at : Leslie and Thorne Anglican, Pontiac, QC
Died : 07 APR 1968at : Campbell's Bay, Pontiac Co, Quebec
Buried : at : St Georges Anglican, Campbell's Bay, QC
Spouses : Silas STEPHENS , William John STEWART

Name : Joseph Albert Nathan Earl BLACK
Male Born : 10 JAN 1891at : Ladysmith, Pontiac, Quebec
Died : 11 APR 1892at : Ladysmith, Pontiac, Quebec
Buried : 20 APR 1892at : St Georges Anglican, Campbell's Bay, QC
Spouses :

Name : Clarence Albert MULLIGAN
Male Born : 14 MAR 1893at :
Died : at :
Spouses :



August 28, 1919

Shocking Accident at Palmer's Crossing, C. N. R.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Black, an aged and well known couple, lifetime residents of Thorne West, were killed by the engine of a ballast train at the C. N. R. crossing near Charles Palmer's, Clarendon Front, about 8 o'clock on Wednesday evening last. The circumstances connected with the sad accident stated briefly, are these:

The deceased couple during the day drove from their home to Shawville and visited Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Black, the former being a nephew of Joseph Black and the latter a sister of his wife. After tea Mr. Black expressed a desire to see his old friends the Palmer family, who formerly were residents of Leslie. But he was not quite sure of the road and so Thomas said if they would wait a few minutes till he got ready he would accompany the old people, which
accordingly did. Arriving at Palmer's-which is only a few miles from Shawville, and a short distance south of the railway track-Thomas Black at once turned for home, remarking that he supposed they would have no trouble in making their way back again. Mr. Joseph Black said "no", and that they only intended to remain a few minutes.

Thomas went on and when he had proceeded scarcely a mile north of the track he heard a train whistle for the crossing: but he heard nothing of the accident till he reached home. It seems just a moment after the aged couple left the Palmer home on their return drive to Shawville, Mr. Charles Palmer saw the train approaching the crossing, and shouting with all his might to warn them of the danger; but somehow they did not hear the warning, nor apparently see the train, although the view in both directions at this point is said to be good. The old man was driving a rather spirited horse and he may have thought he could make the crossing ahead of the engine; at all events, on they went to death. The horse and conveyance were caught squarely by the locomotive, although the train crew had applied the brakes and did all that was possible to avoid the collision, and horse, buggy and occupants were hurled to destruction. Mr. Black was badly mangled and died almost instantly; Mrs. Black had one leg broken and received a terrible gash in the left side of her head. She never regained consciousness and died about an hour after the accident. The horse was cut completely in two and its hinder portion strewn for yards along the track.

Clarence Caldwell had Dr. Powles on the spot in a very short time after word of the accident reached Shawville by phone; but of course little could be done in the way of surgical aid.
The residents of the whole community rapidly gathered at the scene of the accident among them Coroner H. S. Elliot, who took such action as he considered necessary under the circumstances.
The bodies of the victims of the accident were conveyed to Shawville during the night by Undertaker Hayes and prepared for burial. Next day about noon they were conveyed to their late home by relatives. A sadder home-going could hardly be imagined!
Six daughters and one son survive to mourn the tragic death of their aged parents, and it is needless to say the sympathy of the whole country side goes out to the bereaved family in the great loss they have sustained. The late Mr. Black was 76 years old and his wife had reached the age of 70. The double funeral took place on Saturday morning to the Anglican church and burial ground at Thorne Centre.

There was a large attendance. Rev. L. Strowbridge of Otter Lake conducted the service.

September 18, 1919



The death of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Black, whose sudden end was mentioned in THE EQUITY a short time ago, has cast a gloom over the neighborhood where they spent their lifetime. Just a year ago on the 16th of July they celebrated their golden wedding.

They leave to mourn the loss of kind and loving parents, six daughters and two sons, also thirty grand children and two great-grand children. The funeral, which took place from their late home to St. George's Church, Thorne Centre, was largely attended by friends and neighbors, some coming from Bristol, Campbell's Bay and Shawville, to pay their last respects to those who were loved so well.

The six sons-in-law acted as pallbearers for Mr. Black, namely, James Sparling, Robert Rooney, Henry and Silas Stephens, Herman Dagg and John Knipe; and six grand sons bore the remains of Mrs. Black the their last resting place: Albert, Robbie, and Roy Sparling, Lawrence and Percy Rooney, and Marshall Knipe. It was sad indeed, to see the two hearses, driven by Mr. Ringrose of Campbell's Bay and Mr. Bretzlaff, of Ladysmith, with their precious burdens, leaving the home which had been their's for fifty-one happy years, and from which they had gone only a few days previously in the usual health.

The daughters are Jennie (Mrs. R. Rooney): Annie (Mrs. James Sparling): Lavina (Mrs. Henry Stephens): Maud (Mrs. Herman Dagg): Ethel (Mrs. J. J. Knipe) and Flora (Mrs. Silas Stephens). The sons are Willie and Clarence.

[988] See notes for Joseph Black

[989] Baptised Susanna - d/o Jane Brown - unmarried Adopted by Jos Black and Margaret Cole

[990] Notes for AGNES "LAVINA" BLACK:
Taken from Draft Descendancy chart from John Black Sr. Dated 31 Jan 1999

Lavina taught school for a year or two before her marriage in 1897. She and Harry worked lumber camps in the winter during their early years - she cooked and he snaked out timber with teams of horses. After their move to Ottawa in the 1930s, Lavina kept a boarding house while Harry worked in the stables as head hostler at the Dairy on Cooper Street.

After Harry died (21 Oct. 1938), she carried on with the boarding house by herself. Harry lived at 117 Albert St. in 1930s near Charlie Black then they moved to Laurier Ave. between Bank and Kent St before moving to 222 Gloucester St. between Bank and Kent St.

Harry died of a heart attack at 222 Gloucester St. Ottawa and is burried at Pinecrest Cem. Section H, Lot 165 with one of his daughters who died young and his wife Lavina Black.

[954] Eloped


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