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Ballykilcline, 1850 era

Tenants here and elsewhere started a rent strike to protest paying rent on lands owned by their families for hundreds of years. 

The British landlord brought in troops to evict them and destroy their homes.

Then they were taken to Liverpool between 1847 and 1848 and were shipped to New York.

The ship names were Creole, Metoka, Roseins, Channing, Progress and Jane Clason.

Here is the nine page record.


History of Roscommon

Boyle Area

Castlerea Area

Roscommon Area

Cromwell's Act of 1650

Stories from Roscommon, Ireland

The Blind Harpist

The Hang Lady Honorable Douglas Hyde


Forced out of their homes

Return of Former Land Owners


Land Records


Townland_of Kilronan_Civil_ParishOld communication routes



Ship-Creole 1847

Ship-Roscius 1850










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Criminals Transported To Australia.

Really violent criminals were put to death, but non violent criminals were often transported.

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Those Transported.

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