Frederick William SPARLING / Mary Jane MITCHELL

Frederick William SPARLING / Mary Jane MITCHELL

Husband : Frederick William SPARLING

Male Born : 13 MAY 1825at : Limerick, Limerick, Ireland
Married : at :
Died : 01 MAR 1909at : Seattle, King, Washington
Buried : 1909at : Lakeview Cemetery, Seattle, Washington
Father : Christopher SPARLING
Mother : Ann DALY
Spouses : Mary Jane MITCHELL

  • OCCUPATION: Physician, 1870
  • OCCUPATION: Physician, 1880
  • OCCUPATION: Physician, 1900
Notes : [134] [135]

Wife : Mary Jane MITCHELL

Female Born : 1827at : Canada
Died : 30 OCT 1909at : Seattle, King, Washington
Buried : at : Lakeview Cemetery, Seattle, Washington
Father : Donald MITCHELL
Mother : Rachel GROSS
Spouses : Frederick William SPARLING
Notes : [361]

Family :
  • CENSUS: 1870, District 10, Davidson, Tennessee
  • CENSUS: 1880, Seattle, King, Washington
  • CENSUS: 1900, Seattle, King, Washington


Name : Amelia A SPARLING
Female Born : abt 1851at : Canada
Married : 19 OCT 1871at : District of Columbia
Died : 29 MAR 1935at : Seattle, King, Washington
Spouses : Augustus E ALDEN

  • REFERENCE: Ch IV A 6 a

Name : Minnie SPARLING [362]
Female Born : abt 1858at : Canada
Married : at :
Died : 23 MAY 1927at : Seattle, King, Washington
Spouses : Vincent H BROWN

  • REFERENCE: Ch IV A 6 b

Name : Katherine SPARLING
Female Born : abt 1861at : Canada
Married : 05 DEC 1894at : Seattle, King, Washington
Died : at :
Spouses : Andrew Leonard PARKER

  • REFERENCE: Ch IV A 6 c

Name : Fred H SPARLING [363]
Male Born : abt 1862at : Michigan
Married : at :
Died : 01 FEB 1900at : Washington, DC
Spouses : Helen UNKNOWN

  • REFERENCE: Ch IV A 6 d

Name : Anna Fletcher SPARLING [364]
Female Born : abt 1866at : Nashville, Tennessee
Married : 24 JAN 1900at : Seattle, King, Washington
Died : 23 NOV 1924at : Seattle, King, Washington
Spouses : Charles Baker Hamilton OLMSTED , Philip Rexford WAUGHOP

  • REFERENCE: Ch IV A 6 e

Name : George Henry Thomas SPARLING [365]
Male Born : abt 1869at : Tennessee
Married : 20 JAN 1897at : Seattle, King, Washington
Died : 26 DEC 1936at : Mason City, Okanagan, Washington
Spouses : Marion Viola HUTCHISON

  • OCCUPATION: Physician - General Practice, 1910
  • OCCUPATION: Health Officer - King Co, 1920
  • REFERENCE: Ch IV A 6 f


[134] Frederick W. Sparling
Residence Detroit MI; 37 years old.
Enlisted on 11/1/1861 at Ypsilanti, MI as a Asst Surgeon.
On 2/13/1862 he was commissioned into Field & Staff MI 14th Infantry
He was discharged for promotion on 5/28/1862
On 5/28/1862 he was commissioned into Field & Staff MI 10th Infantry
He was Mustered Out on 5/22/1865
On 9/15/1863 he Attched into "2nd Div" Co. 1st Brig
He was Returned on 2/15/1864
(Estimated day of attachment)
* Act Brig Surg (As of 1st Brig. 2nd Div.)
* Surgeon 5/1/1862 (As of 10th Inf)

[135] Sumas, Washington
April 19, 1905
Minnie L. Sparling
Everson, Whatcom Co.

Dear Mrs. Sparling

The Sparlings were originally German, Southern Germany & after the
revocation of the Edict of Nantes, they had to flee for their lives, some
to England & some to Ireland. My family settled in the South of Ireland,
Limerick. I was born in the city of Limerick, 1825, on the 13th May, so
you will perceive I will be 80 years of age next month on the 13th. My
family came to Canada in 1830; it consisted of 3 boys and 3 daughters,
all of whom are dead. I am the last survivor. My own family consists of 4
daughters and 1 son, Dr. George A.M. Sparling of Lancaster, King Co. One
daughter lives in Boston, the rest in Seattle, Wash. I am in the U.S.
service here in Sumas; will try and call upon you. I knew all the
Sparlings in Ontario. My people are all Church of England people. Rev. W.
H Sparling of Rapid City, S. Dakota and Rev. Christopher Sparling of
Guelph, Ontario. I have family pedigree from Brooks Peerage; my immediate
family figured prominently in the army of Queen Anne, also William III,
Prince of Orange, & were knighted by Queen Anne for distinguished

I have kept track of the Sparlings right along and am pleased to find a lady interested in one of the first and thorough Protestant families in Ireland. I have never yet seen or heard of a Papist being called by our name, and I hope I never shall.

I am very sincerely your relation,

Fred W. Sparling, M.D.

[361] Maiden name is sometimes listed as Hamilton.

[362] Mary Sparling Brown died in Seattle in 1927 aged 64, so born 1863, but this MUST be Minnie from the census records.

[363] Fred appears as the Head of household as S A Sparling with wife Helen (born abt 1867 in District of Columbia) and daughters Mary (1) and E (1 month) in the census of Seattle Ward 3, Washington, taken on 20 may 1889. Also in the household are his parents and siblings Kate, Annie and George.

[364] Listed as 25 at first marriage - should be 35.

[365] George may have married priuor to Marion:

Washington, Marriage Records, 1865-2004 about G H T Sparling
Name: G H T Sparling
Spouse: Cleo Maud Pritchard
Marriage Date: 22 Nov 1890
Marriage Place: Pierce
Reference Number: prcmc-vol-1b_m_00041-DA1


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