1900 Territorial Census
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1900 Territorial Census

Updated June 2, 2006

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Census data are available on microfilm, CD, or via online subscriptions.  Matching these data with locations in present-day counties is, however, something of a challenge because what is now the state of Oklahoma was still Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory in 1900.  

The 1900 Census of Oklahoma Territory covered Beaver, Blaine, Canadian, Cleveland, Custer, Day, Dewey, Garfield, Grant, Greer, Kay, Kingfisher, Lincoln, Logan, Noble, Oklahoma, Pawnee, Payne, Pottawatomie, Roger Mills, Washita, Woods, and Woodward Counties, plus the Lands of the Osage and Kaw; Otoe and Missouri; Ponca; Wichita, Kiowa, and Apache.  Some of these Territorial Counties kept their names and boundaries after statehood; some kept their names but had different boundaries; some were reorganized with new names. 

The 1900 Census of Indian Territory covered the Quapaw Tract and the Five Nations:  Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole.  The Seminole Nation was undivided.  The Cherokee and Creek Nations were divided into districts, the Chickasaw Nation into Counties, and the Choctaw Nation into Districts and Counties within each District.  None of these territorial units survived intact into statehood. 

Today's counties were created at or after statehood [1907].  The information provided on this site should help you match census citations with locations in present-day counties or help you determine which Territorial ED to check if you know the present-day location. 

bulletIf you have a census citation and want to determine the location, use the ED list for Indian Territory or Oklahoma Territory to find a description of the area covered by that Enumeration District.
bulletIf you know the Territorial location and want to find the Enumeration District for a census search, use the ED List for Indian Territory or Oklahoma Territory  
bulletIf you know the present-day county, and which Territory it was in, the Cross-Reference Lists for Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory provide the names of the territorial counties, the ED numbers and links to both the ED sketches and maps that show river beds [1915], treaty lines, and present-day township boundaries.
bulletIf you know the present-day county, but not which Territory it was in, you'll find that information in the status chart.  This is also a quick way of checking whether the sketch you want is yet available online.

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Status:  Of all current projects, this section has been the subject of by far the most queries so it has been given the highest priority.  All of the modern maps are online.  ED descriptions are complete for Oklahoma Territory.  For Indian Territory, the part of the Chickasaw Nation separated from the Choctaw Nation by Treaty line has not yet been covered.  A large portion of the sketches are also now online.



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